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A Short Overview of the Anchara Alliance and the Annunaki

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n - the dark human cabals which are vying for control of the U.S. and the world (primarily now the U.S. Bush cabal vs the European cabal).

The Annunaki switched sides to the Galactic Federation in 1994 after the dark Anchara Alliance chose to do so. This 'pulled the plug' of support for the Earth cabals - much to their shock and horror!

The Galactic Federation of Light is made up of a Galaxy-wide membership of those Galactic Star Systems which follow the "Path of Light". This Federation has until recently been bitterly opposed by the equally powerful dark "Anchara Alliance", with the result that there have been numerous and devastating galactic wars throughout our Galaxy during the last 200 million years. Now however, due to the immense and significant changes involved in the end of the present 206 million year Galactic Cycle, many of the "dark forces" have at this time chosen to come over to the other side. They are now joining the "Forces of Light" in large numbers; membership of the Galactic Federation of Light has recently increased from 100,000 members to over 200,000 Star systems. The Anchara Alliance was largely made up of the 'Reptillian' Races (bipedal reptile beings); they originally came from a previous Universe when it was amalgamated with our own. They were of a more aggressive nature, fundamentally lacking in emotional capability, and came with the profound belief that they had a Creator-given mandate to inherit dominance over our entire Milky Way Galaxy.

One aspect of the divine program greatly affected this galaxy. It concerns the very prophesy of the dark creator, Anchara. At the beginning of our story, Anchara sent forth a vast number of minions to rampage throughout the galaxy. Yet, even in this darkness, there was carried a spark of Light - a potential for galactic harmony.

In early 1994, Anchara’s most prophetic priestesses and priests delivered a transformative proclamation to the dark forces. They stated, unequivocally, the following great truth. The divine time had arrived, at long last, for a galactic truce! Anchara requested that the Galactic Federation of Light consider a permanent peace treaty. As a stipulation of this permanent treaty of peace, the dark forces of the alliance of Anchara agreed to finally relinquish its claims to Earth.

These amazing announcements from Anchara’s oracle planets reverberated throughout the Alliance like a major earthquake. They left little for the many dark territories to ponder. A great anger remained within them as well as a reluctance to relinquish all that they had fought for. Many fierce battles were fought among the confused and rebellious fleet of the dark Alliance of Anchara.

When the anger finally cleared, the forces on the side of the galactic truce had won an overwhelming victory. The few remaining dark fleets retreated to their home-worlds on the far side of the Milky Way Galaxy. Clinging to the last remnants of this rage, this small group now regrouped and bided their time. They still wished, wholeheartedly, to attack this newly joined fleet of Light.

In late 1994, the victorious elements of the former Anchara Alliance fleets asked for permission to negotiate a permanent treaty, allowing them to join the Galactic Federation of Light as special members. Included in these new arrangements was the promise of the former Alliance star-nations to integrate their huge fleets into those of the Galactic federation. The previous dark fleets now agreed to abide by the rules that the ancient charter of the Galactic Federation of Light had put forth.

The only sticky point was how they would go about giving up their ancient claims to planet Earth. Not wishing to lose their access to this most sacred water-world, the former Alliance members requested that a series of special ambassadors be permanently stationed on Earth. These special ambassadors were only to be put there after Earth and its people returned to full consciousness. At that time, Earth’s transformed society was to become a fully functioning member of the Galactic Federation of Light.

In another part of this treaty, the former Alliance members promised to abolish several secret treaties with the major surface governments of your world. To demonstrate their sincere belief in Anchara’s decrees, the former Alliance members quickly withdrew their many ambassadors, technicians, and scientists from Earth. Over the next two years, most of these off-world scientists and technicians left your planet. The effects of these many secret treaties upon your freedom have been immense. Their sudden departure was another crack in the evil that surrounds your world.

The tiny crack soon became a gaping hole when your secret worldly cabals’ former masters, the Anunnaki, made a surprising and very fortuitous move. The elites’ extraterrestrial mentors had unexpectedly switched sides and joined the Galactic Federation of Light. Now known as the ‘Annanuki’ (spelling changed to indicate their ‘new’ direction), they had long been both the masterminds behind your global cabals’ actions and their chosen cruel and autocratic rulers. As the Annanuki, they currently serve the Light. Their knowledge of the elites’ sinister ways has become a true sword of Damocles hanging above the collective heads of your evil oppressors.

The Annanuki’s program is to use their former influence to send your many interlocked cabals down a new path. To date, some degree of progress has been made. However, while slowly changing, the many global cabals retain a deep desire to rule with their accustomed tyranny. Thos obsession for control has caused them to temporally fragment around the need to react to the Annanuki’s bold requests. It has also generated a number of odd petitions from your planet’s covert rulers to their former masters.

A sudden series of major reversals rocked the foundations of your many covert rulers. To use a simple analogy, the interlocked secret cabals were forced to undergo some major brain surgery! The highest levels of their formerly rock-solid command structure were now in various states of chaos. Numerous elements of their global structure were engaged in an all-out, clandestine war against each other. This extremely vicious shakeup continued, in various forms, well into the first half of your year 2000.

As these many amazing transformational events work their magic and help to distract your planetary cabals, your local Spiritual Hierarchy is preparing you to become fully-conscious Beings.

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