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Mao Tse --> 1956: 'Hundred Flowers Bloom' to 2013: 'Facebook and Twitter'

From Dick Eastman

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Feb. 22, 2013

In 1956 Red China was in a collectivist Great Depression following the First Five Year terms of per capital production and per capita consumption thanks to the dragooning and collectivization of peasant agriculture.     Even under the totalitarian suppression of the communists the revolution was being eaten away by whispered criticism.  To weed out and exterminate this criticism premier and Foreign Minister Zhou Enlai devised a  trap to expose the most vocal and persuasive of grumblers by lulling them into a false sense of security.  The trick was initiated under the name Bihwa Jundong (百花運動) --  the campaign to allow "a hundred flowers" of discent to be expressed freely.  Mao Tse-tung declared: "The policy of letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend is designed to promote the flourishing of the arts and the progress of science". The Chinese took him at his words and began opening their mouths carelessly.  Every word was taken down.  When the names were collected and before the people suspected the trap half a million Chinese were purged -- imprisoned for "re-education," beaten, publically disgraced etc.  Then with the critics excised the way was clear for an even worse plan -- the "Great Leap Forward" in which what sounded good to a communist was imposed on a real living culture.  The Maoist's  Great Leap Forward killed 45 million in four years -- worked, starved or beaten to death.
Today Mao, and Zhou and Trotsky have triumphed from their graves, for by protracted subversion of American institutions and culture the revolution is about to come to the US  --  and this message to you from me is but a "flower" - permitted -- and even set up  -- to allow the loud-mouths to voice their opposition to communism, the Money Power (which bankrolled Mao and sabotaged the liberal-leaning Republic of China (still holding out in the island province of Taiwan)  through such communist agents as Dean Acheson, George C. Marshall and hundreds of other communist underground operatives in government. 
The plan has been known for a long time  -- but as always, the truth can't gain traction when the press and radio and movies and television are flooding the public with a constant flow of lies, of propaganda which suits the needs of the communist conspiracy which is the High Finance's  John Dewey conspiracy.
The Maoist revolutionary model calls for, first of all, for organization of various political shades, including the "national bourgeois", which in general means, the non-Communist nationalists of target countries.  In forming this apparently democratic and cooperative "united front"  (liberals, special "oppressed people" interest groups,  progressives and communists), the underground communist operative is expected to develope and maintain, behind the public action, an independent and tightly controlled power base, a shark beneith the "duck pond."  In other words, it must develop the second major ingredient of Maoist revolutions, armed struggle  -- as in arms from Red China discovered in shipping containers in the port of Oakland, as in Homeland security arming street gangs and giving them quasi-offical status as domestic military -- cannon fodder for the "armed struggle".  This means, eventually, revolutionary violence conducted by "strong armies of liberation" and directed toward Communist seizure of power.  The model is always the same:  temporary cooperation with other interests in a given country against a common foe made extra ugly by distorted and  misleading  propaganda by the communist controlled opinion molders, all while the communists build up their armed capability and work to deprive other groups of theirs  -- followed, when the work of subversion brings for the time, a "socialist revolution" in which Communists gain control of the whole country and the bourgeois -- especially the brightest blooms in flower  -- are liquidated.
For those who don't believe a word I write, stick around.  You are about to see a very impressive demonstration of just how right Joe McCarthy was.
When I and a lot of other people who write to you suddenly vanish  -- don't imagine that it was the rapture.  It will happen very fast  -- before you can even decide that it is happening.  Your time to do successfully prevent this is likely gone  -- but there is still a hope  -- but it is a very very slim one  (I don't see you moving to organize or to hold up and reinforce your loudmouths, do you? 
Politics is people in a community face to face  -- not twittering.  But soon the days of politics will be over  -- politics are only for the free.
Why don't you take up  social credit and the populist world view.  Let's see if we can get the train off this track to hell.
the editor
Yakima, Washington