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Canadian Monika Schaefer reports on her ten months in a Judeo-“German” jail for denouncing the massive, ongoing, CRIMINAL FRAUD Jews call “the Holocaust”

John de Nugent

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MONIKA SCHAEFER, A CANADIAN-BORN WOMAN OF GERMAN HERITAGE, was visiting her brother Alfred in Germany (who is now in prison for three years and two months for debunking the Holofraud) when she was arrested in January of this year while observing an open-to-the-public trial of Sylvia Stolz in Munich.

During a recess break in the trial, Schaefer was approached by authorities, handcuffed, and led away. According to eyewitnesses, she protested that she was a free Canadian citizen and was told, “If you wanted to remain free, you should have stayed in Canada.”

Schaefer was held for ten months in Stadelheim prison in Munich

B’nai B’rith claims responsibility for the arrest

B’nai Brith Canada officials said the Jewish group had filed complaints against Schaefer with German officials because of her “anti-Semitic incitement.”

Shaefer posted a video on Youtube over two years, apologizing to her late mother for not believing her about what really happened in Germany during WWII, but instead believing the false teaching she received in Canadian schools and from media.

The video received much praise and much criticism.

“German officials should be commended for taking action against Holocaust denial,” said Michael Mostyn, chief executive officer of B’nai Brith Canada, in a statement. “We will continue to work, even across borders, to ensure that racism and bigotry find no haven in Canada.”

Simon Wiesenthal Center applauds the arrest

The Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) said it confirmed through the Bavarian State Police that Schaefer had been arrested on charges related to Holocaust denial.

Commending German police for the arrest, Avi Benlolo, head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies (FSWC), the Canadian branch of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, said in an emailed statement,

“Holocaust denial and revisionism continue to prevail across social media platforms in Canada and across the globe. Such perversion of the truth must be confronted through the use of the deterrent tools available under the law, as well as through education.”

So it’s the Jews

So folks, there’s never any doubt that “It’s the Jews” who insist on censorship and the suppression of free speech of which they disagree. Jews entered Western countries only during the last few hundred years as a small minority and began demanding equal rights under our democratic governments.

Europeans gave in to them in a spirit of good faith and now are suffering under repressive laws engineered by World Jewry. Is this a conspiracy theory? No, it’s a reality that our weakness and tolerance for the “other” has brought upon us.

Tolerance for the “other” is not practiced in the Jewish state of Israel even though they call it a democracy, nor is it practiced in Orthodox Jewish enclaves anywhere in the world. Tolerance is only expected of the European.

Oppose these Jewish organizations that exist only to take advantage of our laws in order to weaken us. Refuse to accept the idea that the politically determined narratives of history are fixed and cannot be changed. Take action in defense of revisionists.

OTH MONICA AND HER BROTHER ALFRED RECEIVED PRISON SENTENCES on Oct. 26 at their trial in Munich, Germany, for “denying the Holocaust.”

Monica, 59, (left) was given a sentence of 10 months and was set free immediately as she has been incarcerated for that long already. Alfred, 63, a retired IBM executive, was sentenced to 3 years, 2 months – obviously seen as the more ‘dangerous’ of the two.

According to the Canadian Jewish News (the only media coverage I have found so far other than a brief email from Lady Michele Renouf who was personally contacted by one of their attorneys):

The siblings were tried together on six counts of “incitement to hatred” for producing and posting at least one video in which Monika Schaefer denied the Holocaust.

In the five-minute video uploaded to Youtube, titled ‘Sorry, Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust,’ Monica Schaefer said the Holocaust was the “biggest and most pernicious and persistent lie in all of history.”

Whoops, guess she didn’t know that was hateful; she was trying to do good to Germans like herself and her mother. But in our post-WWII system only Jews are allowed to defend themselves.

In the video, Monica also claimed that death camps were really work camps where prisoners were kept “as healthy and as well-fed as was possible.” This is also hateful to the ears of Jews; they can’t stand to hear that they were ever treated well or justly by White Europeans. It’s pure agony for them.

The court found that the producer of this video was brother Alfred, who carried out this crime in the town of Tutzing, outside Munich. That puts it under Germany’s jurisdiction. On top of that, Monica admitted that she knew he intended to publish it online. So guilty they are, and as we know, any evidence that supports that what they say about the “Holocaust” is true is not allowed in German courtrooms. It was determind long ago (at the Nuremberg Tribunals in 1946) that Truth Is No Defense when it comes to the findings of those tribunals. Their findings are law and can no longer be questioned.

Alfred Schaefer will probably appeal his sentence … not that it will do any good. He is considered a ‘troublemaker’ (another who wishes to defend National Socialist Germany) who they want to keep out of circulation as much as possible. But we congratulate Monica on finally being freed. We’ll keep you informed as we know more.

UPDATE 10-28. A few more miscellanous details I have learned from the Jewish Canadian News:

“Monika Schaefer was tried on six counts of ‘incitement of hatred’ and was found guilty of four of them. Her brother was charged with 14 counts of incitement and was found guilty of 11 of them.”
I do not know what they were.

