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Alternative Media For The First Time In History Has Surpassed MSM During A Presidential Election.

Pamela Williams

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Nov. 16, 2016

Alternative online media has made a great step forward in importance and has evolved to a legitimate news source in the eyes of President Donald Trump.  So much so that President Trump has appointed Steve Bannon, who heads BREITBART an online media news source as his Senior Advisor.  Bannon became Trump’s campaign chief in August.
On Election Night this was the headline on BREITBART:  “Breitbart Beats CNN, HuffPo for Total Facebook Engagements for Election Content.”  During the Election online alternative media pushed for a Donald Trump win.  Trump was supported and praised by social media.  He never let us down, and we never let him down.




When Steve Bannon took over BREITBART, the original owner had died under suspicious circumstances.  Andrew Breitbart fought diligently for the truth, and he revealed it to his readers.  We will be forever grateful for his work.


On Monday night in Scranton, Pa., the audience at a Donald Trump rally broke into a raucous, full-throated chant: “CNN sucks!” they roared. Journalists sent a clip of the scene ricocheting around social media, as their colleagues cluck-clucked over how the Republican candidate had made hatred of the media a centrepiece of his run for the White House.

But it’s not just Trump supporters who have lost faith in the media. Even as record numbers of U.S. voters tuned in to TV and other coverage of the 2016 campaign, they have grown disenchanted with what they saw. Audiences on both sides of the political divide have embraced alternative outlets.

Truly, the election of Donald J. Trump is the first vital step toward restoring the American Republic as designed by the prescient Founding Fathers.  Trump’s complete reversal of the Obamanation was absolutely necessary if this nation was to avoid a continuing collapse.

For perhaps the first time in modern history the alternative and independent media (Alt-Media) had a major influence on the outcome of a U.S. presidential election.  Some have even said that it was a decisive one. That without the Alt-Media operating at full tilt, Trump would not have won. How HUGE is that?!

Now here’s the real HUGEness of this evolving success story.

With the formal appointment of Stephen Bannon (Executive Chairman of BREITBART News) by Trump “as his chief White House strategist and senior counselor”, everything changes—BIG TIME.


Who is Stephen Bannon?

• Executive Chairman of Breitbart news, the most widely-read conservative news and opinion site in America.

• A graduate of Georgetown University and Harvard Business School, former US Navy officer and investment banker at Goldman Sachs

• Conservative documentary film-maker who produced films celebrating Reagan, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party

Another major advancement is President Trump called ALEX JONES OF INFOWARS online website to thank him and his viewers for helping him in his win.  Jones never failed to expose the news which helped all of us understand the dynamics of the war being fought against President Donald Trump.


Published on Nov 9, 2016

The Polls were absolutely FRAUDULANT! Mainstream “News” Media is literally a propaganda machine that will never be trusted by the masses again. Never click or “turn into” CNN, NBC, MSNBC, FOX News, ABC who are the worst offenders, ever again. Do not click on their articles or tune into their channels. That’s how they make money from their advertisers. Once my subscriber ship is much larger, I am going to start naming names of the corporate executives within these fraudulent, propaganda driven organizations. The faces you see on the TV are foolish, selfish and dishonest puppets. They don’t make the news, they tell it. The execs are the ones pulling the strings on exactly which topics are reported. THEY ARE THE ONES that blasted the election ALL OVER THE TV for closer to 2 years STRAIGHT. They Also LIED about the election and tried to rig it.



Washington: The US president-elect Donald Trump has said that social media like Twitter and Facebook played a key role in his historic electoral victory, but he would restrain himself from its frequent use after assuming the highest office next year.

In a 60-minute interview to CBS News, Trump (70) said he leveraged the power of social media to convey his message and fight back whenever he was on the receiving end of the mainstream media, which during his election campaign described as dishonest and biased. “I’m going to be very restrained, if I use it at all, I’m going to be very restrained. I find it tremendous. It’s a modern form of communication. There should be nothing we should be ashamed of. It’s– it’s where it’s at,” Trump said in the interview, excerpts of which was released on Saturday.