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Laura Loomer Exceeds Pre-Ban Twitter Following on Parler With 300k Followers

AvatarHaley Kennington

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This week marks a special milestone for investigative journalist and now Republican Congressional candidate in Florida District 21, Laura Loomer. After having been permanently banned from Twitter, Loomer moved over to free speech social media platform Parler, and not only brought her followers with her, but has now exceeded the amount of followers she had “pre-ban” on Twitter in 2018.

Loomer announced the landmark achievement Wednesday in a post on Parler:

“I just became the first deplatformed person to exceed my Pre-Ban Twitter following here on @parler. When I was banned, people on the Left and Right cheered on the digital extermination of my persona. They said my career was over. FOREVER. Yet, here I am.

Through my historic and unprecedented Congressional race in Florida’s 21st Congressional District, I am proving everyone wrong while making history. I’m on a mission to CANCEL CANCEL CULTURE and get elected to the United States Congress to ensure that no other American citizen is ever silenced the way I’ve been silenced. Together, we can and will make history. Together, we will defy all odds and we will #StopTheBias!”