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The Curse of the Corporation

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Part XIV – 1365 CE to 1529 CE

1365 CE - Persia (Iran) - The turkic-speaking Timur overthrow the Chaghatai khanate and conquers Persia, the old Ilkhanate, establishing his capital in Samarkand.

1366 CE - England - During the fortieth year of the reign of Edward III, the allegiance to the pope was overturned when Pope Urban V, attempted to revive the vasalage and annual rent to which king John had subjected his kingdom, it was unanimously agreed by all the estates of the realm in parliament assembled, 40 Edw. III, that king John's donation was null and void, being without the concurrence of parliament, and contrary to his coronation oath: and all the temporal nobility and commons engaged, that if the pope should endeavour by process or otherwise to maintain these usurpations, they would resist and withstand him with all their power.



1368 - 1644 CE - Ming Dynasty of China - The Míng was the first Chinese dynasty not to be named after a local ancient kingdom (Ch'in, Han, T'ang, etc.). This was because the Founder, Chu Yüan-chang, was of humble origin, not nobility that would have identified with such a locality. Like the Mongol Yüan ("Beginning"), the name is instead chosen to be auspicious, "Bright." The Founder of the Han had originally been of low station also, a peasant, but he had already styled himself "King of Han" (Han Wang) before definitively claiming the Ch'in Emperorship. Also perhaps because of his origins, the Ming Founder was suspicious of the Scholars and sought to balance their influence in the Court with a competing Military institution of comparable depth and prestige. This wise provision, a kind of system of checks and balances, ultimately failed, as Emperors fell under the influence of the Scholars, and then even of the Palace Eunuchs, and neglected the Military. When the Manchus then seized power, some Chinese generals actually went over to them, expecting better status and attention. It was a Chinese general who overthrew the last of the Southern Ming Emperors.

1370 CE - Denmark - The Hanseatic League is formed by a group of Germanic merchants from the cities of Hamburg, Leipzig, Bremen, Danzig, Stettin and Lubeck that achieved official standing this year. The Hanseatic League defeats Waldemar IV of Denmark, thus gaining the monopoly of trade in Scandinavia. Amsterdam joins the Hanseatic League.


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