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Was Bolton secretly working for Netanyahu?

Battle for the World

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BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | September 12, 2019: Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday September 10 told voters that if they vote for him, he will annex a large portion of Palestinian land in the West Bank.

Netanyahu is always trying to appeal to the extreme right-wing elements as he gets closer to elections in Israel. And he may have made the comment before he learned that National Security Adviser John Bolton was fired. Michael Maloof on RT believes that Bolton is very much involved in all of this. That Bolton and Netanyahu are very tight and this may have bring about his firing, because every time President Trump says I want to have a negotiation with the Iranians, for example, Bolton would go back to Netanyahu and conspire to box in Trump. And there is reason to say that Mr. Bolton has been going behind Trump’s back and working his loyalty more towards Netanyahu.   

Netanyahu believes that if he can convince the Israeli people that I’m the only one that can protect you against all those bad guys coming to kill you – the question is asked: Are the Israeli people that gullible? Netanyahu is trying to appear tough…and we saw where he was restrained by Hezbollah and that was a signal, because Hezbollah has had enough and if Netanyahu launches a war against Lebanon, it’s all over.   

What happens if and when Netanyahu starts a war with Lebanon – what would be the reaction in the Middle-East? It would be an explosion – everybody will unite against Netanyahu-Israel. And he does not have the US backing him to give him full assurance. In a book by Ehud Barak, he warns that Israel should not overplay their US backing. Don’t put the US in a bad situation, and Bolton was pushing for this. 

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