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British Couple Caught Streaming Live Rape of 5-Year-Old to Hollywood Pedophiles

Streamed footage of themselves abusing child to 'unnamed' Elites By: Jay Greenberg

British couple stream child rape to Hollywood Elite pedophiles.

A couple from the UK were caught raping a 5-year-old girl during a live internet video stream that was being watched by wealthy Elite pedophiles who had paid thousands to view the sickening footage.



Monsanto Exposed for Manipulating Media to Say its Products Don’t Cause Cancer

New documents released in lawsuits against GMO company By: Daniel Newton

Documents released in a lawsuit have revealed the Monsanto trying to manipulate the mainstream.

Monsanto has come under fire again yesterday as documents released in a lawsuit have revealed the GMO company is trying to manipulate the mainstream news media and scientific research. Monsanto products, such as its weed killer 'Round up', have caused huge controversy over claims it causes cancer, but since the company's fresh efforts to influence media and scientists over the safety of its product were exposed, a new debate has ensued.