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THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND - Arma Christi - Unveiling the Rose Volumes I II III IV V

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Dec. 9, 2014


The World of Truth through Windows on the World



Arma Christi  —  Unveiling the Rose

Mark Windows interviews Gregory Hallett

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Arma Christi

Unveiling the Rose




Greg Hallett: Marcos Manoel - he was the Legitimate Royal.

Mark Windows: Well, it does make sense because, as we know, we are told a version of history, and when we look at history properly, none of it makes sense, all we have to look at is 'who benefits'. HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND - Where can we get the book?

Greg Hallett: THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND - You can get it from,

They are hardcover, yellow ribbon, really high quality print, 700 color photos with no bleed through. So we really had to go through basically the same print as to print money - so they're not cheap.

Mark Windows: Greg Hallett, welcome to Windows on the World.

Greg Hallett: Thank you Mark.

Mark Windows: As part of THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND series, we’re going to talk about something central to the assumption of Kingship, which is very much what these books, this anthology, is all about.

So can you expand on this and this idea of 2 Jesuses?

Greg Hallett: Yeah sure. Well here is THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND series, boxed set, 5 volumes, and possibly a sixth. And here is the fifth book here.

Now what Royalty assumes in its license to be Royal is, that it is descended from Jesus. And the Catholic Church proposes that there is one Jesus who died on the cross. However, the Catholic Church acknowledges that its best kept secret is, that there were two Jesuses.

Mark Windows: Ok. So how did you find this out?

Greg Hallett: Basically by tapping into the High Orders.

Mark Windows: Ok, so expand on that a bit, Greg.

Greg Hallett: Portugal is known as the Second Jerusalem, and is known as the Second Jerusalem by Rabbis etc.

There were two Jesuses, one went to England, and there is a lot of mythology about Jesus in England. The other Jesus, whether it can be considered as the first Jesus, or the second Jesus, went to the Algarve, which is the lower state Kingdom of Portugal. And it used to be known as the Kingdom of Portugal and the Kingdom of The Algarve.

And the Algarve is a very likely place to go because it is west of the Rock of Gibraltar, and it is just outside the Mediterranean and where Jesus lived and died in the Algarve, he was 22 km west of the border between Portugal and Spain, and about the same distance – 80 km away from the Roman outpost, so he was just outside the Roman Empire.

Mark Windows: Yes. And Portugal is extremely important, so can you just expand on that as well.

Greg Hallett: Oh, Portugal is a Templar Nation! It was created as a Templar Nation. But perhaps, in confirming the two Jesuses, maybe we should go back to Queen Victoria’s research. In her day, she spend 1 million pounds researching her lineage back to Jesus, and what they found out was that there were 2 Jesuses, and they were 3rd cousins. They were actually 2nd cousins, meaning they had the same great grandparents – at least two of ‘em, but they were one generation removed, and that’s called third cousin.

And it appears to be that the 2 Jesuses worked together, and they worked together with the Maries. And it appears that the Jesuses and the Maries also married, or had companionship and had children together, and had a lineage. And they must have had a lineage, because that's considered the Royal Families of England and Europe to this day. That’s their claim.

So what I did, is find out where the Jesuses lived, what they did, how they died, where they were buried, where their bodies were moved to, and who sighted them, and when.

Mark Windows: It’s a very expansive book you’ve got here, this is book five, and it’s very complex. So . . .

Greg Hallett: I haven’t wasted any words, because we knew what we were talking about. And rather than quote people, I actually went to the sites and lived there, and experienced the environment. So I could go to the site and I also could see the approach, and I could see the view, and I could pick up the local knowledge. Like Jesus in the Algarve, he had a Pilgrim’s Way walking from his place to the next major town – it was called ‘Pilgrim’s Way’.

Mark Windows: Well, that’s absolutely fascinating. Now you spent several years in Portugal researching this. So, this Merovingian Bloodline you’re saying, which is what they’re claiming ownership of, which goes back to David, is what you were looking into. 

