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T. Stokes - London

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Immediately before the death of King Hussein of Jordan on Feb7th 1999,

an important intell operation was initiated to alter the whole balance of  power in the Middle East, the international financiers told the Arab oil producers, that if they wanted to push up the price of oil to a record ceiling, they could keep the money, provided it was invested in U S banks, the Arabs jumped at this opportunity, and colossal moneys began filling American coffers, allowing pro-Israel groups to pressure for this money for yet more defense funding and expansion.

The U S banks put these huge funds into separate finance holding companies,

which later went bankrupt, the Arabs were furious at this and demanded their money back from the U S banks, who told them; “sorry guys,  it was the holding companies that folded with your cash, nothing to do with us”

The Arabs who were just penniless sand Bedouins and poor traders ten years previously had no knowledge of international finances, but knew they were badly ripped off,

with their money now funding American projects and Israeli settlement building.

November 1999 saw Egypt flight 990 just plunge into the sea killing 217 people, among which was alleged to be a top female agent with bank accounting ledgers and numbers.

Saddham Hussein, the Iraq president was put in power armed and financed by Britain and America, fought an 8 year war with Iran for the Americans,  then as Saddham’s angry spokesman said;” in future all oil moneys will be paid to us in the euro, not the dollar”

This would have meant squillions of US dollars in holding banks round the world now being useless, so within days, President Bush appeared on TV and newspapers with Zionist agent evangelist Billy Graham, claiming gods support for the war on Iraq, and the Bush puppy dog Tony Blair settled on  W. M. Ds being a nice fairy story for the first Gulf war, and a week later Jewish activist Lord Sainsbury donated a million pounds in thanks to a Zionist front organization called Tony’s New Labour.

 Stephen Byers who was Policy Council member for the influential “Friends of Israel” group that put New Labour and Tony Blair in power was having his phone tapped by renegade intell agents, claimed Byers and Jack Straw were essentially, “foreign agents working to bring Britain into a needless Iraqi conflict that was not in British interests,

 but in Israel’s”

King Hussein of Jordan, tried continually to tread a fine line between the superpowers,

and was negotiating to spend a huge wodge of cash with British armaments manufacturers, and before spending several months seeing health specialists in the U.S.A

paid a secret visit to the Queen and prince Phillip at the queens country estate at Sandringham Norfolk England.

Now Prince Andrew was the least popular royal with the bodyguards, and had upset several of them at the Royal yacht Britannia, so it was deemed right to have him host the gathering.

Before arrival at Sandringham, King Hussein’s diplomatic bag was sent by postal courier

to be held in the safe of Kings Lynn sorting office, who claimed they lost the keys to the safe and could not open it for several extra days.

It was Sir Anthony Blunt who in W.W.II devised an ingenious method

of reading secret documents without breaking the security clasp,

he trained a couple of competent seamstresses to, cut the stitching on the bottom of the leather bags, photocopy the papers, make any alterations then stitch back up through the old stitching holes in super quick time.

Now king Hussein was dying, and as Robert Satloff the Washington Inst. director of

Near East studies a C.I.A front org, said in his report, “Hussein knew he had just few months, it was imperative we had a will sympathetic to our interests “

and at the last minute the will of the dying Kings was changed from his highly educated and astute brother Hassan who was known to be sensitive to Palestinian oppression,

to his son Abdullah,  who was said to be more politically maneuverable  as his mother was English, and he adored Saville row hand  made suits and Harrods confectionary.

Millionaire publisher Robert Maxwell, was a close confidant of Rockefeller apparatchik Henry Kissenger, both were believed to be involved with the power struggle that saw the murder of

Yitzak Rabin, all Maxwell’s communication were intercepted for years, at his home, his office and his boat, and at a banquet at his luxurious country home Headingham Hall,  Zionist apparatchik Maxwell was heard to say by the listeners as we froze in the cold wind down the way.

we have seen the documents, and  Jordan now belongs to us”

T Stokes London

  • footnote; A soviet colonel in the seventies gave the U.S information that Henry Kissenger was a Soviet agent codenamed “Bor”


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