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Finally! The Real History of the Settlement of Australia!

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Sent: Saturday, October 24, 2009 11:40 AM
Subject: FW: Finally! The Real History of the Settlement of Australia!

FYI - this makes more sense than what the history books tell us - but then we now know how they have used absolute deception for centuries to deceive the masses.....

Citizens Electoral Council of Australia

Media Release  20th of October 2009

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October/November New Citizen:

Finally! The Real History of the Settlement of Australia!

For generations now, Australians have been spoon-fed the crock that the European settlement of Australia was caused by the need to “relieve prison overcrowding” back in good ol’ England, and that therefore our ancestors were mainly “convicts”—“bad stock” as the eugenicist Winston Churchill once put it. The CEC’s latest, hot-off-the press New Citizen demonstrates that “standard history” to be utter, lying hogwash.

In a first-ever presentation of original historical research entitled “The True History of the Founding of Australia”, a CEC team places that settlement in its actual strategic context: that the British had just been decisively defeated by the Americans in 1781; had been driven out of Ireland in 1782 by an American-inspired and aided revolution; and faced a mortal strategic challenge to their world-wide maritime empire following the Peace of Paris in 1783, by the Dutch, the Spanish, and the French, all of whom had aided the American cause.

Having lost America, and facing challenges in the Pacific, the British strategists centered in the British East India Company founded Australia to pre-empt a planned French settlement here (beating the French by less than two weeks), and to serve as a strategic outpost against their European rivals. Those “convicts” rounded up and sent here—often without even the fig-leaf of a trial—were overwhelmingly pro-American Irish and Scottish political prisoners, and even some English, while the new settlement was designed as a literal torture chamber to crush their republican spirit.

And that has been the faultline throughout Australian history ever since: between our greatest republican leaders, beginning with Rev. John Dunmore Lang, who were invariably pro-American and who schemed to establish a sovereign “United States of Australia”, and the East India Company-style, financier-directed British imperialism which has usually ruled our country despite courageous challenges to this London-centered “Money Power” by the old, pro-national banking ALP and its roster of true patriots, including King O’Malley, Frank Anstey, Jack Lang, John Curtin, Ben Chifley, Jim Cairns and Rex Connor.

Throw out the date-based, boring chronologies you remember from school, and read the true history, including the 17th and 18th century takeover of Britain by the “Venetian Party”, in which London replaced Venice as the center of worldwide monetarist imperialism. Read of Lord Shelburne, the grey eminence behind every aspect of the planning and execution of the new Australian colony: as the ruling figure in the British East India Company, he headed the “Venetian Party” in 18th century Britain; launched Captain Cook on his first voyage; was the boss of Lord Sydney; and oversaw a European-wide intelligence service whose agents included Captain Arthur Phillip, head of the First Fleet and Australia’s first governor.

This true history will make British-trained professors, with their boring, lying chronologies spit with rage, but open ordinary Australians’ eyes to the true nature of the British Empire whose monetarist imperialism (“globalisation”, “free trade”), still dominates the globe, so they can join LaRouche and the CEC to defeat it.

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