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Jim Stone

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Do not be fooled. "CAIR" does not represent Muslims, it is a Jewish false front

Muslims do not give three turds about American monuments and do not want them removed as CAIR supposedly claimed. On average, they don't even know they exist.

So is the Islamic American congress. Totally false fronts.

I busted the Islamic American Congress myself, long before this web site existed in any form whatsoever. It was right around 2003 "shock and awe" when I did that. They had this woman - "Zainab Suwai" who was the spokesperson for the Islamic American Congress, on the news frequently talking about the horrors of Saddam Hussein and his "human meat grinders". I knew it was fake. And it absolutely chapped me. So I looked up the Islamic American Congress, and low and behold they were in Cambridge, a city I went through EVERY DAY. So I figured I'd pay them a visit.

I expected to find a CIA front, with rows of desks of people and I wanted to walk into the place and tell them they were BUSTED for running a media scam. But I walked right past the address they had listed, and was like, "what, how did I miss that?". I then turned back and saw a Mailboxes Ect (which I never even looked for the address on, because obviously that could not be it). It was. I opened the door.

Normally a Mailboxes Ect would be staffed by one slow moving sloppy looking 300 pounder. Not this one. It had 3 clean cut special forces looking dudes behind the counter. I was like, "this must be a nice one" and from the door I said: A HUGE scam is being run out of this location. Zanab Suwai of the Is... and all 3 of them vaulted the counter and ran toward me to obviously grab me, but it took me about 0.00026 seconds to figure out what was going on when they came over the counter and I backed out the door quickly. I had a great camera and lifted it to take a picture of the place. They did not come through the door. They instead screamed DONT TAKE ANY PICTURES . . . click DO NOT TAKE ANY PICTURES . . . click and I walked away, and got a couple zoom shots and suddenly a huge black government car came ripping out from behind the place and did not even pay attention to where the road was, it ate the curbs getting to me and I was like, OH SHIT.

Off to my right there were apartment buildings that were too closely spaced to get that car through, and I ran down the sidewalk between them. Cambridge is nothing but one way streets, so I figured the best way to ditch that car quickly was to run against traffic. It worked. I did not see them again.

Based on the fruits of what they spew, CAIR is simply another "Islamic American Congress" false front. DO NOT BELIEVE THEY ARE NOT A TOTALLY FALSE DEEP STATE FRONT WHEN THEY DEMAND AMERICAN MONUMENTS TO BE TORN DOWN.

Believe me, Muslims don't give two hoots about American monuments. BUT THE JEWS DO, and it was the Jews who were fronting the Islamic American congress, obviously, to garner public support for "shock and awe". Do not let the Jews get away with petitioning and using false fronts to destroy one of the last vestiges of American heritage - the monuments that remain. They have been destroying them for decades, removing wonderful monuments that used to be everywhere, even in small towns, and replacing them with meaningless shapes. And if they do get away with destroying OUR monuments, make damn good and sure their monuments are also wiped out. They HATE America's guts and the crap they just pulled in Charlottesville, and the subsequent orchestrated assault on all monuments from Mount Rushmore, to Stone mountain, to city statues and monuments proves what the cold hearted motive for their false flag murder rampage in Charlottesville was all about. DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT!