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: SurveillanceGate bombshell breaking today: Obama officials may be going to prison


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ALERT   ALERT    ALERT      OMG!!!!     Will the political elite ever face justice, Dem or Republican!!!

I was told by a deacon in a church, if you're not doing anything wrong, why worry about spying. Would you believe he locks his doors at night and the wife pulls the blinds?  Are you that foolish that you will let the Samsung TV watch you in the bedroom but you don't want the neighbors watching, dah! 


Have you talked about not registering all your weapons, knock knock, Homeland Security and the Washington County Sheriff, Jeff Murphy, sent a letter stating his job was to uphold the "laws of NYS. NO, your job is to protect my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS even if it means OPPOSING NYS 'law." Not getting  the kids vaccinated, knock, knock, Child Services, and bye bye kiddies. Talked about your participation in a political group, knock, knock IRS. 


 WE ARE NOT FREE and you know it!!!!!!!


When you have a minister say from the pulpit there is no Biblical justifcation for the American Revolution, when a Sheriff doesn't know his REAL PURPOSE, when a minister at a church on Sherman Ave., Glens Falls, says it's a law that churches must be incorporated, when 99.9% of politicians put party over CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES, when the fakestrem media continues to spout CIA generated news (WMDs), when big pharma is allowed to harm us, when government agencies place regulations and laws on us as per the lobby groups, when the CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC is under attack on so many fronts, it is easy to see why we're in the mess we are. 


PS You received this email because you asked for it or someone thought you should get it.


Don't forget EVERY Tues. and Wed. at 8PM on Spectrum TV chanell 18, documentaries that Will Dolittle, and fakestream media probably don't want you to watch. 


Pastor Chuck Baldwin is also on Thurs. at 8PM. How refreashing to hear a non-government pastor.



On Tuesday, April 4, 2017 4:00 PM, NaturalNews <> wrote:

SurveillanceGate bombshell breaking today: Obama officials may be going to prison

Mike Adams

This is bigger than Watergate... A #SurveillanceGate bombshell is breaking today that could send several high-level Obama officials to prison.

This stands to dramatically shift the political landscape in Washington. You need to know what's unfolding so I've summarized all the breaking news with some short bullet points.

Click here to read my summary of the breaking news.



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