Greg Hallett: Yes. Basically I took it from Jesus’ life and purported death and his escape to where he lived, and then how that influenced the writing in the bible. Jesus was known as a carpenter, but he was actually an Architect-Priest. And he built in stone, and he built in stone such that if there would be an earthquake, there would be enough knowledge left behind in the foundations to reveal that he lived there, and the distance to where he would then be reburied. So he predicted his next burial site as well in the dimensions of the buildings.

Mark Windows: Yes!

Greg Hallett: And that was done by – in his original temple that he built, it was a water temple, and water temples were very rare, and Jesus of the Algarve was a Master Architect, absolutely brilliant!

And he built 3 layers of water coming in, with his temple in the back in a Vesic-Pisces shape, And when you get the size of his Temple, and the size of the Vesica-Pisces – and the number for Vesica Pisces is 1224, and you multiply that by 40 – you get the distance to his next burial site, like within a few metres.

It was like absolutely fantastic! And it was due to earthquakes that his body was moved. And where his body was moved to – which was in Silves – I went to the Silves Easter Friday Celebration. And the entire way that they celebrate Easter-Friday is almost a re-enactment of how Jesus was buried in the Algarve further east from 887 to the spring of 1150.

Mark Windows: Ok Greg, so expand on that a bit.            

Greg Hallett: So what I’m saying is that dimensions were dates. And it was the same with Jesus of England – dimensions were dates, and dates were dimensions. In England, where the markers that marked where Jesus was buried, if something was moved 12.5 miles away, it was moved back 125 years later. So the distance is codification for the years. Do you understand what I’m saying?

Mark Windows: Not quite.                                                 

Greg Hallett: They used codification in foundations and in dates.

Mark Windows: Yeah, you’re talking about the Sacred Geometric Aspect of it.

Greg Hallett: That was done so once you had cracked the code there was no denying it. It was so obvious and it was done in such a way that you could not remove the evidence – because the evidence was in distance and in time – and if you wanted to remove the distance, you would have to remove one or two objects, and if you wanted to remove the time, you’d have to fake the record.  

So what they did was – just record dates and make no connections between ‘em, and the distances were unaltered. So that was codification for a solid record.

And Jesus’ missing years from the age of 12 to 30 and his time studying in Egypt the Egyptian Mysteries, that’s codified by Jesus of the Algarve and Jesus of England. They both codify that undeniably – even the names.

Mark Windows: Ok, so . . .

Greg Hallett: The details is like – I make one point and it is like half a page of text, and drawings. Jesus of the Algarve modeled his entrance to his Villa and Temple on Luxor – which he would have sailed past on his way to the first cataract of the Nile Eslan and the Philae Temple where he studied. And it is from there that they have the first cataract, which is a floodgate, and from floodgate you get fleet gate, Fleet Street and Ludgate.

Floodgate Ludgate. Ludgate Circus.


Mark Windows: Ok. You are saying, it is directly related to the City of London.

Greg Hallett: As well, because that is where Jesus lived, died and is buried – in London.

And there is a Jesus who lived in the Algarve. And the Jesus in the Algarve may have also married a French princess – like the daughter of a King. And he may have been the King of France, although I have not been able to find any solid evidence on that, but there is a huge amount of allusion to it, and that allusion actually comes through the battle for the Prime Meridian between Paris and London, and London won in 1884.

Mark Windows: So how does the story of Charlemagne fit in, do you have any idea about that?

Greg Hallett: A little bit, but that’s Volume III, so it’s a different thing – it’s a different aspect.

Another way they codified things was through sister cities, that would give you a clue.

And also studying the ancient maps of geography of England was completely different.  Like the whole south-east coast of England, south of Medway, was an island. At least an island, and then it was a tidal island, and then it silted up.

