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FULFORD: This good information about Poland and the situation in Europe was sent to me by a reader so I am posting it.

From Fulford reader

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Hello Benya,


Let me offer you some corrective bits about your text from April 4th, a little late, but not too late, since the thing in question, the NEW Polish investigation of the air "crash" (i.e. criminal downing) of the presidiential plane PL101 in Smolensk on Angela Hitler's personal datafetishist triumph date_plus_moment of 10-4-10, 10:41 local time (ten year's in office as führer of The Party, CDU) will take a while.

First, the PL gov is not investigating, but will be investigating AGAIN, since the first mock "investigation" did take place already, yes, but was only a copy of the lies that Russia's queen of BS, Anodina, had had the insolence to spit out for insulting the victims on top of having murdered them.

Second, no one of Tusk's german quisling "liberal"/"internationalist" GOVERNMENT of Poland was even touched by the Smolensk mass murder, since it was the "conservative"/national/germanosceptic President of the country and 95 ditto high dignitaries including some top military persons that were wiped out by the nazi plot. (And don't believe the russkies too much here, who cooperated no questions asked with the western nazi murderers in this case, and least of all believe suspect/rotten RT).

Why don't you try e.g., googled as "Polish info sites in English": (Radio Poland), or

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland‎

Sixth anniversary of Smolensk air crash 4th Polish-Czech Intergovernmental Consultations Minister Witold Waszczykowski on European ... Customs information.

Third, the Smolensk mass murder did not touch the government, as said already, and therefore, unfortunately, did not decapitate it, but instead decided the impending presidential election and the choice between Tusk's partner Komorowski against decapitated Kaczynski - won by Komorowski, who would have thought that.

Fourth, smolenskmurderer Tusk is not simply EU prez since there are two or three of them: prez of the parliament: German Schulz, prez of the EU Soviet or Rada (meetings of the 28 countries' PMs): german fanboi Tusk,

and prez of the commission (chieftains of content-defined departments): german fanboi Juncker.

Fifth, since 1999 the EU decided the introduction of the Euro, which surfaced as tangible money on 2002-1-1. All new members after that (after 1999 or 2002?) had to vow to introduce the euro a.s.a.p., and so did Poland like all the others, without Tusk playing any role in the emergence of this duty. The laws obliging Poland are European, not Polish laws. With or without that, the Poles lost faith and zeal for the euro, so their quite successful economy still uses the zloty.

Sixth, "the suspicion is Tusk was awarded..." who is suspecting namely this? Tusk was rewarded at least four times, always by Germany: on 2010-5-13, one month after having done Angela "Merkel" (or really Hitler) the favour of "helping making the plane crash happen" that annihilated the last germanosceptics in Europe, Angela Merkel bestowed the "Karlspreis" upon him, which seems to include a nice sum of cash, and pronounced the laudatio. In 2011, wiki forgot to mention, again the germans bestowed the "Golden Victoria" "for the European of the Year" upon him, no details about cash and laudatio; on 2012-6-1 (or so) it was again Angela Hitler making her little arselicker look beautiful by bestowing the german Rathenau Preis upon him, with yet another of the unimaginably stupid Angela-Hitler-speeches as laudatio. Only the fourth reward - visibly again because of A. Hitler's pressuring for it - was the crwoning with what you call the "European presidency", which, hearsay has it, again includes a very nice monthly pay. Thus, Murder does pay, and in order to enjoy it without remorse, nobody dare to call it "murder", even only as a "suspicion".

