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Calendar Change The Evolution of Culture

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The Calendar we use is the organizing principle of our lives. It programs our societal culture with daily, weekly, monthly and annual customs and habits. Therefore, to change the calendar we use is to participate in one of the most subtle and profound forms of revolution happening on the planet today.


The current world standard calendar is the 12-month Gregorian calendar, in which the months have an unequal number of days (28,29,30, and 31) and do not correspond to any cycle of nature. This is the only standard of measure used today that has unequal units! As an arbitrary division of the solar year, this calendar although illogical, unscientific and artificial, remains the central unquestioned institution of our modern society.

As Broughton Richmond wrote in Time Measurement and Calendar Construction: "If the Julian/Gregorian calendar was to be offered as a new device for measuring time, we, with our present knowledge and state of living, would reject is as something utterly impractical, lacking in harmony and order, unbalanced and irregular, too clumsy a calendar to make calculations by..." It is time to ask: Why do we use an instrument of imperfect measure to coordinate the affairs of the world?


We must consider that the calendar we follow affects our minds. Any child can tell you for example that the date is "Friday, September 3, 2004." But what does this really mean? Does this same child know what day of the week October 3rd will be? Or what day of the week August 3rd was? Does the child understand that she is actually declaring it has been 2004 years since the birth of the Christian savior? Has she been educated that August is named after Roman emporer Augustus Caesar, or that the prefixes Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec - meaning 7, 8, 9, and 10 are erroneously referring to the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th month? The flawed model of time we pass on from generation to generation is conditioning our minds to accept disorder and irregularity as natural.

"The very nature of the calendar that the world follows has stunted the mind and the body's innate timing sensibility...Our sense of time is a fundamental perception. If the standard of measure of time that we use is irregular, then we must contemplate deeply and understand what this does to our mind over centuries of prolonged use." -Dr. Jose Arguelles


Perhaps the most questionable aspect of our global civil calendar is the nature of its origin and imposition. The Gregorian Calendar reform was issued by Pope Gregory the 13th, eliminating 10 days from 1582 in order to insure the central religious feast of Easter was on time with the Spring equinox. This Papal decree reflected the self-appointed authority of the Vatican's earlier Doctrine of Discovery - the international Law of Christendom that emerged from the Papal edicts of 1452 and 1493 declaring all non-Christians to be "enemies of Christ" and as such "less than human." These proclamations of Christian dominance specifically sanctioned and promoted the conquest, colonization, and exploitation of non-Christian nations and their territories, directing those "discovered" be "reduced to perpetual slavery."

As stated in the Papal Bull of 1493, "Among other works...this assuredly ranks highest, that in our times especially the Catholic faith and the Christian religion be exalted and be everywhere increased and spread...that barbarous nations be overthrown and brought to the faith itself." It is sad, but true, that today's worldwide use of Pope Gregory's calendar cannot be separated from its roots of ideological imperialism. As forces of Christianity spread to each newly "discovered" land, the Gregorian Calendar was a vital instrument in attempting to eradicate local calendars and native culture.


As Dr. Jose Arguelles summarizes: "Between the Doctrine of Discovery and the Gregorian Calendar Reform, under the aegis of the Church, the Europeans conquered and colonized virtually the entire New World - North and South America...The historical context in which this calendar became the fixed standard is of the greatest significance. On the one hand, European power, instigated by acquisitive material greed and the Church’s need to gather all souls under its cross, had literally straddled the globe. Henceforth, no one could receive the ‘blessings’ of Christianity without receiving the Gregorian calendar... The Gregorian calendar was unilaterally instituted by the Vatican, because the Christian armies of Europe had conquered most of the indigenous people on the planet and needed to have a mental time-framing device for imposing all of their new 'religious holidays' on the world."


Before this tyranny of time, and subsequent colonization of the mind, there were many more diverse calendars in use than have survived today. In fact, Gregory's calendar reform was essentially the first act of globalization and is responsible for what has become today's worldwide mono-time. With less than 18% of the world's population being Catholic, its seems entirely inappropriate that a world filled with such a rich variety of religions, cultures, and spiritual traditions would be subordinate in time to the calendar of the Vatican/Roman Catholic Church.


