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A significant correction to the Elizabeth Taylor post

Jim Stone

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A significant correction to the Elizabeth Taylor post

In that post I claimed Michael Jackson paid for her Christian funeral. That was an incorrect logical assumption because it was very well funded and very large. An enormous number of people showed up, only to find out that the body had vanished and she was in fact buried in a Jewish cemetery days earlier, and not one Jew had the guts to tell anyone they took the body. They just let all the Christians show up as scheduled with an absolute lack of decency. That's par for the course for the Jews, where only THEY matter. This happened because she was a crypto Jew, masquarading as a Christian, to damage Christianity and infiltrate prominent Christians, and she did that job VERY WELL.

At any rate, Michael and Elizabeth died in a time frame that was very close, with Michael dying before Elizabeth. Maybe his estate paid for the funeral that never happened, but probably not.

And there are a few people that keep ripping me for "supporting Muslims.

Let's put this straight:

1. I am totally against the way the JEWS AND ONLY THE JEWS are funding the Islamic invasion of Europe. THE JEWS ARE 100 PERCENT RESPONSIBLE If anyone does not know that, and then claims I support the Islamic invasion of Europe just because I'll point out a few completely accurate facts about Islam, it can only mean they are not regulars here and have not read anything I have posted in the past.


The Jews run the slave trade even now, and even I busted them stealing children from Latin America first hand.

A couple years ago I busted the Jews faking the Children on trains story - where supposedly they were riding trains from central America to the United states. I went out to ALL the rail lines, talked to the rail security from every rail company in Mexico and several witnesses (this took over a week of driving around Mexico) and I confirmed that ZERO children were EVER riding trains, the entire story was a HOAX. The rail security was confused as to where the children were, when they should have been seeing them go by on the trains. Most of them had figured out it was all bullshit. I even camped out by the train tracks on the main backbone to confirm it myself.

The scamming Jewish media really hammed it up good with this and I busted them wholesale. The following was confirmed FIRST HAND:

To get their pictures of kids riding trains, they hired locals to climb onto abandoned junk trains that were parked on private rail spurs. All the derailments, to fit the story line of "stranded kids", were done on private rail spurs. There were not any derailments of any trains that actually did the route from Central America to the U.S. and no kids were actually ever stranded.

I did not rely on "internet rumor" or "uncle" for the facts. All was done by driving thousands of miles from location to location to confim it. AND THEN I UNCOVERED THE UGLY TRUTH:

The Children on trains story was cover for a massive child snatching operation

White women that were "working for non government organizations" in central America were telling the children stories about how great it was in the U.S. and telling them they had a way for them there. The stories told were that all they had to do was ride a train, and it was all managed, they'd get in. The stories were spread in the communities of Guatemala and other Central American countries, to trick the kids and their parents into the dream of them making it to the United States. ALL THE KIDS DISAPPEARED FOR REAL. NONE MADE IT TO THE TRAINS.

After secondarily logging 500 more miles to confim they were not instead riding buses, there was only one awful conclusion to be had: Every last one of them was vanished without a trace and never made it to America. Where the * did they go? MOST RATIONAL ANSWER: To Yom Kippur ceremonies and the cuter ones probably got carted off to Israel to be sold on the international slave market. Anyone writing to me telling me the Muslims are the slave traders is either lying outright or is pathetically ignorant - the world's slave trade is presently centered in Tel Aviv, and is run entirely by Jews. Interesting it is that with regard to the "children on trains" that never were, None of them phoned home after "leaving for the U.S.", this was a theme from parents who's kids left. They simply vanished.

After I published this with two youtube videos that outlined my investigation (now censored, obviously) and posted it prominently on this web site, THAT VERY NIGHT all the Mexican media said the cops busted all the kids and they were not on trains anymore. PROBLEM: They were never there to begin with, all they were doing is covering their asses. The next day, the Jewish owned American media followed suit. If the Jews were not running the whole gig, it would not have gone that way.

I strongly advise anyone trolling me about how Muslims are the slave traders to consider they are wasting their time, because you are not writing your crap to a casual idiot who happens to have a web site. In addition to Tel Aviv being the main hub for the slave trade, it is also fairly well known that the slave traders that brought the Africans to America were also virtually all Jewish. Even David Duke has done major reports outlining how the Jews ran the slave trade, and it is not because "he's KKK" or "he's an anti semite", no, it is because he simply was awake enough to know it. It happens to all be documented. And it fits, right in with Tel Aviv being the world's biggest slave trading hub to this day. If you can't google that anymore (it used to come right up) or if it does come up with a diversion or Snopes "debunk" well, what can I say? Google "does no evil?"

I have recently noticed that all the crimes the Jews committed have recently been swapped out as Islamic crimes.

