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The Jewish Slaughter of the French White Race

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On May 31, 2008 an association called “Liberté pour l’Histoire” held a conference at the Sorbonne in Paris. That association, which is AGAINST the special laws demanded by the Armenians, the Blacks, etc. in order to protect the “remembrance” of the “crimes committed in the past” against their own peoples, is FOR the “loi Gayssot”. Put on the statute books on July 14, 1990 (Bastille Day), that law indeed protects the remembrance of the “crimes against humanity committed during the Second World War by the Germans”, which means essentially “remembrance of crimes against the Jews”. According to the president of “Liberté pour l’Histoire”, a Jew by the name of Pierre Nora, “in France the law has never been used to punish historians but [only] so-called historians” A courageous young lady in the audience stood up to say that the revisionist Vincent Reynouard (39, father of seven children) was set to go to prison, as recently ruled by a French court, but Nora and his friends (Françoise Chandernagor, Jean-Pierre Azéma, Henry Rousso,...) couldn’t care less.

My long-time legal counsel, Eric Delcroix, retired on December 31, 2007. Not one of the eight lawyers we have both contacted is willing to defend “Faurisson”.

Never have the Jews been so powerful in France. The King and the Queen of France (Sarkozy and his wife) are actually of Jewish descent.

Robert Faurisson