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'I was held by the Russians in Auschwitz; this is what I saw'

Written by Friedrich Braun

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Thursday, 08 May 2008

Friedrich Stelzel of Munich claims to have been a German POW incarcerated by the Russians at Auschwitz immediately after WWII. At that time he was able to communicate with Polish prisoners that were still being held at the camp. He questioned them about the alleged gas chambers. They apparently told him they had never heard of such a thing. His letter to Irving is on his website which can be found at the following link:

Photo: The gate to Auschwitz-Birkenau


He also mentions that prisoners that had served their time were released by the Germans.

He provides his present address in Munich. One wonders when the thought police will get after him.

His letter is in German. I will provide a translation for non German speakers on this forum in a few days.

April 22 2008

Unfortunately I belong to those - according to your definition- unreasonable human beings who do not go so far as to deny the Holocaust, but nevertheless dispute it.

I was, that is to say, in Soviet captivity at Auschwitz in the summer of 1945 and know therefore that at that time there did not exist any gas chambers to gas human beings. I also know that it was not an extermination camp as you would call it. Have you ever been to Auschwitz?

In my search for the gas chambers I came across a tiled 20 meter swimming pool in the prisoner area complete with diving board and chromed ladders for entering and leaving the pool. I asked myself whether the prisoners were allowed to go swimming prior to being gassed.

One day I met two Polish Kapos( head overseers) who were living at the camp since the time of the war. During the course of our conversation I asked them what the living conditions were like in the camp and about the gas chambers. To get right to the point they knew nothing about any gas chambers. The living conditions were bearable. Those who worked received camp scrip (camp money). For that they could buy additional nourishment or tobbaco products or pay for a visit to the camp brothel. Prisoners who served their time were released.

It should also provide food for thought that Eli Wiesel prefered to evacuate with the Germans to the West instead of letting himself be liberated by the Red Army.

Incidentally, in numismatic circles Auschwitz scrip is still traded today.

Friedrich Stelzel

Packenreiter Str. 25

81247 Munchen