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FW:  March 30, 2015



                 An old lady and her great-grandson; the only survivors of her entire family, massacred in Poland.

Massacre of Volksdeuterhers (ethnic Germans) by Polish military and civilians.


Most real scholars of World War Two are aware of the reasons that Adolf Hitler sent the Wehrmacht into Poland.  When we look back on what we now know, it was easy to understand why England and France threatened Hitler not to invade Poland.  They all knew it was inevitable and they all knew why.  Most governments knew of it; but the well-spun propaganda and controlled press made it appear that a power-crazed Adolf Hitler only wanted to kill Jews and rule the world.  Even today, this same false propaganda is taught in schools.


Simply put - not only was Germany herself under attack from the World Jewish community (the call to boycott all German made goods in the early 1930's) but worse yet, the Polish authorities were engaged is mass murder, rape and robbery of Volksdeutscher (ethnic Germans) living in Poland.  It reached such massive proportions that Hitler, as leader of the German people, could not ignore it.  He had to send in the Wehrmacht.




Deportation orders did not begin, as we are told to believe, with Germans deporting Jews.  In fact, the Deportation Orders began in Poland, deporting and/or arresting ethnic Germans.  There were three types of orders - the yellow form was merely deportation to central or eastern Poland; the pink form meant internment and the red form meant outright arrest.  In reality, each form meant deportation to one degree or another and ultimate death for most.


You will now read FIRST-PERSON accounts of that time, and they all justify the incursion into Poland.  In fact, they demanded intervention.


EUGEN HOFMANN - On 2 September 1939 this Bromberg merchant was arrested on orders of the commander of the air raid district, Isador Berger, a Polish Jew and was taken to the women's prison in Bromberg.  On 4 September, he and all Germans held in this prison were given a certificate of release and were indeed released.  However, this 'release certificate' also ordered any police officer to kill the bearer!  All but Hofmann were murdered the same day.  He escaped to tell his story by hiding with relatives.