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Anonymous sent:

Your eyes are blinded to the evils of the Islamic religion. They're own people talk about the horrors they commit. This will be my last visit to your site. It has the shadow of evil over it. Research, Jim. Very disappointed

My response: OK, TIME FOR AN EDUCATION: Do you know what a crypto Jew is? A crypto Jew is one which fakes being a different religion than Jewish, so they can act like they belong to another and either shred that religion from the inside out or make it look horrible. Any Muslim talking about "the horrors they commit" is going to be Israeli Mossad or some other spurious Jew, fronting as Muslim. Let's go over a few proven crypto Jew cases. And no, you never spoke to a Muslim "talking about the horrors they commit", no, you read it online (very safe bet), which means you got a nice solid dose of brain wash from the CIA.

Here are your crypto Jews will suffice for now, but there is a better quality picture of these four fine Jewish chaps out there, who claimed to be Muslim, and were attempting to recruit for Al Quaida in Palestine. The palestinian authority busted them and low and behold, all 4 were Jewish and members of the Israeli Mossad. Israel demanded them back, so to avoid being bombed to oblivion, Palestine complied. No doubt these four individuals now sit behind desks, posting war stories to the web for the gullible (including you) to believe, about "how horrible they are" as Muslims. Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was one of Michael Jackson's handlers. All through his life, he thought she was Christian. Yet when she died, she did not show up for the lavish Christian funeral that was set up by Michael and the rest of the church she attended, No, she was instead buried days before at a private funeral at a Jewish cemetery. Hundreds of people showed up to her Christian funeral, only to find out she was already buried! SHE FOOLED EVERYONE as a crypto Jew, right to the end! She is a prime example of a crypto Jew fronting as a Christian with ultra fine frontage. No doubt she was very "progressive" and pushed as hard as she could to get everyone at church to move left! Even today, the scamming MSM calls her Christian, but the Jews won't grab a Christian out of nowhere and deep six that Christian in a Jewish cemetery!

Barak Obama