Dr. Arguelles continues: "Within 200 years, everyone in Europe and the colonies was using it: the 'calendar of colonialism.' By the beginning of the 20th century it was used by every nation on the planet, because all banking activity (such as mortgages and interest rates) is based on it. Every law created by any government in the 20th century is based on this calendar... All authority granted to this calendar is actually an allegiance to a late medieval Christian timing device. The authority of this device is held by the Vatican, geographically the smallest political state on the planet, yet given full political protection by the major Western powers (the G-7: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, plus Japan)...

"In Europe itself, the Gregorian calendar succeeded at the precise moment when the final mechanization of time was being achieved. By AD 1600 the twelve-month year and the 60-minute hour had become the standard of time. Thus, accompanying and giving form to the very origins of modern materialistic science was the final codification of the third-dimensional timing frequency, the 12:60. Needless to say, the authority and impact of this timing frequency was never questioned much less realized. Though men like Kepler and Galileo were persecuted by the Church, they did not question the authority of the calendar. And so it has been with virtually all men of science to accept without question this calendar by which they live."


Because of the religious connotations of the Pope's calendar reform, many non-Catholic nations resisted adopting it. For example, Japan held out until 1873, China until 1912, Russia until 1918, and Greece until 1924, when they finally conformed for convenience in international business and governmental affairs.

As expressed in the Explanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Almanac, section 1.3 - Calendar Reform and Accuracy: “In most societies a calendar reform is an extraordinary event… The acceptance of the Gregorian calendar as a worldwide standard spanned more than three centuries… Its adoption in the United Kingdom and other countries was fraught with confusion, controversy, and even violence. It also had a deeper impact through the disruption of traditional festivals and calendrical practices..."


Since Gregorian-time currently synchronizes the planet through the global world of commerce and its commonly accepted notion that Time is Money, its no wonder that the sentiency of Nature has been denied, replaced by marketplace values. Both Time and the Biosphere have been compart-mentalized, quantified, and sold off in a self-consuming game of artificial worth.

As reported by "National Geographic" (March 2004), commenting on China's steady economic/industrial boom, both rich and poor citizens of Beijing admitted: "What good is money if you can't breathe the air?" As the world continues to justify disaster and disorder as the price of "progress," we the people are collectively calling for a new approach.


Dr. Arguelles explains, "It is the artificial timing frequency that is governing the whole of globalization or global civilization and that is the 12:60, irregular 12 month calendar, 60 minute mechanical clock. Within the 12:60, time is money. Absolutely everything in this society is prorated as money according to the clock. The clock came to perfection in the early 17th century, not too long after that the first stock markets and banks were created. With an irregular and irrational calendar, we are programmed for irrationality: irrational laws, irrational customs. This is the cause of the human deviation from nature. As long as we are living on this timing frequency we are going to go farther and farther away from the universal natural cycles. As we go farther away we get out of touch with our own nature and we get out of touch with the Great Nature."


The agenda of Calendar Change is to assure that the world's unifying calendar is a true standard of measure that reintegrates humanity with the harmony of nature. As remarked by the Foundation For the Law of Time: "The old calendar, with its irrational ordering of months and weeks, is at the root of a society which is an institutionalized disorder against nature." A true standard of measure has equal units, and a true measure of time reflects natural cycles.

The fundamental shift to a 13 month 28-day calendar reorients the human mind to a harmonic standard of time and reconnects us, as a society, to our inherent relationship with the living Biosphere. With this awareness, it is everyone's right and responsibility to examine the timing standard we have collectively been issued, and the underlying values and mentalities it upholds. Our global society is now faced with this decision: to carry on with business as usual, or to make an unprecedented shift in our thinking and set a new direction for planetary policy.


