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Freelance Junior Writers: Interview Federal Election Candidates on SPP-NAU Agenda.

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Have you ever heard of the SPP or the "NAU" (North American Union) agenda.  Mel Hurtig and other investigators have revealed that apparently elites in  the Liberal and Conservative Parties are apparently pursuing a process with  the President George W. Bush administration, to surrender Canada to the  United States.

This process is supposed to be complete by 2010.

We are seeking freelancers to write short articles based upon interviews with  Federal Election Candidates in the SPP-NAU agenda.

Applicants should be passionate about Canadian sovereignty issues.  Freelance compensation: $40.00 - $60.00 per article.

The Canadian is a not-for-profit and national newspaper, with an international  readership, reference: .

We have a modest budget for writing. However, we are seeking freelan cers who  are more concerned about spreading vital public awareness to other Canadians,  about this issue in the 2008 Federal Election, than in immediate financial  benefits.