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Did Cuba just successfully invade Venezuela?

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Cuba has had grandiose plans for its “socialist paradise” that haven’t come to fruition after six decades.

The island nation still has a failed economy — the small number of citizens who own cars tend to drive antiques — it has little influence on the international scene and relations with its northern neighbor, the U.S., are still strained at best.

For example, the U.S. recently expelled 15 Cuban diplomats after 22 U.S. members of the embassy in Havana, which opened recently under Barack Obama, suffered injuries from “bizarre sonic weapons.”

Nevertheless, according to Breitbart News, there now are at least 93,000 Cubans in Venezuela helping run the disastrous socialist economy in what could be described as an invasion, even if the invaders were invited.

The report quotes a retired general who said Venezuela’s government officials decided to “import Fidel Castro’s ill-fated communism experiment.”

“Thousands of Cubans hold key positions in various Venezuelan government sectors, particularly in the national security and intelligence services used to monitor politicians, opposition members, business executives, and the population as a whole to keep the socialist regime in power, noted retired Maj. Gen. Antonio Rivero,” the report said.

Read what happens when people come to believe socialism is the answer, in “Utopian Road to Hell: Enslaving America and the World with Central Planning,” by William Murray.

During a meeting held by the Justice Cuba human rights organization, Rivero, a critic of the so-called Bolivarian revolution launched by the late Hugo Chavez, explained that by 2010, there was a permanent presence of approximately 92,700 Cubans “carrying various missions in all areas and sectors of the [socialist] government.”

Venezuela now is led by Chavez’s chosen successor, Nicolas Maduro.

The report explained it was under Chavez that the two nations, both advocates for totalitarianism, set up the process for Cubans to take part in Venezuela’s management, including health care, social welfare and national security programs.

The retired Venezuelan general, the report said, “noted that the socialist Venezuelan government hired thousands of pro-Castro Cubans to work in the intelligence and security sectors, granting them the ability to acquire information and conduct surveillance on both their fellow Cubans in the country and Venezuelans.”

The Cubans include about 3,000 specialists in intelligence, who are capable of monitoring both Cubans and Venezuelans in Venezuela, the report said.

“The oppressive Cuban presence reportedly extends beyond the civilian government into the military,” Breitbart said.

The presence of the Cubans was referenced in report by the U.S.-based news agency that broadcasts to Cuba, Marti Noticias, which claimed there were many Cuban soldiers already in Venezuela, including 4,500 infantry in nine battalions.

Observers said the Venezuelan economy is in chaos because of the government’s pursuit of socialism.

WND reported just weeks ago that two Venezuelan opposition leaders were taken from their homes in what was seen as a new sign of an impending dictatorship.

Venezuela has been wracked by violent protests for well over a year. Frequent electrical blackouts and chronic shortages of food and medicine have caused great unrest, turning much of the population against Maduro and his regime. The country’s pro-Maduro Supreme Court only fanned the flames in March when it tried to seize power from the National Assembly, which has been controlled by Maduro opponents since December 2015.

Observing the South American nation from his perch as chairman of the D.C.-based Religious Freedom Coalition, William J. Murray sees a country consumed by utter chaos.

“Venezuela is already in a state of anarchy,” Murray told WND at the time. “It has one of the highest murder rates in the world and people are killing each other for boxes of cereal. The average Venezuelan has lost more than 10 pounds because of starvation – in a nation which has the largest oil reserves in the world and should be rich.”

But Murray is not surprised that Venezuela is poor despite its abundance of oil. The country has been in the grip of socialist rule since 1999.

Socialism is one strain of utopian thought, and as Murray demonstrates in his book “Utopian Road to Hell: Enslaving America and the World with Central Planning,” utopian rulers throughout history have always brought poverty and misery to their people.

Murray believes Maduro has joined the long line of utopian dictators, as evidenced most recently by his illegitimate Constituent Assembly election.

“There was a democracy in Venezuela,” Murray said. “It was a functioning democracy, and this Constituent Assembly is for one purpose – to put Maduro in power for life without any further elections despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of people want him out now.”

The U.S. government explains it continues to hope for “a stable, prosperous, and free country for the Cuban people.”

Venezuela currently is trying to restructure $60 billion in foreign debt and has failed to make payments that already have been due.

Read what happens when people come to believe socialism is the answer, in “Utopian Road to Hell: Enslaving America and the World with Central Planning,” by William Murray.

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