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Don Jr, Josh Hawley Expose Big Tech Censorship Against Conservatives At CPAC

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Don Jr, Josh Hawley Expose Big Tech Censorship Against Conservatives At CPAC



  • 2020-02-27
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff

Kentucky Senator Josh Hawley, Congressman Kevin McCarthy, and Donald Trump Jr. teamed up at CPAC to expose the harmful and dangerous anti-conservative censorship practices of big tech companies.

All three unloaded on the incredible liberal bias which pervades big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter and leads them to unfairly censor normal conservatives from their platforms.

Hawley went even further blasting these companies, for not only censoring conservatives but also enriching themselves at the expense of taxpayers, he remarked:

'You've benefited from big tech, you've gotten rich off big tech...all these companies get special deals from government...' a multi-billion dollar enterprise that has also decided to become the marketing arm of the far-left'

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy landed several crushing blows against Big Tech as well, highlighting their glaring hypocrisy and double standards, especially in regards to President Trump's own usage of their platforms. Commenting on why Liberal tech companies viewed Trump as such a threat to their grip on power he remarked: 'why? because Donald Trump was able to use Facebook better than the Democrats.'

"We need more speech not less" @GOPLeader on free speech in social media and Big Tech.

The true star of the show panel: Donald Trump Jr. then joined the fray, decrying that, not only were the CEO's of massive tech companies biased against conservatives but, much more critically, so were their hundreds of thousands of employees. The employees who personally decide what and what doesn't constitute supposed 'hate speech.':

'it's not just the leader at the top, the inmates are actually running the asylum.'

.@DonaldJTrumpJr talks about the lack of transparency in Social Media and Big Tech.

All three conservative titans were united in their desire to break the power of these companies who exercise almost totalitarian control of the online speech of conservatives, and their children as well. 

Furthermore, once an individual signs up for a social media platform like Facebook, all the personal information they, or their children put up on the site, under current law, belongs to the company. A state of affairs which is simply unacceptable in a free society, as Hawley remarked: 'they want to control your property...we need to give consumers control over their own information, their own ought to be able to ask for your personal information deserve the right to say I want my kid's data back'

"I take the view that parents ought to be able to raise their kids, not Big Tech." Sen @HawleyMO

And it's not merely a matter of personal property but also of national security, as companies like Google have been actively working with America's enemies including Communist China. As McCarthy noted 'Google is now working with the Chinese government, google no longer views themselves as an American company.'

A country which in addition to stealing valuable trade secrets from American companies has also engaged in espionage against the American government itself. 

And with the threat of socialism rising across America in the run-up to the 2020 election, now might be the worst time possible to let disloyal Big Tech companies like Google potentially trade away the personal data of millions of American citizens.