And they dammed up the midway in 1950, and even 9 years after that it was still flooding over the dam, and up to a place called Godstone. And Godstone was where the High Tide Mark was. And the whole of the south-east coast of England was called ‘Regni’, which was a place for Exilarchs. So the Romans would get the Exiled Kings and Queens and ship them to the south-east coast of England to Regni.

And when Jesus of England arrived in Regni, he was made King of Regni because his reputation preceded him. I.e. he was killed on the cross – didn’t happen.

Mark Windows: Ok, so you’re saying that was a symbolic thing, and that was really brought in by the Catholic Church, is that what you’re saying?

Greg Hallett: There was a big switch in knowledge in 451 AD, where the Catholic Church broke away from the Coptic Church – and that formed two Holy Sees – the Holy See of Rome, and the Holy See of Alexandra. Not many people seem to know that there’s two Holy Sees.

And the Holy See of Alexandra followed the work of St Mark, or St John Mark, and the Holy See of Rome followed the work of St Peter.

And in the same year 451 AD, the Catholic Church sent the Saxon army into England, to destroy all evidence of Jesus in England.

Mark Windows: That would make sense, because later on we had Henry VIII who seemed to be destroying and taking away the power of the Catholic Church, but was also working with them, and they seemed to gain more power during his reign. That was obviously a lot later, but it kind of makes sense.

Greg Hallett: Henry VIII – in exchange for being allowed to divorce etc. – allowed the Catholic Church to underwrite all the Land titles in England.

Mark Windows: Well, all that I know is that the [?????] were massively extended during the time of Henry VIII, and also the Vatican appeared to take more control. And I have actually talked about this with Historians, and they say that does makes sense, because even though Britain was meant to become Protestant, it actually really became Catholic, and this is, I think, the crux to a lot of what you are talking about.

Greg Hallett: A lot of the battles in England, including the plagues, and the Great Fire of London, and the Bishop’s Wars etc., they were actually a tax from the Templars who were based at New Temple, the temple in the center of London which is about 450 yards west of the walled City of London. And London was a commune, literally it was a commune, a walled commune.

And it was also an island on a Lake, hence Avalon.

And the Templars were actually supporting and attacking the Kingship, because the agreement was to put a New King on the throne etc., to change the religion to the True Religion of England as it was designated – which was not Anglican, and not Catholic.

The true religion was the Society of Ormus. And the Society of Ormus was an amalgamation of the teachings of St John Mark, before the Catholic Church broke away in 451 AD.

And that teaching – the Society of Ormus – was the teachings of Babylon, the Babylon Mysteries, and the Egyptian Mysteries. And it has a lot of alchemy to it.

A very simple example of Alchemy is Camelot. And this is the way that things are remembered. Camelot is well known as King Arthur’s kingdom. But ‘Camelot’ actually means ‘Curved Light’. And if you get let’s say the Signet Ring, which is on the cover of the books, the Signet Ring here – that is the Signet Ring of the Holy Roman Empire Germanic.  And when you hold it up into the light, you get different colors – that’s another color, straight off the light, straight of the Signet ring of the Holy Roman Empire Germanic. So is this – so is this – and so is this. And the same on the back cover.

The change in light from the same object is fascinating. And that’s curved light, which is ‘Camelot’.

Mark Windows: Ok.

Greg Hallett: Which gives it a completely different appearance. So what happened was that the myths and legends that we’ve been taught, like Prince Arthur etc., King Arthur, were taught to us so that when the truth comes out, we will recognize the story without actually knowing the details.

So myths and legends were a way of preserving history.

Mark Windows: Well, that’s absolutely right. And also this idea of the Orm, Ormus, Orm, [???] Gold or Serpent. It is originally a Scandinavian name. But you are saying, it goes back much further than that.

Greg Hallett: It goes right back to Babylon. What I am saying is, it is about O-R-M-U-S – Society of Ormus. And that was what St Mark was into, and what Jesus was into, at the time in studying the Egyptian and Babylonian Mysteries in the Temple of Philae. And religion is not about words, it’s about Energy.

