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The Nazis in the White House Story: Part 56 Nazi FDA Bans Farm Milk for Nazi Vitamin D, Spreads Rickets

Jon Carlson

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July 7, 2014

In 1911 scientist Casimir Funk wrote that Scurvy (vitamin C), Beri Beri (vitamin B1 thiamine), Pellagra (vitamin B3 niacin), and Rickets (vitamin D) were caused by nutrient deficiencies in the diet. In 2014 the Nazi FDA claims those are ancient diseases and have been conquered by the junk food unsupplemented diets of America. Just to make sure the junk food diets of America don't sicken and kill everyone the Nazi FDA has poisoned the water supplies with fluoride, banned the vital nutrient cobalt, minimized the genetic defect of NO vitamin C production in humans while animals produce vitamin C copiously, banned the import of REAL thiamine from Japan while Japan leads the world in health and America is near the bottom, and has banned FARM MILK with its natural vitamin D content while pushing heated (pasteurized) diluted milk concoctions that are made from skim milk with dried milk solids that cause artery disease and damaged food value and vitamin D from Germany made from sheep, pig, and cow skins.

Little known is the Germany discovery of the microwave with its food destroying radiation in 1942 and the Russian microwave ban later. The Germans thought they could use microwaves to feed the troops attacking Russia. The rest is history and the No. 2 target of the Nazis is Russia. None of them in the Russian statehouse like in the White House!

Fluoridation of the Nazi WWII death camps water supplies was used to pacify the prisoners as it kills the thyroid hormone requiring Iodine and fluoride replaces iodine when it is in the bloodstream. With the infiltration of Nazi spies in the US government in the Truman and Ike administration their No. 1 goal was fluoridation of the US water supply to pacify the Americans and wreck their health. Circa 1975 the FDA was infiltrated with Nazi spies with Alexander Schmidt as commissioner and Cobalt a vital heart nutrient was banned along with the acceptance of Vitamin D2, a toxic vitamin D form. Cod liver was the go to rescue for health but bogus claims for D2 ruled the roost until German drug companies got the brainstorm of extracting Vitamin D3 from animal skins just like in human skin and claiming it was the Real Thing. With the ban on Farm milk by the FDA Nazis for decades only Cod liver oil and whole milk AND THE SUN were prime sources of REAL Vitamin D3

Around those fateful 1970's, scientist Irwin Stone made the the most important health discovery in history: that humans, unlike animals, lack a single step in the liver chemical process making Vitamin C. Kind of like diabetics that can't make insulin but ALL OF US!. Irwin Stone recommended a teaspoon of ascorbic acid powder daily to make up for the lack. Take bioflavonoids to increase the punch. OK, now going on FIFTY YEARS with the Nazi FDA coverup and the death and destruction of American lives due to simple lack of a teaspoon of vitamin C powder.