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AMAN - Black Cube

Dale Williams

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From: Dale Williams

The Aman. I had never heard of this acronym (contraction, really), which represents a big compartment of Israeli Intel.

Admittedly, that's a little like not knowing there's an NSA. But, we learn as we go.

This is the bureau under which the dreaded Sayeret Matkel operates. And, those folks you want to know about.

Lately, there are some additional revelations coming out (hardly the first of their kind) in the alt. press indicating that Google is but a facet of this organization.

I'm still looking at these new claims. But, no surprise if true. We know that Google, as well as all large social networking sites, originate in the intel community, and we also know what foreign nation's personnel infest every Western Intel organ.

What has leaked-out about the Israeli Program 8200, alone, suggests that all cyberspace is set-up and backdoored to be  but a zionist sensor net, kill-switch included. Meaning internet kill switch.

It was interesting to see even Am. Public Television, itself an asset of the "globalism first" side of jewry's purported Globalist/Zionist schism, issue a limited reveal on the Israeli Unit 8200 a few years ago in one of their documentaries.

Those lefties are occasionally an annoyance to Likud. But never doubt, they're ultimately on the same team. The Internationale never really went away.

And, another node I happened to stumble upon today... The Black Cube, a name which no-doubt alludes to the black cube which rabbis wear on their forehead and strap to their arm, that the scriptures may "always be on their person." [Its also the same enigmatic cube-shaped feature found the pole of the planet Saturn, the common link of all three major Levantine religions, but that's a rabbit hole for a different day]

Black Cube is, apparently, a freelance enterprise, courtesy of some former Mossad agents.

Beware such representations. "MEMRI," is the first one that comes to mind. It's a "translating service," a CNN favorite, offering "translations" of speeches and important documents from middle eastern goverments, and run, at least until recently, by a "retired' IDF colonel.

Black Cube has all the earmarks of being another such tenticle of the ever-matastising Mossad.

There are, literally, hundreds of such tentacles operating in the U.S. Some are well known... the AJC, SPLC, JINSA, ADL, AIPAC, AIE, etc., etc. But there a bewildering number of smaller ones. And more spring up all the time. When you have unlimited funds with which to operate, genocide can be an easy burden.

Lobbying; information warfare; espionage; cultural engineering; volunteer logistical support of Mossad by "civilians;" politically-driven, predatory litigation; assassination; false-flag terrorism... overall, an assault bewildering and incomprehensible to the goyim, these all represent a rational continuum to organized jewry.