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What you need to know about Iran's history as NATO naval forces are deployed in the strait of Hormuz.

Dick Eastman

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Sept. 17, 2012

The heart of world moral darkness is on the western shores of the Persian Gulf.  Great Economic crimes are planned in the City of London, Israel, Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, Washington, Switzerland, Frankfort, the Netherlands and Switzerland -- but the center of pure unrestrained evil lies in the corrupt absolutist oil empires - adjuncts of Rothschild Oil Power - places where the word of the wealthy is life and death, where the common man is slave, where international wealth rules with absolute and absolutely corrupted personal power  Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Manamar,  Dahrain and Saudi Arabia - which are Muslim lands in name only, where money and global organized crime are everything  -- where the poor are expendable, slaves of service and disposable slaves of sex -- and religion merely a pose to maintain power and  politics are only the means to criminal ends.  The leaders are not really Moslem -- but they are moral eunuchs serving the Jewish led International Money and Oil Power.  The bin Laden family -- who were flown out of the US by George W Bush are among this group -- and of course al Qaeda is but a fiction of convenience - an entity existing  to receive the blame for the false flag operations conducted by Mossad with the cooperation of those who rule as masters over the subject Moslem peoples  -- in Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain Abu Dhabi etc.  There is great evil here, evil of a kind  condemned universally by Christian and Moslem alike.
East of the Persian Gulf --  of this moral hell --  there is sweet and virtuous land and people of true Islaamic civilization, the Persians long following  the Prophet Mohammad with only interludes imposed by the CIA or Ghengis Khan etc.  You think the Biblical teachings of Christianity were born with Jesus.  Think again  --
Persia/Iran always a moral place.
US, Allies Start 'Largest' Naval Drill near Hormuz
Iran says will hit Hormuz, US bases, Israel if attacked
Before Mohammed there was the Persia of Ardeshir and the religion of Zoroaster prophet of Ahura Mazda-- blessings to the righteous but woe to the wicked under Ahura Mazda the father and creator of all.  The writings of the Zoroasterian scripture Zendavesta is worth noting:
"The worship of the good, strong, beneficent Fravashis of the faithful, who show beautiful paths to the waters, who show beautiful growth to the fertile plants, who showed their paths to the stars, the mone, the sun, and the endless lights, that had stood before for a long time in the same place, without moving forward, through the oppression of the Daevas and th assaults of the Daevas.  And now they move around in their far-revolving circle for ever, till they come to the time of the good restoration of the world.
   We worship Zarathushtra, the lord and the master of all the material world, the man of the primative laws; the wisest of all beings, the most glorious of all being, mos worthy of prayer amongst all beings, the most worthy of glorification among all beings, whom we call well-desired and worthy of sacrifice and prayer as much as any being can be, in the perfection of his holiness.
  We worship the souls of the wild beasts and of the tame.
  We worship the souls of holy man and women, born at any time,whose consciences struggle, or will struggle, or have struggled, for the good.
  We worship the spirit, conscience, perception, soul, and Fravashi f the holy men and holy women who struggle, will struggle, or have struggled, and teacht he law, and who have struggled for holiness.  ...  [I could copy page after page from these writings to show how unoriginal St Paul was --  a study I recommend  as history, as sociology as instuction for wisdom.