“Alfred Schaefer showed “no particular reaction” to his sentence and told the court that he will not stop spreading the truth. He still faces other criminal charges, including for other videos he has made and for giving the straight-arm Nazi salute three times on the trial’s first day.”

“B’nai Brith Canada said it provided detailed intelligence reports to German officials, leading to the siblings’ arrests. Supporters of the Schaefers have explicitly blamed B’nai Brith for their legal challenges.”

(Modified info from Carolyn Yeager:

….Brian Ruhe’s interview with Monika

I have corresponded with both Schaefers, wonderful people.

Don’t feel overly sorry for them; feel sorrow and worry regarding yourself and YOUR karma if all you do is sit there and read stuff: 1) not writing the Schaefers, 2) not donating one penny to anyone who is active out there, not just online but in the real world, and 3) not sharing the truth with new people.

And that is 99% of my readers and the readers of all WN websites.

Of course, people get pessimistic and defeatist, and that I can understand. Not condone but understand.

If “the Jews are so smart for sticking together,” what are you for not helping others of our race and cause? 😉

An Aussie comrade wrote:

But how many people even know Monika or Alfred exist? The YouTube video has been taken down. No mainstream news coverage.

I sent a care package to Monika at the prison address you provided, and the German authorities returned it to me unopened!

Again, this is an example of the power these people have, they can simply imprison somebody and nobody knows about it. This whole exercise was a warning to anyone thinking of promoting their ideas on Jews to a wider audience as Monika did. And guess what? IT WORKED.


Here is now the Ruhe interview with Monika (and btw, the heroic Brian Ruhe lost his ten-year paid career as a teacher of Buddhism in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, due to saying the truth…):


You can see how much she has suffered. It is such an indignity and an outrage to be basically kept in a cage with iron bars when you have done nothing wrong. It is not fun to go to prison.

Brian asks Monika for details of what prison life is like and that is quite revealing.

I found it fascinating, believing in a higher world and angels as I firmly do, that Monika says she had a vivid dream the night before her arrest, which she also described at breakfast that next morning, of trudging around and around, head slightly down,  in some kind of bleak desert with other people, half black and half white.

After her first day in the real prison courtyard, doing exactly that, she woke up “bolt upright” in her cell that night and realized that she actually had had a “precognition” — a dream (or vision) of what was about to happen to her.

And also half the prisoners WERE black, Africans – and it was impossible to communicate with them, but worse, Monika was in a group cell with them and they jabbered constantly in their tribal lingos, or watched idiotic, mindless tv programs. (The authorities charged people 20 euros a month to watch this drivel.)

In denying her (normal) bail while retaining her Canadian passport (to prevent her flying back home and skipping her trial), and keeping her for ten months like some kind of murderer, the authorities invented the “danger” that she might exchange letters with someone.

This someone was the very, very fine, resolute and brave German patriot (whom I actually do know) named Gerd Ittner — with whom Monika had had NO letter contact!

But, using this excuse, they kept her for ten months in jail!

Monika emphasized that everything done to her was decided quietly in advance — and the hearings and trial were purely rigged and a show trial. This is why the most insane and throw-away “reasons” were given for what they did to this brother and sister. It was all a sick joke.

She also states that she was warned to leave Germany instantly upon her release — which she wisely did — to avoid being re-arrested and re-jailed!

Bizarre aspects of the Schaefer siblings’ trial:

1)No proof of their innocence or of the innocence of the German people in the supposed Holocaust was allowed at all

2) during the trial no stenographer and no record were allowed —  no transcript at all of what was said and transpired! So if you are sentenced, and feel your trial was unfair and appeal the verdict and sentence, it is just “he said, she said”!

3) the judge turned their microphones off, so no one in the gallery could hear a  word the Schaefers said in their defense!

4) the courageous Sylvia Stolz stood up in the gallery and protested: “the police have taken away our paper and pencils so the public attending this trial cannot write down anything about what is going on!” Only after the Schaefers’ lawyer then vociferously protested was the public allowed to take any notes.

5) the judge lectured them for 45 boring minutes prior to sentencing them on how it was THEY who were the haters!


It all reminded me of what I read in The Gulag Archipelago by Nobel Laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn — the trial is insane, the evidence is insane, the prosecutor is insane, the judges are insane and the verdict and sentence are insane.

The old word for psychopathy was “moral insanity,” and here you can see it.

And in both the case of the Soviet gulag then and the “German” justice system now, it is the morally insane Jews who run both.

Monika reported that upon her return to her beautiful city of Jasper up in the Canadian Rockies in Alberta province,

….many libtard moral simpletons there were not shocked at all that their fellow Canadian had been deprived by Germans of her freedom, for ten months, while merely visiting that country, and  for having expressed her opinion in a video, a video done in Canada — but they were satisfied that she had been convicted.

After all, to see it as Eckhart Tolle would, the “egoic mind” wants “me” to be right, and equally this egoic mind craves for you to be wrong so “me” can be superior to you.