This started happening just before the election. My memory goes back to well before that. I can't be trolled on these topics because I know damn well the Jews are trying to shed their shady past off on the Muslims, to make everyone hate Muslims, all the while the Jews import Muslims to the same countries where they are trying to make the white populations hate Muslims . . . . . WHAT IS THE MOTIVE HERE? Obviously SETTING UP A POWDER KEG. Let's see anyone telling me "how much I misunderstand Islam" discuss THAT.

I'd say maybe the acid attacks are real. But the terror attacks are clearly not, and I seriously doubt the Muslims are going around raping when that is the death sentence every time where they come from. Most likely it is other immigrants doing that, and/or it is entirely fake. If there is anything anyone ought to know by now, it is the cold hard fact that the Jewish media will spin any lie they want to stir social discord, and I believe these stories are told to make white people angry enough to to stir riots, to which the Jews will provide the solution. Anyway, let me present another Jew topic, just because someone can't shut up about the Muslims:

It is extremely well documented that the "Pirates of the Carribbean" were Jews, and that the early settlements in Latin America that the pirates set up were all Jewish.

Hmm, let me dig up a related report from around election time that was done when a Jewish attorney with the last name of Curiel (a classic pirate name) was trying to prosecute Trump . . . . . .

The judge "prosecuting" Trump for Trump college is a Jewish plant with pirate ancestry!

This was posted before the election, and I am re-posting it because it hits the topic of the Jews being the pirates of the Carribbean (this is not too hard to dig up at last check tonight, Google has not censored it yet) so google it, and no, the pirates of the Carribbean were not nice, as Disney has romanticized, they were horrific murderous bastards.

First I only wanted to track down the fact that Curiel's parents lived in a Jewish community in America. Then Google, once it figured out what I was doing, took Curiel's childhood house and threw it 20 miles north from where it really was and from where it originally showed right in the middle of all the Kosher shops. So I had to ditch that, because Google was not going to play honest. Low and behold, that forced me to dig deeper and as a result I found his prior history.

Curiel is a Sephardic Jewish Marron. His ancestors caused problems in Portugal, and eventually got thrown out of the entire area around the time of Columbus. !! THEY THEN SETTLED IN JAMAICA, WHERE OUT OF KINGSTON THEY RAN THE "PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN" PLOT !! (fancy Disney ever being honest with that little tidbit) until there were no more Spanish galleons filled with their own pirated Aztec gold to be robbed. Obviously it all eventually splintered and perhaps the generation marking his great grandpa settled in Mexico. They then came to America, where his dad lived as an illegal alien up until his death in 1974.

Well, it probably does not matter that his ancestors were pirates other than the fact that proves he is Jewish. WHAT DOES MATTER IS THE FACT THAT HE IS NOT ONLY A KKKIKE,his OWN DAD was an illegal who worked illegally in the U.S. until he died. It is foggy about whether or not his mom was ever legal, but that does not matter anymore because 1. He is a Latino and 2. he is a jew and 3. he is working a lawsuit against a presidential candidate who wants to kick Latinos out of the country all the while the Jews want to keep latinos here. See a conflict of interest there? Never mind the seedy ancestry, which alone should say it all!

REMEMBER: 16th century began in 1501 and ended in 1600. Here it is: The judge presiding over the prosecution of Trump is a sephardic Jew who's ancestors were kicked out of Portugal at around the time of Columbus.

Judge Curiel's ancestors were kicked out of Portugal, and settled in Kingston Jamaica where they ran a massive pirate outfit, and Curiel's family eventually ended up in Mexico after that fell apart. THAT IS THE HISTORY, the fact Google censored where he lived in Chicago is NOW MEANINGLESS.

When you look into his background his parents were not U.S. citizens, they came from Mexico, both were Jewish, and he was an anchor baby. "La Raza" Gonzalo Curiel is a Latino Jewish judge. It may be difficult to pin him as Jewish (he probably is a crypto Jew) but I never checked to see if he openly admits it.

The question is, if a lawsuit is legitimate, how does the judge end up being hispanic, which hates Trump, and Jewish (the entire group also predominantly hates Trump) - this is obviously a trumped up lawsuit which will be presided over by a judge who at best definitely was an anchor baby. Forget about whether or not he can even legitimately be a judge, with his parents being Jewish that won't matter. If there ever was proof this lawsuit is entirely fake and politically motivated JUST LOOK AT THE JUDGE. Forget about him being affiliated with La Raza (another reason to disqualify him) just look at his parent's history and the fact he is Jewish. That ought to say it all.

But you won't ever hear jack squat about this in the MSM, and IT WILL NOT MATTER. WANT TO KNOW WHY? Because the public is waking up to the Jewish shenanegans, and any Trump supporter will clearly see this for what it is. Additionally, Trump University had a high approval rating, and what I have seen "come out against" the university is lacking substance. The only way such a lawsuit would ever succeed is with a scam judge and a jury packed entirely by latinos and others who have been cherry picked, and they will be. Look for the jury to be 100 percent crypto Jew as well.

To anyone who wants to send me B.S. about Muslims: Take this as a second example of what will happen when you do. MY GOD, did you not learn the first time?