But while Zarathustra was a Prophet, there came after him the last Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) to whom was given the Holy Koran for mankind with teachings of the equaility and brotherhood of mankind before the one true Allah  -- which spread to the Persia after the death of the Prophet (PBUH)  - not without the incursion and conquest by Arab peoples -- but in the end conversion to Islaam was sufficient to displace Zoraster -- and the truth that there is but on god Allah and Mohammed is his Prophet met with general agreement.   However
Persia in  the most oppressed era the nation had ever seen --  successive domination by the Ephthalites or "White Huns", the Turkish Seljuks, by Genghis Khan, by the Mongol chieftan Tamerlane, and last by the Turkomans until finally there was liberation and the founding of the Persian Safawid dynasty by Ismial who claimed descent from Ali the fourth Caliph - so that Persia was restored to the Shi'ite faith In Islaam.  Ismial  proclaimed himself Shah in Tabriz in 1502 and his Safawid Dynasty continued to 1736.  Persia under the Safawids established economic trade with  Europe, with Queen Elizabeth, Philip II the king of Spain, and with India's Akbar and threw out the first imperialists, the Portuguese, from the Persian Gulf.  Wealth and culture abounded during the Safawid rule and architechture, carpet-weaving, miniature painting, gilding and handicrafts underwent special development with Islaam.  There were alternate conquests by plundering Russian and Turk with periods of  liberations, until in 1623 Shah Abbas I captured Baghdad afterwhich there there was relative peace.  But Abbas I is also noted for opening contact with the British East India Company - a relationship which over a hundred years brought Persia to decline and conquest by an Afghanistan army of mercenaries ending the Safawid dynasty.  The following period is a complicated struggle between Turkey, Russia and England for control of the region  -- the end of which was a puppet dynasty more or less controlled by British trade and finances.  In 1901 the British were given a concession to exploit the oil resources of Persia.  Imperialism and corruption led to a nationalist movement, the creation of a national assembly to lend a "liberal" caste to what remained imperialist puppet rule.  One young Shah attempted to regain control to his position but he was deposed and the new government called in an American financier, William Morgan Shuster a nephew of J.P. Morgan to reorganize the national finances.  An economic collapse followed two years afterward, Shuster was dismissed and the Shah turned to the Czar of Russia for assistance.  World War One followed and Persia, although closely associated with Russia, remained neutral  -- although battles between the British and Turks did take place uninvited on Persian soil - the British won those battles but did not withdraw -- yet the neutraility was maintained.  As "reward" for this neutraility at the Treaty of Verssailles Persia signed an understanding under which Britain was to exercise controlling influence in Persian affairs  -- it was required however that the weak national assembly, whose members were called majlis, and that they refused to do.  So a Persian mercenary who was fighting in World War One for the British and Russians, leading a "foreign" Cossack unit, Raza Shah Pahlavi - himself Persian by only a few generations - his family being Ayrums from the Caucsus --  invaded Persia with his British backed Persian force and established himself as, first the minister of war of a military government and then Prime Minister and then, deposing the last of the Kajar dynasty, was installed as Shah Raza Pahlavi  whereupon he changed the name of Persia to Iran, claiming it was a more representative "pan-Iranian" since the Persians since Persians spoke both Parsi and Farsi and since the Persians in the land were merely one "Indo-Iranian" people among others in the land that include Jews, Kurds, Ayrums,  and Armenians and a sect of Nestorian Christians (holding the dyophysite view that Jesus had two natures, the Human Jesus and the divine Logos the second which eventually absorbed the first  -- which view was declared a heresy in the west who held to the single nature (monophysite) view of early church councils.)   But mostly Raza Shah favored the Jews, even to the point of praying in the Synagogue and tearing down the walls of the ghettos to which Jews had previously been confined.   So the name Iran was imposed by the British as a sign of the new multi-culturism of the new modern state of Iran which was opened up to foreign investment and free trade and cultural "modernization"  and "westernization"  along with development of Iran's oil resources.  But Raza Shah was opposed to British domination and in the 1930's welcomed the counter-influence of nationalist strong-man model of first  Italy and then Germany.  He gave German Lufthansa, over British Airways, the right to organize Iran air travel.  He cancelled the concession fo the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, but settled for a large increase in percentage.  He imported hundreds of German technicians, but also those from America.  At the same time Raza Shah was easing out Stalin who was sharing a degree of control in Iran with the British.  But he did allow the building of a British railway to Russia, construced in anticipation of war with Germany before the Hitler-Stalin pact. 