Thus, around Jaroslaw Kaczynski and his PIS party, through these 5+ years, it was not "suspected" but crystal clear that the murderer was - Putin, who else. I was the only person known to me who said and wrote that the murderer was Angela Hitler with/through her cronies, including among others the german military bombing specialist Klaus Kandt, who was soon afterwards rewarded with the "most powerful job in Berlin" (police chief), Klaus Kandt. Another berlin police chief had been rewarded with this post for having supervised the "suicide"/murder of Petra Kelly and Gert Bastian, who as heads of the green party would never have cooperated in the nazi war against Yugoslavia, and thus had to and were "removed" by our gestapo to be replaced by secret service scum Jozef Fischer. However, in addition to Angela Hitler and Klaus Kandt, surely some other murderers had to be included: the Americans had not to veto it ... and US Pole Brzezinsky seems to hate patriotic Poles as much as any other nazi. To honour his involvement, the Russian and (first) Polish investigation/s ridiculously firmly insisted on a little BIRCH tree having been the final cause for reducing the big plane to thousands of bits of rubble: a birch is RU bereza and PL brzoza, and the adjective, birchian, is in Polish "brzezinski" - so we were told in plain text that Zbigniew had made this project his own. But he probably did not wire and trigger the trigger, so Klaus Kandt, put onto the job by Angela Hitler, was still necessary and involved, as his following promotion proves. The third group of participants then were the Tusk gang: Tusk + Arabski + Sikorski. Since the most logical thing would have been to send one (1) PL delegation to Katyn, it was necessary, for saving Tusk as future EU prez, to invent a pretext for "dividing the flights", a bogus reason why Tusk and Kaczynski "could not" use the same plane. This was done by machinations of Sikorski and even more by Arabski, one minister of Tusk's, who had tried to murder Kaczynski in 2008 already, when he sent his plane into the fire zone of the Georgian war. The Polish pilots, masters of their craft, knew to escape Arabski's sly tricks then, but not Klaus Kandt's bomb the next time. The minute details of this trickery have been collected by the authors of the book "Musieli zginac" (They had to perish), and I put this bag of facts into a chronological order (countdown) on pages 537-563 in my work "Fogh you". It is not yet finished, I lost my zeal, too, trying to find out and connect and understand everything without ever finding anybody interested in it... but the countdown in it is definitely useful (and your Lagarde mention is commented on p.683). I'll attach it if someone doesn't make it impossible - those Someones in Klaus Kandt's city under Klaus Kandt's knout seem to be unusually nervous these days.

I have a second topic for you, Erdogan. It is "funny" (is it?) how his renown flips around between criminal, genius and idiot for years already, but lately on a daily basis. What I do like about him is that his speeches seem to have a content that would be possible to re-narrate. The last german politician who spoke this way was Helmut Schmidt who I also liked for this within my not liking him. Our Angela Hitler, ever so fickle, has started a new round of psycho-massaging him. While on one hand honoring him as our genius-saviour, who will, for money, take back the emi-/immigrants which A. Hitler brainlessly attracted in the first place, on another hand she now started the same ridicule-courtroom-morgue sequence she had bestowed upon the Kaczynskis. See the details in the following excerpt:

Next Smolensk-style murder?

(Recent post at TheSaker's:) "... Compare that [i.e. the czarist sentences against the Dekabrists of 1825] with the renazification sh§t country of Germany where *everybody* who speaks or prints political dissent will be stabbed in the back not with knives but with character murder, always without any accusation, any trial, any chance of getting out again - thus a lifelong sentence of living in the isolation of a personal KZ without barbed wire by a vehm or kukluxklan kind of "court". Yes, we German's have a thousand years plan, too (Angela's father mentioned it often) - to make this country ever more debile and disgusting.

Speaking of Angela Hitler and her executions for political dissent, a new case is on its way. You remember perhaps that in the beginning of the Angela Hitler regime her regime "satirists" (the only satire allowed in nazi Germany /jokes about Jews in Der Stürmer/ and renazification Germany is ridiculing the self-kukluxed enemies of the regime by people ordered to do it) ridiculed the Polish Kaczynski brothers as "Polish potatoes": how incredibly comical for a politician to look like a potato! what a smashing proof of political inaptitude! especially when compared with the celestial beauty of, say, Angela Hitler. The next step in proving their inaptitude was their murder with a run-of-the-mill plane explosion in Smolensk (oops, one of them escaped by chance, this was against the plan) for which two of the perps, our german bombing specialist Klaus Kandt and Angela Hitler's Polish murder-helper, Tusk, were beautifully rewarded with very well paid jobs. Now, since two days, we have the next regime humour party: a regime satirist made jokes about Erdogan in the most encrunched regime TV, the ZDF, so that Erdogan's being as ridiculous and incapable as the Kaczynskis is already a proven fact. Now we are all invited to take part in the next laughter: when a Turkish plane will "fall down" by, ha-ha, "bad weather and drunk pilots", and, who would have thought that, somebody ridiculous and incapable happens to be onboard... It will be interesting to see who after that will again be rewarded by Angela Hitler with the Karlspreis and well paid jobs."



Benjamin Fulford