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Jeff Rense Threatened by Alex Jones

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From: Robert Busser
Sent: Sunday, March 29, 2009 9:55 AM
Subject: [frameup] Breaking News "Jeff Rense threatened by Alex Jones" (good stuff here)

This seems to be floating around the net, and was sent anonymously to me. It’s a correspondence between a certain “Dan” and Jeff Rense regarding Rense allegedly being “fired” from GCN. Read Jeff Rense’s reply in full. He wrote that he is with a NEW network.



From: Dan

Subject: Jeff Rense fired

Date: Friday, March 27, 2009

Heard a rumor the Jeff Rense was fired from GCN because he posted an article that Alex Jones is a Zionist agent. I called GCN. Ted Andersen is not in today but the first person I talked to confirmed the rumor, and the second person said they couldn’t talk about it. This is extremely disheartening for all Americans who value the first amendment. If Ted Andersen does not, then itis our duty to expose him.


Hi Dan…

I was not ‘fired’ because I was never paid by GCN. I was letting them have use of my program in exchange for commercial minutes each hour.

This is all about Jones…who called me at home last Tuesday afternoon just past 1pm and threatened to “destroy” me (and my family) over the well-written story by Brother Nathanael Kapner researching and seeking to understand the reasons why Jones is, and has long been, pro-zionist and an unabashed apologist of zionist Israel and its genocide of Palestinians…and generally steers people away from AIPAC and the Rothschild City of London banking monolith which controls so much of the Western world. The story is available here:

Note how the article cites direct quotes from Jones’ own PrisonPlanet message board.

I also, as the world knows, always encourage and post legitimate rebuttals to stories.

In fact, when I told Jones to stop threatening me on the phone, he maniacally (no exaggeration) roared in his guttural, Neanderthal voice: “I’m not ‘threatening’ you…I PROMISE you I will destroy you!!!”

I have never in my life been terrorized like that and it is my personal opinion that such behavior is mentally deranged and unquestionably dangerous. My partner heard him bellowing and raging and screaming on the phone and she was shocked and stunned…as am I.

The many stories and allegations about his abuse and threatening of others in this business would seem to be accurate, at least as far as I am concerned. I have filed a formal police report against him for interstate terrorism and threats.

Within an hour or so of his phone call, Ted Anderson emailed me notification of 30 day cancellation of our broadcast agreement. Jones has bragged to me and others that he “owns Ted Anderson’s ass”…Ted is a lap dog and did as he was ordered. Jones efforts to censor the news are clear and unquestionable.

Jones ordered that my live programs be blocked last Tuesday and GCN has been running encores the last four nights without so much as the common courtesy of advising me which program would be aired.

In sum, it is tragically clear Jones has an agenda which does not include steadfast support of our Constitution, Freedom of Speech and Inquiry, and Freedom of the Press.

As so many others have claimed over the years, he is too often an opportunistic, self-aggrandizing tyrant and hypocrite who seeks to promote himself over all other issues, while clearly serving the wishes of special interest groups. At this point in time, after doing my program for fifteen years, I find that I must regrettably agree with that assessment. William Cooper, indeed, raised some very serious issues about Jones just before he was shot to death.

I expect to be back doing Live Programs by Monday night on at least two new networks.

There will be a formal announcement on the site this weekend.

Thank you, most kindly, for your concern.