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Jews have a real problem on their hands. They need America, as without it the “wizards behind the curtain” have no power. For more than thirty years, I was convinced an economic collapse would occur simply because the Jews’ phony, criminal system is not sustainable – and it’s not. At some point, it will fail, but that point will not be until Jews decide, in the infamous words of Larry Silverstein, to “pull it.”


The critical factors I failed to take into account were (1) The Jews ability to lie biggly, and (2) The stupid, gullible goyims’ willingness to believe the Jews’ monstrous lies. If they so desired, in less than a week, Jews could have the gullible goyim running around clucking like chickens and pecking at the ground. If you have trouble with this, then take a look at the cultural misfits presently inhabiting America. Jews can keep America going simply by creating lies and have done so through a century riddled by revolution and two world wars.


There will be no collapse until Jews decide to collapse it. At that point, (((they))) will bring forth their murderous contingency plan for the final collapse and there is nothing anyone will be able to do about it. The Jews promised their Federal Reserve would prevent the “panics” of past decades. The Jews lied. Twenty years later, more than three million Americans would die of starvation from the so-called “great depression” created by the Federal Reserve.


The American ship of state has often been compared to the Titanic. Our ability to survive the Jews running it full throttle into an economic iceberg is much the same as those on the Titanic. What I see is the vast majority of Americans down in the ballroom drinking, partying and living it up. While a few passengers on deck see it coming, they desperately try to rearrange the deck chairs to find the most comfortable place to sit, and perhaps pray, when it happens.


The fact is the only real answer is for the passengers to take over the ship and execute the entire crew, but that isn’t going to happen. So all those standing on the foredeck can do is watch as their ship of state charges recklessly through the dark abyss of the political, cultural and economic ice fields created by Jews. It’s far too late for any meaningful action. All that can be done is to steel oneself against the inevitability of a fast approaching doom.


To those saying this sounds “defeatist,” I suggest they have not made a thorough study of Jewish history. From ancient Egypt onward, Jews have been destroying advanced civilizations. In the fifteenth century, Portugal was a world-class leader in trade, commerce, science and maritime technology. Thanks to the Jews’ miscegenation efforts, today Portugal has a thirty percent illiteracy rate held by a mostly third world, mulatto culture. The Jews success at such destruction on a massive scale should be evident to everyone that managed to survive the Jew’s murderous plans for the twentieth century. Today, all western civilization is under siege and whites are rapidly losing what little ground remains for them.


Yesterday it was nations Jews destroyed, today it’s the world. The house of Rothschild owns and controls around what has been estimated to be 750 trillion dollars. What is anyone to do against such massive economic forces arrayed against them? Look at the sky. Can you see the chemtrials? Do you know the hourly operating cost for those mammoth jets spewing out trails of death? Can you imagine the cost of modifying and operating these aircraft for the sole purpose of spraying toxic chemicals?  Multiply that figure by thousands and you have a faint glimmer of the economic power running our world.


What about the cost of those “death ray” weapons Jews had idiot goyim develop for them? You know those weapons resulting in what the Jew media fobs off on the stupid goyim as “forest” or “camp fires.” The atomic bomb was a Jew bomb from start to finish. It was the Jews’ lust for the power of their god YHVH that drove its development and deployment. What did the Manhattan project cost? Two billion dollars, as calculated in mid-twentieth century dollar value. What’s more this money came forth at a time when the American government was mired in a mountain of debt created by the Jew’s second world war. That project was begun almost eighty years ago, so it’s not difficult to imagine what is transpiring behind those opaque, “black, off budget” projects today.  


What does all this mean to those worried about the future?


I have survived numerous life threatening events including tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes and what I have discovered from such events is that survival is a matter of what most say is the “luck of the draw.” So it will be in the dystopian future Jews have planned for mankind. It’s time to face facts; the only thing one can really do is what we used to say in the “old” Corps just before facing an attack by overwhelming numbers, to wit, "Get ready to bend over and kiss your ass goodbye."