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Clear proof of blackmail by Jews TWICE in the last week

Jim Stone

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Clear proof of blackmail by Jews TWICE in the last week

NOW CERTIFIED FACT: If you so much as hint about who  runs things, you are GONE no matter how far up the ladder you are.

VICTIMS: Elon Musk and Roseanne Barr

All Roseanne had to do was mention Hillary was close to George Soros, and that Hillary was probably hiding a colostomy bag, and also point out a traitor, and she was branded an anti-semite despite being Jewish herself, and her show got canceled.

All Elon Musk had to do is tweet "who do you think owns the press" NEVER EVEN HINTING IT WAS THE JEWS, and he got branded an anti-semite, and will now definitely be destroyed. Branding him an anti-semite was a VERY BAD MOVE, the comment was so abstract there's no way it could be tied to anti-semitism unless a particular group is very afraid of the general public becoming totally aware of who really owns the press. DON'T YOU DARE ASK THAT QUESTION, IF YOU DO YOU ARE AN ANTI-SEMITE. That sort of makes it all obvious. Additionally, the interplanetary space launch did not help Musk either. The Jews clearly don't want us going into space, they are the ones who infiltrated and destroyed Nasa, they bitch every time an "unauthorized nation" like North Korea or Iran does a successful space launch, and EVER SINCE MUSK PUT A TESLA INTO INTERPLANETARY ORBIT THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING BUT BASH HIS COMPANY TO SHREDS.

If you believe the newfound Jewish lie, you'd think that if you touch a Tesla it will burst into a ball of flames, then grow knives and stab you to death. You'd think a Tesla is a death trap. But the reality is that if you hit a solid obstacle at 60 mph and only get a broken leg, that's awesome safety, and that is typical of Tesla. But the Jewish press won't report it that way, instead, when a Tesla recently slammed into a perfectly solid object and the driver lived, all the Jewish press could manage to say is the car is a death trap because someone was hurt in one, never mind the fact that if you ram into a wall at 60 mph you should be dead no matter what you are driving.

The flaming teslas all happened in accidents so extreme the car was ripped in half. All happened in accidents above 100 MPH.

QUESTION: What the hell do you expect when someone is totally screwing off, or running away with a stolen car, and crashes? A car needs energy to move, and it makes no difference if that energy comes from a battery or gas, the energy is still there. The truth is that Tesla's burn a lot less after serious accidents than normal cars do, but the Jewish press does not want a "Tesla in space," so KILL THE COMPANY PLEASE. We will walk the ground as slaves AS ASSIGNED with an appropriate number, just as soon as they can manage it. Space travel is OUT.

But back to a more serious issue: WHY DID THEY DESTROY ROSEANNE? Did she not do well enough screwing us over for the last 30 years? That transgendering kid on her current show was not enough to soothe them? How about that national anthem performance, which proved she has no respect for America. Is that not enough? OBVIOUSLY NOT FOR KIKEDOM. Let's look at this closely.

They nailed Roseanne for pointing a finger at George Soros, who bragged about sending Jews to the death camps FOR PROFIT while fronting as a crypto-Jew Christian. He said it was one of the best times of his life. HERE WE HAVE A REAL NAZI and Roseanne was fried as an anti-semite for pointing that out, and that Chelsea married into that family. We therefore have a Jewish community that does not care how many Jews a Jew kills, as long as he serves their agenda another Jew will be branded as an anti-semite for pointing out the crimes of a Jew killer who is serving the current Jewish agenda. And then they will turn around and bitch about the "holocaust" at the same time they provide cover for a real Nazi, because he's Jewish, and is serving their agenda now. Sick. REALLY.

Pointing out Valerie Jarret was used to purge patriots from the white house and comparing that person to planet of the apes and saying Hillary has a colostomy bag were also red turf, but the first was true, and Hillary's colostomy bag is a high probability. Roseanne fried for pointing out traitors, and connecting Soros and Clinton. You can take what she said about Chelsea being married to the nephew of George Soros to the bank, she's an insider, and Chelsea is indeed therefore married into the Soros family.


If anyone does not believe a conspiracy exists they are lost, seriously, if they fried long time servant Roseanne that quickly, and ripped Tesla to shreds only after a successful interplanetary space launch (which is when all the bad press started so that is probably the reason), the conspiracy is a LOT BIGGER than anyone thinks, and has, at it's pinnacle, a lot smaller group than anyone imagined. If even Roseanne can be fried, it has to be a small group at the top indeed.

So what lessons can we take away from recent events?

1. George Soros has a chance of being at the actual top of the pyramid, and so are Hillary and Chelsea. They probably out rank the Rothschilds. If Soros can be a confirmed Jew killer, confirmed by his own words, and still be perfectly protected by the Jews with instant repercussions for mentioning him, he's the champ. Roseanne probably would not have been fried for saying something about the Rothschilds or Rockefellers.

2. It does not matter how well you served the Jews, all you have to do is cross the line and you are toast, even if you are one.

3. You no longer have to mention the Jews AT ALL, all you have to do is ask a question about who runs things the way Elon Musk did, and you are suddenly an anti-semite without even touching the topic. The Jew's reaction to Elon Musk wrote a thousand pages of top level conspiracy FACT in a single line. There is no doubt now.

4. The Jews are so naked and childish with their reactions to things that it is mind boggling that they have not imploded themselves. You simply can't scream "anti semite" and then destroy other Jews who have served the cause well the way they did to Roseanne over a few lines on Twitter. They are toddler level immature. That is a weakness that needs to be pointed out and exploited. There is absolutely no question this particular snake can be tricked into devouring itself.

And here's the bait:

A message to all Jews:

George Soros, a confirmed Jew killer who worked with the Nazis, IS YOUR MASTER. Do not question that. Do not point that out. Do not resist or go against his plan. Do not point out who he is associated with no matter how prominent you are. If you do, you will be instantly destroyed like a goy in Gaza. YOU ARE NOTHING. SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH.

You thought you were great. It has just been proven you are NOTHING if you question anything. You live in a box. The box is all you have.

How does that feel?

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