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‘Most valued partner’: NSA fed Israel intel for targeted assassinations, leaked docs show

Jim Stone

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I have noticed recently people commenting on how the Jews "own everything" now. They do. And they did not do it by "being the best". Here is how it was done: RT: NSA handed ALL data on ALL Americans over to Israel.

This included ALL data on government officials with the agreement that "Israel would respect that data and delete it".

Obviously they did not delete it, because they used that data when Obama was in, to fully corrupt the entire U.S. government. Any government official that was not 100 percent in lock step with destroying the United States got removed from office and replaced with one that was. This NSA list is probably how Obama purged the command structure of the U.S. military of so many decent people.

But it is worse than that. Israel got handed detailed profiles on ALL non-Jewish company leaders and owners and most likely everything the NSA had on all non-Jewish owned companies, including all the company contacts and supply lines. Such data could be used to bring the value of a company to zero so the Jews could buy it up for nothing and subsequently revive it. The bottom line now is that there is very little of significance the Jews don't own, and there are very few government offices, right down to the city level, that they don't own also.

Jim Stone

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