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Tough Love vs. Jew World Order

Rebel of Oz

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March 28, 2013

n spite of Hitler’s superficial adoption of Mussolini style Fascism, equating National Socialism to Fascism couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Jews and their minions have brainwashed us with countless lies about Hitler and his government. The Holy Hoax, with its heresy-protection laws in over a dozen countries, is probably the biggest, closely followed by the ridiculous claim that Hitler, not Britain, was responsible for World War II, and false accusations that National Socialism and Fascism were the same.

Fascism is an elitist ideology rooted in old aristocracy, Catholic Church and Gentile ‘Big Business’, joining forces against Jewish dominated Freemasonry and Communism. National Socialism is an ethnocentric movement transcending all classes in the interest of the common good and the welfare of all.

Fascist thinking is deeply embedded in our ruling crime families, as is Communism. In fact, you could say the ‘elite’ is divided in two major camps: the Jewish/Communist and the Gentile/Fascist school of thought. Hitler superficially embraced Fascism to get the financial and political backing he needed to get into power and fight what he considered to be the biggest and most immediate threat: Judeo-Bolshevism. However, where it mattered his policies have always been National Socialist, not Fascist at all. This distinction is critical for the understanding of his government and why the very people who intially supported him suddenly turned their back on him.

I’m not denying that there were overlaps between National Socialism and Fascism, most importantly in their hostility towards Communism and a military-like obsession with precision, commitment and reliability.  (I can still remember hearing old folks raving about how ‘under Hitler’ or ‘the Duce’ trains always arrived on time.) The rest is mainly symbolic, like Roman style gestures, banners, architecture and decorations.

What’s more important is the attitude of both ideologies towards ordinary people. Fascism is clearly an oppressive, if not tyrannical form of government, solely serving the selfish interests of the old elite. National Socialism, on the other hand, is a fatherly, compassionate, "tough love" form of government that serves the entire people and uses dictatorial methods only to the extent needed to protect the people from its inner and external enemies. Hitler did such a great job for the German people that he would have won every single ‘democratic’ election by something like 90% without any foul play. He created the biggest economic miracle ever in human history, mostly by removing the Jew bankster pigs from the trough.

Under Hitler, the only people who had to worry were those who were trying to harm the German people. Jews unhappy to live under a government that was no longer tolerating their societally harmful nonsense were free to leave and take their loot with them.

For anyone familiar with the era, these differences should be obvious, which is why you got to wonder why so few people are getting it. I suspect it's because the promoters of Jewish world domination, also known as Jew World Order, have been working relentlessly for over 70 years to malign their most formidable foe. Yes, Fascism is evil, almost as evil as Communism, but National Socialism isn't bad at all. Except for parasites wishing to harm and take advantage of their fellow men, nothing better could happen to ordinary people, than a government like Adolf Hitler’s that deeply cares about them.

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