The 13 month 28-day calendar has been proposed as a preferred alternative to the Gregorian calendar since 1849. The League of Nations had scheduled to change the world standard calendar in 1933 to a 13 month 28-day calendar, preferring the logic and regularity of its perpetual design: 13 months of 28 days each = 364 days (52 perfect weeks) + one last day before each new year that is not a day of the month or week.


It is no suprise that massive religious objection from representatives of the Catholic Church - the very source of the Gregorian calendar - made false claim that the break in the 7-day week for the 365th day of the 13 month year, (called in today's world the Day out of Time Global Peace Through Culture Celebration) would anger God and cause "chaos, barbarism, and war." The unfounded propaganda succeeded in halting the reform. It was again brought to the United Nations, where the debate has been adjourned indefinitely since 1956.


As of 1993, the movement to reform the calendar has been taken up by the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. Recognizing our world to be currently saturated in chaos, barbarism, and war, we advocate global calendar change to a harmonic standard as an instrument of Planetary Peace.

Because we understand that the calendar we live by directly affects our mind, and our sense of either connection to or disconnection from the rhythms of the natural world, we realize that the first step to global reform is to personally follow a calendar of harmony. In this light, people across 6 continents have already changed their calendar, day by day synchronizing with the harmony of the 13-moon, 28-day calendar!



As this World Age Cycle is currently closing, we are invited to lay a new foundation from which to grow the order of the dawning New World Age. What is needed at this time is a New Time - a new calendar - a new program with the capacity to stimulate our greater harmonious potential and facilitate our collective spiritual evolution.


Changing the calendar to a system of harmony is uniting all cultures of the planet, regardless of race or religion.

The Day Out of Time, the 365th day of the 13-Moon Calendar, is now an official holiday in over 70 Brazilian cities alone, including Sao Paulo - the 2nd largest city of the world!

We the people are changing our calendars!



"It can be estimated that there are upward of over a quarter of a million people world wide now following this calendar on a daily basis. The number of people who have heard of or are in some way familiar with it far exceeds the number of regular users. Nonetheless this small quantity represents a minute but highly critical cross-section of humanity today."

-Foundation For the Law of Time


The calendar change not only opens the door

to the return to natural time, understood as

an evolutionary inevitability, but it, therefore, also

opens up new vistas of thought and social organization.


"The difference between what we do,

and what we are capable of doing,

would solve most of the world's problems."

-Mahatma Gandhi


"Humanity has evolved, unbeknownst to itself, under the increasing stress of a false and artificial timing frequency, the 12:60 (12-month calendar and 60-minute clock)...It's true that the human species is operating on its own timing frequency apart from the whole rest of the universe...The combination of the clock and calendar as our instruments to measure time have contributed to the situation that accounts for the absolute acceleration of change in the last five hundred years on this planet...We are the only people with wristwatches and the only species destroying our environment. There is a connection..."

-Dr. Jose Arguelles


Use of the 13-Moon calendar will change your perception of the world

and thus change your world through your perception.


The 13-moon, 28-day calendar serves to replace the Gregorian as the world's civil calendar while providing a perfect framework to uphold all other traditional calendars, cycles of nature, and cultural holidays. The 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar, for example, overlays the 260-day galactic cycle onto the 13-moon, 28-day solar cycle. This is just one application of its universiality!


"The way we live our lives is really the issue at hand. We live our lives according to our states of consciousness. Our current 12-month calendar generates states of consciousness that are out of harmony with nature. States of consciousness that are out of harmony with nature create actions that are out of harmony with nature. Actions that are out of harmony with nature are destroying Life on Earth."

-Timothy Tussing


"Discover the harmony in your own being.

Embrace it.

If you can do this, you will gain everything,

and the world will become healthy again..."

-Lao Tzu


"Man cannot save the natural environment except by rediscovering the nexus between the spirit and nature and becoming once again aware of the sacred quality of the works of the Supreme artisan. And man cannot gain such an awareness of the sacred aspect of nature without discovering the sacred within himself or herself."

­Seyyed Hossein Nasr


Whoever owns your time owns your mind.

Know your own time

and you will know your own mind.

Make a Time Shift.

Make a Mind Shift.

Time is Art!