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Canada Claims Authority to Censor Your Internet Searches

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This one is dated but important never-the-less in that it portends a method of control of the Internet internationally by forcing search engines to block unpopular, read truthful, links. The Kanadian Supreme Court has ruled that Google must delete forbidden links which may or may not originate outside of Kanada. Any alternatives that we can use for search engines, Bernard, or are they all covered by this ruling?  Thanks to Paul Fromm for this one.   TL 

The Canadian Supreme Court today ruled the country has the authority to demand Google censor and remove links to certain web pages or online content:

The idea that governments can force Google to deindex links to pages is unfortunately not new (see the European Union's "right to be forgotten"). What matters internationally in this case is the government is forcing Google to remove links from searches regardless of where the Internet user is. That is to say: Canada is demanding the authority to censor the Internet outside of its physical borders and control what people who are not Canadian citizens can find online.