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GOOLAG: AI-Executed Censorship By Google Creating Internet Ghettoes


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by State of the Nation






Snapchat, etc.

MUST be taken over

The real problem is: Who can be trusted to properly run these global social network utilities guaranteeing free speech to all?

State of the Nation

Google is totally OUT OF CONTROL.  Even as their infamous search engine effectively controls the Internet.  The rapidly emerging Goolag has become a worldwide censor whose own employees now feel its wrath.

GOOGLE: ‘We own the Internet and can censor anything we want to’

YouTube has morphed into the thought police à la The Matrix.  YouTube censors are now taking down more videos than are being created.

Facebook calls everything “fake news” that Mark Zuckerberg disagrees with.  For real!  The Soros-funded Facebook censors now label anything that is not MSM-approved as “fake news”.

Twitter is known to ban people for simply … … … tweeting!  Even the POTUS has wondered out loud what might happen if his Twitter account was closed.

KEY POINT: Each of these social networking behemoths effectively functions as an informational utility and monopoly.  As such, they should not be owned and operated by individuals and/or shareholders, particularly those of the same ilk.  Because all of these government-corporate enterprises were originally created and funded by agencies of the U.S. Federal Government, they belong to the We the People. Not only that, but WTP want our fair share of the profits, interest and all!

It’s bad … real bad!

People don’t know how bad this situation really is.

At the current rate of locking down the Internet, there will soon be no Alt Media.  Yeah, there will be all the usual alternative news websites, but they will be a shadow of their former selves.

The controllers at the top will not let the alternative side of the Internet ever exert their power and influence like they did during the 2016 U.S. presidential election.  Not no way; not no how.  End of story.   GOT IT!

Just in case you don’t get it—IT’S GAME OVER.  They saw the power that our alternative media platforms gave us and they aim to shut them down.  Clearly, Big Brother will do everything in its power to strip us of our voice…especially our collective cyber-voice.

Hopefully, all concerned have been sufficiently shocked by this grim reality.  For only a true existential threat will sufficiently compel the Alt Media to get ready for the final battle of this truly epic info war.

Google, YouTube, Facebook were all conceived by DARPA, set up by the C.I.A.

Just in case you still don’t get it, please check out the following 2 links. Then you will understand what we’re really dealing with.

GOOGLE: Conceived, Funded and Directed By The CIA — Part I

GOOGLE: Conceived, Funded and Directed By The CIA — Part II

Obviously, TPTB planned on maintaining their global information matrix as a completely covert operation.  But now that everyone knows the real deal, this extremely inconvenient truth cannot be contained.  Hence, the controllers get more draconian by the day.

There is nothing more liberating than good information and accurate facts, true history and right knowledge.  These are also the main weapons for the Alt Media of this ongoing info war.  The truth, however, about everything is under unrelenting assault… like never before.

That’s why the Central Intelligence Agency is in charge of coordinating Deep State’s reaction to the Alt Media’s once-growing influence.  Information — all information — is considered intelligence, and therefore it must be effectively controlled by the U.S. Intelligence Community.

The Remedy

Given this quickly devolving state of affairs, there is only one solution.  Each of the major social networks must be taken over post-haste before they reach their respective points of no return.

There is an urgency to do this before the midterm elections.  The Democratic Party (the Republicans are just as bad) have hooked up with the Sultans of Silicon Valley, the Hollywood moguls, the East Coast intelligentsia and U.S. Intelligence Community to make sure the American patriot movement is neutralized.

All of the concerned interlocking IT and WWW systems are being restructured to ensure the CIA’s desired results. Deep State will not tolerate a fair election process.  The agents of Deep State are working hard to make sure the newly retrofitted Internet machinery manufactures the necessary consent.

This is why a remedy must be found and applied asap.  Once The Company (aka the C.I.A.) has completed their realignment process, it will be nearly impossible to reverse. TPTB will then administer the Internet as a worldwide tyranny.

Realistically, what can be done?

From our seat, we are in a classic “David and Goliath” moment.

Actually, David had far better odds then than the Alt Media has today.

Therefore, there is only one way out of this jam.

This is where the works of William Shakespeare can be quite instructive.

Like the biblical “David and Goliath” story, the Shakespearean dramas often depicted overwhelming challenges.  Some of these insurmountable obstacles were so daunting that human effort was wholly inadequate to save the day.

During the most trying circumstances in his both comedies and tragedies, the famous bard made use of a special device that saved the day, even if partially so.

Deus ex machina

While deus ex machina is a mere literary device employed to successfully resolve an exceedingly formidable predicament, there are ways to bring about divine intervention in real time.

That time is NOW!

Hence, the mission confronting each and every truth-seeker is to perform their special role in this epoch-ending conflict.  Of course, that means to play their integral part to the best of their abilities.  However, this can only be done by aligning with the Higher Power.

Only through the agency of grace can this divine production come to a happy ending. Which is exactly why the odds have been stacked so much against the forces of light. That’s the way it always is.  Because the people — We the People — are being challenged to get with the program.

The American people are essentially being compelled to get right with God so that God can get their country right.  Only through an apocalyptic drama would the tensions come to breaking point so that a much-needed resolution could present itself.

Special Note:  Very few understand that every major IT corporation and social network utility in U.S. history was the direct product of research and development conducted jointly by DARPA, CIA and other agencies so secret they have no names.  The US government would leave nothing to chance, especially where it concerned intelligence generation and dissemination on a global scale. In light of the ensuing totalitarian state which the USSA has become, the national security state has turned the resulting control apparatus on American citizens.  Not only was the global digital infrastructure completely taken over, the social media have been weaponized with great consequence. WEAPONIZATION OF SOCIAL MEDIA: TAKEOVER OF GLOBAL DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE


The entire Mainstream Media must be either taken over or shut down.  The C.I.A. must be terminated—forever, as it cannot be fixed.  The U.S. Intelligence Community as a whole ought to be disestablished and then rethought as a force for the good, not enslavement.

The U.S. Congress has become such a den of traitors and foreign agents that it, too, must be dissolved.  The recent vote on the unconstitutional bill that placed more illegal sanctions on Russia was a highly revealing litmus test.  It demonstrated that most members of Congress would not hesitate to participate in sedition…in broad daylight

What to build and put in place of these massive, monolithic and malevolent institutions is the question at hand.  Perhaps there may have to be another 9/11-type event that will compel the US citizenry to take back their power from those who have stolen it.  Then, they can stand in their own truth — and speak truth to power — so that the American Republic can, once again, serve as a beacon to the world community of nations.

Bottom Line: The patriot movement must show some fang, sooner or later.  Until the elected representatives and government officials are more afraid of the American people than they are of Deep State, nothing will change.  Similarly, only when those MSM magnates and titans of social media become fearful of personal consequences will things change for the better.  As always, when their respective corporate bottom lines begin to suffer terribly, authentic transformation is but a moment way.

State of the Nation

August 11, 2017


Google Is Committed To The Suppression Of Free Speech