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T. Stokes - London

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While Oscar Wilde liked teenage boys in school uniform, Bosie liked them a little younger, and after one huge row Bosie gave away his lovers clothes to some young male prostitutes, unfortunately the pockets contained some letters with incriminating evidence of the worst type, which Wilde had been using for blackmail.

These letters mentioned the war effort, W W 1 in general and among others mention  Winston Churchill’s mother being a high class whore, and his father being a promiscuous syphilis sufferer,

 they also claimed Winston Churchill was a Jewish stooge For W W 1, and the sinking of the H.M.S Hampshire was a British false flag operation,  and a Churchill/Jewish plot to kill Lord Kitchener, who was trying to plan a peace meeting.

Churchill sued Bosie over the claims, and in 1923,  with pressure from the Masonic lodge he won both the case and Bosies silence, and Bosie got 6 months.

Part of this was an alleged homosexual relationship involving Churchill himself,

 which was used by Ernest Cassels to move Churchill the way the banking cartels wanted for another war.

Churchill’s original Sand Hurst military file, describes him as a drunken aggressive homosexual,

and only his mother sleeping with Prince of Wales, stopped him from being  prosecuted for sodomy.

Psychologists understand now that putting same sex children together in boarding schools for years and hot-housing their development with no contact with the opposite sex , breeds homosexuality, the term “Fagging” meant the younger boys being bullied to do jobs for the older ones, and same sex relations grew from this at a colossal rate,

 as told in detail by Guy Burgess.

Arthur Ransome 1884-1967,  the author best known for his “Swallows and amazons” stories, was an expert on Russian affairs, having spent some time over there cultivating friendship’s with both Lenin and Trotsky, and reporting back to Britain with letters addressed to P O box 850, the old British intelligence address, he was a high ranking operative with the codename S76.

This man according to Winston Churchill’s nanny, Elizabeth Anne Everest,

knew first hand from Russia, of Churchill’s duplicity, that Churchill was indeed working for Rothschild interests, not Britain’s, many British intellectuals have suspected this,

and Walter Thompson, Churchill’s bodyguard, said Churchill felt more at risk of assassination from betraying his own people in Britain, than from the enemies he made abroad, the wartime taxi drivers outside Leconsfield house the British intelligence dept of the time, were in the main, Jews with Russian sympathies who collected info for Russia and Russia was concerned that Churchill’s own people may kill him.

Churchill received Jewish money paid into a secret account in the name of Colonel Arden, Maxim Litvinov the senior Soviet political activist has certain omissions from his security file, but he was from a wealthy Jewish banking family, and according to Constantin Volkov also paid money to Churchill, it was Volkov’s knowledge of this and his documents tabling it, which caused Kim Philby to bring about Volkov’s murder.

Churchill, a possible descendent of the 7th duke of Marlborough, the first duke came to fame during the reign of Queen Anne, this John Churchill played the prime part in the overthrow of James II, when William of Orange arrived in Britain, John Churchill the first Duke of Marlborough was paid 6000 pounds per year by Solomon of Medina, the other Jewish merchants paid William of Orange 2 million gilders, William III then with John Churchill founded the Bank of England in 1692, for the Jews to run and they still own it and us now,  converting the English people to tax and national debt slaves, each new born babe in Britain today  January 2009 already owes the Jewish banksters,

15 ,347 pounds each and its rising.

So when the Jews call us to war on our Saxon brothers in Germany, or peaceful Muslims

In Iraq, we have to go.

A recent 20 pound note had a star of David depicted on it,

 showing we are all Jewish property

 T Stokes London

With thanks to;

 Richard Porter

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