All of this came to an end when both Britain and Russia invaded Iran in August 1941, taking it over and using it as their base of supply for getting British and American weapons into Russia to fight the Germans.    The Axis help was thrown out and communications were taken over and monopolized by the British.  Because he had traded with the Germans Raza Shaw was forced to abdicate.  His son, Mohammed Raza Pahlavi who open Iran to full alliance with Britian and Russia and who agreed with the British controlled parliament to liberal reforms in foreign trade and allowing foreign investment and foreign led development of the Iranian economy.  Pahlavi hosted the Teheran Conference among Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt.  As the war drew to an end Stalin increased Soviet presence in Iran and sought to divide the nation into spheres of control  -- the Iranian officials were not allowed to enter the Soviet occupied provinces of Azerbaijan and Kurdistan  -- which were being agitated for independence by communist agents.  When the Cold War behan Pahlavi was able to play the US against the USSR and a 5-year oil plan imposed by Stalin to be developed by the Soviets was replaced with an American assisted "free enterprise" private corporation development under the Iran government.  The Iranian parliament found a strong leader in Mohammed Mossadegh - leader of the anti-British National Front  - and supporter of nationalization of Iran's oil reserves and their development.    Under Mossadegh's dynamic leadership the puppet national assembly broke its strings and nationalized Iran's oil.  The British threatened to use force.  The US, under Truman, attempted to mediate but unsuccessfully.  Britain did not use force, but instead appealed to the United Nations.  Mossedegh flew to New York and made his case before the Security Council.  The Coucil decided to wait upon a decision  by the World Court on whether it had jurisdiction in the matter.  At this point the Bank of International Settlements declared that it should manage Iran's oil industry until the matter could be settled peacefully.  Mossadegh went to the Hague and argued that the World Court had no jurisdiction in an internal matter of a sovereign state.  He also insisted that the Bank of International Settlements, a private monopoly, had no right to take Iranian oil from the hands of the national government which has the repsonsibility of administering the use of the resources of Iran.  However Iran's parliamentary elections came up and it was required that the Mossedegh resign as prime minister, which he did.  The Shah and the Parliament called Mossadegh back, but Mossadegh would come back only on certain conditions.  He insisted that he receive control of the army and the right to control the nation for six months so that he could effect the nationalization of Iran's petroleum resources.  The Shah refused, fearing that once Mossadegh succeeded he would not restore power Pahlavi felt the Shah must hold.   Mossadegh resigned.  Another prime minister was chosen. The International Court at the Hague, on the same day,ruled that it had no jurisdiction, and so without Mossedegh to take Iran's case to the UN the matter seemingly was settled in favor of the British.   However, it was not to be that easy.   The people took to the streets. A general strike was called. Riotous demonstrations in the streets called for the resignation of the new Prime Minister  and the  giving to Mossadegh the six months of power he requested.  The lower house yielded to these demands.  Britain yielded in accepting nationalization but demanded compensation for all revenue losses and asset losses that would result.  Mossadegh rejected the demand as an outrageous requrest to get for nothing all that they were going to get from their oil monopoly.  In early 1953 the Parliament voted its approval by extending Mossadegh's tenure of absolute power to one year.  Mossadegh demanded that the Shah be stripped of his power.  He disolved the lower house by calling a plebicit which conducted by public vote.  The Shah demanded Mossadegh's resignation.  In the conflict that followed the Shah fled to Rome.  The matter ended when the army leaders chose to back the Shah  -- the exact inducement has never been stated by the United Sates loan of $45,000,000 which came immediatley upon the removal of Mossadegh's arrest might have had something to do with it.  The Shah returned to Tehran and diplomatic relations with Britain were restored  and things ran much as you might expect until the overthow of the Shah by Moslems offended by the secularization and corruption of Iran in the years that followed.  The Shah was overthrown.  The US was humiliated when hostages were taken -- but a relative calm was restored when Ronald Reagan took office.  At that time Iran could play the US against the Soviet Union to gain some breathing space  -- but that ended witht he fall of the Soviet Union and the rise to power of the American Neo-cons, a British (Rothschild) controlled party that gained control of the Republican party and under whom the War On Terror was initiated (involving the false-flag mass-murder attack on Americans on September 11, 2001.  The Neo-cons had an agenda, worked out with Ariel Sharone and Benjamin Netanyahu for American military might to be used to bring down the independent governments of Iraq, Syria, Libya and Iran.  And now, today, Spetember 17, the same "British" (Rothschild) power that has caused so much pain and suffering for Iran in the last century is no moving for one more attack and overthrow of a popular government of Iran.
I thought you should have some idea of this background to the events now unfolding.  It is my hope that understanding the real story behind what is happening you would raise your voice in opposition to this unwarrented attack on peaceful Iran.  They have no designs for nuclear weapons against Israel  -- Israel which bristles with nuclear weapons and whose secret operatives are behind most of the trouble of this world of the last several years  - and yes, I say this mindful that the CIA and Mossad are essentally one, both serving not the interests of the US or even of the Jews living in Israel, but of Rothschild, Rothschild who created Israel and who determines what is good for it and what it will be.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Written Sept 17, 20012