All we are given is words, but it is actually about energy.

Mark Windows: Yes.

Greg Hallett: All we have been given is words, but it actually is about energy. And unless there’s energy attached to it, it’s not spiritual, it’s just a Mantra, and repeated.

Mark Windows: Well, that’s very interesting, because my family name originally was Orms, and I was told by a fellow Orm that the Orm were allegedly crowning at one point the British Kings for Scotland, when Scotland and Britain were talking. It is a very interesting story, that. And it’s a very interesting story, that. So this Orm goes back a very long way.

Greg Hallett: It does. And to prove that it has to do with energy, the ormic state of matter is known as the fifth state of matter. So that’s when you change it from its more standard state into a more subtle vibration.

Mark Windows: Yes, it’s about transformation, is what you are saying, yeah.

Greg Hallett:   Yeah, and it’s also about a whole lot of other things. It’s about antigravity, it’s about how insects that are impossible to fly, have – say – a concave molecular structure which actually gives them an antigravity element, for instance. And it is about using copper and changing it to its ormic state, and then it having medicinal properties.

And it’s about shapes also having an ormic state that can give off energy – beneficial healing energy etc.

Mark Windows: Yes, so we are really talking about a universal force that is there, that is inherent, and how that has been used and captured within this word. So how does this tie in with THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND?

Greg Hallett: I will do an Intro.





It’s five Volumes, it’s called ‘THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND – Arma Christi – Unveiling the Rose’, it’s 1200 pages, 700 color photographs and Volume 5 has photographs of the Holy Grail.

And the ‘Holy Grail’ is known as the ‘Solar Chalice of the Legislators Ahkenaton and Jesus’. So it continued the lineage from the Pharaoh Ahkenaton to Jesus, and from Ahkenaton we get Aton – Attention.

I’m blending Jesus of England and Jesus of the Algarve, and they worked together, right. So in terms of the energy, the high state of energy that they attained through their mysteries, is that the Jesus and the Maries were working together through the Metatron, and my view is that there were up to six Jesus and Maries working together, that is 2 Jesus and 4 Maries for example.

And the reason I say that is, when you look at the Metatron – which is two pyramids stuck through each other, which is the most stable form known – there are six perfect crosses in the Metatron.

Mark Windows:Yes, we are going into the Sacred Geometry Area, so please expand on that, Greg.

Greg Hallett: The Sacred Geometry was absolutely prolific in Jesus of the Algarve’s temple, which is also based on Luxor temple. And it was one of the first water temples, and it was a rectangle with a Vesica Pisces on the back. And it was surrounded in fish mosaics.

And it was one of the few water temples. In fact, they are only just discovering the notion now that there could have been water temples, and what I’ve done is discover the water temple – which turned out to be Jesus’ home – found it to be covered in fish mosaics, and found it to be full of sacred geometry, and also found it to be the source of Freemasonry initiations.

Mark Windows: Well, it’s very interesting, this, because the hexagon and the actual design of the Metatron’s cube is extremely freemasonic – obviously. It also includes Israel, but Israel is included . . .

Greg Hallett: But hang on, you’re talking about a two dimensional version. I’m talking about a three dimensional moving version – the Metatron that is reported to appear in the sky.

Mark Windows: You mean the Angel Metatron?

Greg Hallett: Yeah. I’m talking about energy, I’m not talking about graphics, and propaganda and political stuff.

The thing about Freemasonry is, they adapted a whole lot of symbols from religion and hermetic arts. And they confused them – unbelievably! And they lost all of the knowledge up until about the 30th degree, even the 32nd degree. 32nd degree you’re told, basically, that everything you’ve learned is schmuck! And it is! Freemasonry – and I’m saying this to all the Freemasons, sorry, but Freemasonry is a clown factory!

Mark Windows: Yeah, it’s a road to nowhere!

Greg Hallett: It is a clown factory!

More transcript to come