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Brasscheck TV: MOst Viewed Brasscheck TV Videos in May, 2008

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 Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2008 03:22:40 -0400

 Subject: Brasscheck TV: Most viewed Brasscheck TV videos in May


 There were our most viewed

 videos in the month of May:


 **** John McCain - Lost in Space

 Our next president, a lying madman


 **** "Spin" - by Brian Springer

 News footage you were not supposed to see


 *** Indict Karl Rove

 Why Karl Rove can be indicted right now


 ** Economic Hitman

First bribes, then bullets


 *If Americans Knew  How Israel controls US politics and news media  to cover up its genocide in Palestine


 - Bra sscheck


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 I guarantee they'll find these factual films very interesting and that they'll never see them on mainstream TV.



 - Brasscheck


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