So for the Schaefers to be found guilty and imprisoned somehow “proved they were wrong.”

“Found guilty in a court of law.” Wowwwwww…

That is all the libtards WANTED to know.

BUT if it was Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela suffering the same thing, jail, trial and then prison, now THAT would prove  they were right, because after all King and Mandela were black.

But the Schaefers were both German and white, and the Holocaust proved that both mean you have cold, accursed, evil, and criminal blood.

And so their libtard fellow citizens in Jasper felt oh-so-morally superior.

As long as people can feel good about themselves while cherry-picking — “this thing you just said to me is a troubling fact which I hereby choose to ignore” — as long as the perversion of human consciousness is not addressed but instead goes on, it is utterly hopeless to shovel more facts at people.

They 1) don’t wanna hear it and 2) do not believe either in any bad karma, disappointed angels or God, or judgment at their death for having been knowingly selfish and deliberately blind.

And so a new spiritual movement is needed, because whites need to become Aryan, and that means to become NOBLE.

The railroading of the Schaefers is the most classic proof you could ask for that the truth means nothing to the masses.

And no amount of personal niceness, clarity, love, sweetness, sacrifice and courage — in which the noble Alfred and Monika Schaefer are so abundantly overflowing — will deflect us mainstream media believers as the horrible, guilty white race from our Holocaust guilt-tripping course to ultimate disaster.



A Massachusetts rabbi once wrote a national bestseller in the 1990s, after his very young daughter died of a fatal disease.

Well, what Eckhart Tolle (a German living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) describes is the reverse:

When basically good people —  most Germans, most Canadians,  most Americans and most Brits — do bad things. 

Because their tyrannon, their egoic mind, has kicked in.

And when you understand this, then the rage is considerably lessened, and you can come to this higher wisdom.


Is it okay that more or less well-meaning Brits and Americans in their Royal or US Air Force incinerated 500,000 civilians at Dresden?


We are judged on our deeds as well as our intentions.

When we die, we go through a tunnel of light, are welcomed with the level of warmth we deserve, and then are sat down.

We must then watch a sophisticated, three-dimensional holographic video of how our lives AFFECTED OTHERS.

All the good, and all the bad.

The kindnesses, and the failures to act or to help.

How we brought joy, and how we triggered dejection.

You see someone crying you never knew you made cry.

You see the time you were worried about a friend and thoughtfully picked up the phone and called him or her…and little did you know you saved them, for he was at a bridge railing, leaning out over a river, or he had a whiskey bottle and a pistol in his hand… or she had a bottle of pills in her trembling fingers, or a rope, in order to end it all.


And it was YOUR call or your visit, and your hug, that gave them the strength to fight on.

The life-review video that you see at death is both a beautiful and a horrifying thing. And the most striking thing about it is you cannot deny the truth of anything in it.

You SEE what you did — and failed to do — with your life.

Your own deeds sentence you to what you need to go through next.

Your spiritual guides won’t believe any excuses.

They are former humans themselves who have advanced beyond the stage we are still stuck in — in this Jew World.

A hell in which, over many previous lives, we looked the other way as the Jewish menace festered, and grew and grew and grew.

Henry Ford gave up in the late 1920s and snorted:

“The American people don’t WANT the truth!”


And now the karmic chickens of OUR many lifetimes of neglect of this crisis have come home to roost.

Behold how this Jewish cancer, this enormous tumor on our race, has metastacized and has spread up into the brain.

So NOW, not tomorrow, is a time for heroes.

Not next week, and not next month.


But how should we feel about those libtards, like Monika’s fellow Jasper folks, who “don’t wanna hear it”?

That was once us, too.


Don’t look down on them. There was a time when you did not know the things you know now.

And so we must forgive … even as angels forgive us.

And not whine about it all, but roll up our sleeves, finally, in THIS very life — and go to work RIGHT NOW before it is too late!

I salute Monika and Alfred Schaefer, true heroine and hero of our race!


Wouldn’t-It-Be Nice?

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….my email to Brian Ruhe and Monika Schaefer


Dear Monika and dear Brian:
Great, moving interview! I did an extensive blog on it with my own analysis:
Your dream of trudging around in a circle, Monika, reminded me of this powerful incident at the Frankfurt, Germany train station: 

I think you were “blessed” despite all the unpleasantness, Monika, because prison can make some men and women grow into far, far deeper individuals.
I have been through some of the worst things imaginable — a branch of the MK-ULTRA program — which was 10 times worse than prison, designed to produce amnesia and mind control through the most horrific and extreme trauma.
And yet if we process these tragedies in a higher and spiritual way, we can achieve greatness and a precious inner peace in this haywire world in just one pretty exciting incarnation.
I have found that peace, but only through suffering.
You seem, and are, different, Monika, from that sweet, chipper violin lady with the “Mom” video. You have sad wisdom now.
Thank you both, Brian and Monika, for all vour huge sacrifices for the truth and our folk! God bless you!
John de Nugent

…..My very close encounter with the beyond