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Newegg will provide customer support through Facebook Messenger

The Unhived Mind

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April 7, 2016theunhivedmind One comment

Newegg will provide customer support through Facebook Messenger

Messenger is getting more powerful

By Micah Singleton on April 6, 2016 04:00 pm Email @MicahSingleton

Newegg will begin to offer customer support through Facebook Messenger, becoming one of the first retailers to integrate with the platform. Facebook has continued to expand the Messenger platform over the past few months, adding the ability to order Lyft and Uber rides, get flight updates and boarding passes from KLM, and share Spotify playlists alongside nearly 50 other apps integrated with the platform.

Newegg Facebook Messenger

Customers can speak with Newegg about their order status, returns, exchanges, and any other issues by simply searching for the company within Messages, or by visiting its Facebook page and sending a messaging to its support team. Newegg already offers support through email, text, phone, and chat, and views Messenger as the next frontier to improve its customer relations, according to its senior vice president of sales and marketing, Merle McIntosh. “Offering support via Messenger is the next important step to provide our customers the best possible mobile experience,” McIntosh said in a statement.

Customer support through Messenger will be available in real-time during Newegg’s business hours — Monday through Friday from 8:30AM ET to 5:30PM ET and Saturday from 8:30AM ET to 5PM ET according to its website. The company says messages received outside business hours will be responded to on the following business day.


April 7, 2016 at 5:19 am

More companies will start moving over to Facebook like facilities in order to force you to sign up to the centralized STASI social network. Just look at all comment pages on websites and how they are controlled through the Tribes social media Facebook and similar. The idea is to force you in and then monitor you, if you become a threat they can eliminate every last thing you’ve added with one closure of an account. Just as the Tribe has removed you from the bigger world of nature, now they wish to remove you from the real Internet and into a tiny centralized and suppressed web under dictatorial rule.


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