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The Other Holocaust – The Terror Famine in Ukraine

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FW:  Feb. 7, 2015


Pleaseee, stop BASHING Hitler and Germans and demonising them as mass murders of Ukrainians and Russians. Germans KNEW what Lenin and Stalin and their Bolshevik brethren had done to Imperial Russia and they fought honourably in an effort to avoid a similar fate. Unfortunately they failed and the Jews, Stalin, Eisenhower and Churchill, genocided 13 million German POWs and civilians AFTER WWII, many of them dying of starvation. The Holodomor was a REAL holocaust whereas the Jews' Holocaust was fiction, a monstrous HOAX, Only 173,000 Jews were ever sent to Auschwitz and NONE of them was gassed. In fact Stalin didn't build the so-called "gas chambers" there until 1946. See eg: DID YOU KNOW? THE STORY OF 'THE HOLOCAUST' ORIGINATED WITH... . JOE STALIN ?!