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Michael Dargaville

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. I am a freelance journalist, scientist/philosopher and creative writer/musician and please find enclosed these following New Age articles of journalism for consideration with your newspaper/magazine/publishing house/website.

From: Michael Dargaville
Sent: Tuesday, February 16, 2010 11:07 PM
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 Dear Sir/Madam


 Hi there. I am a freelance journalist, scientist/philosopher and creative writer/musician and please find enclosed these following New Age articles of journalism for consideration with your newspaper/magazine/publishing house/website. If you are interested contact me and publish the stories. I've been based in China for the past 13 years representing the Galactic Federation  My email is


 Thank you.




 Michael Dargaville



Western socialist frauds often misrepresent the true meaning of communism in China and the truth that the Cold War was, in fact, won by communism and not capitalism.

Yet since the demise of Sovietism nearly 20 years ago, the western fascist media has declared capitalism the winnerâ?¦ yet how wrong they are.

An example of the sort of confusion and misinformation on the subject would be a recent book review published in a New Zealand newspaper.


A union official wrote the book review for a newspaper in the South Island recently about Elsie Locke, the famous New Zealand communist.

The book, A LIFE OF ELSIE LOCKE, examines the amazing New Zealand communist and feminist. However, the union official writer for the newspaper, is very short of insight into China.


In the review, the reviewer states that: \"Ironically, the book is printed in China, a communist state operating a market super-economy enmeshed in capitalist globalisation.\"


Either the reviewer has been living a double life as a western spy or is totally stupid  because this is the sort of Cold War rhetoric that has destroyed the communist and left wing movement in the western world.


To describe China as a \"market super economy emeshed in capitalist globalisation\" shows a clear misunderstanding of basic facts.


China is the biggest communist country in the world with 1.5 billion people. It is the biggest country in terms of population in the world BUT, as some western \"Trotskyists\" like to portray China as some sort of super capitalist nightmare, the truth could hardly be further than what he is saying.

Western powers used Trotskyist groups to destroy the image of communist powers and states and to legitimize â?owestern fascist warsâ? by saying that this form of communism was authoritarian as they in fact raped, murdered and killed from the Korean war, to Vietnam, El Salvador, Nicuagua. and the countless revolutions in Africa. Western â?osocialistsâ? sprung up such as the American academic Noam Chomsky declaring their brand of socialism was the only way, and this was part of â?owestern democracyâ? â?" when in fact the truth was far from clear.

Another example of the sort of â?oTrotskyistâ? trash that abounds in the West is John Pilger who is in fact a member of the Democratic Socialist Party, which is nothing more than a western front. Pilger has garnered a cult following in the western world amongst socialists, not bad for a two bit British misinformer full of disinformation. Pilger never attacks the true source, just like Chomsky, of true western power, just the puppet governments. He never mentions the capitalists that control capitalism in the west, just occasionally Rupert Murdoch. This disinformation is at the heart of western fascism, because it legitimises the brutal and endless wars waged in the name of Bill Gates. The Rockefellers, the Waltons, the Marrs, the Rothchilds, all the fascist billionaires who actually run the world.


Yet to return to the reviewer and his allegation that China is a \"market super economy emeshed in capitalist globalizationâ? Letâ?Ts look at the facts.

Fact: Of the 900 million Chinese farmers, ALL the land is still owned by the government, leased out to farmers. Pensions have been introduced in virtually all provinces. More than half of all the companies in China are still state owned. I mean what is the guy on about. The media isn\'t controlled by a pack of nasty capitalists who promote war in Afghanistan and Pakistan. At one stage Murdoch owned 60 % per cent of the newspapers in New Zealand before he sold out. Monopoly capitalism.


Ownership of farming and industrial land in China is STILL by far and away owned by socialism. Every village has a commune of using each farm produce and there is certainly a true sense of community in most villages that I have lived in. This is the authorâ?Ts \"market super economy\". It is just garbage. He is living in cloud cookoo land, man. The guy should come here and check the place out before making such declarative statements. In virtually every western country the land and farms and industrial land is owned by super billionaires, such as the Waltons who own Walmart (the biggest corporation in the world), the Rockefellers who own Exxon Oil, the Marrs family, the Murdochs, who own the media. 1 per cent of Americans own everything in the good ol\' USA. Now that is a true \"market super economy\"


There is no doubt China has problems, but generally the place is far better than what the western fascist media is saying and portraying. Even the repugnant TIME Magazine recently made the Chinese Worker nearly  Person of the Year.


State run enterprises pay for health and education. The biggest problem is that of migrant workers, acknowledged widely by the government, is that they are not protected significantly enough, yet this is changing. However, they always have the safety of returning back to their villages and at least feeding and supporting themselves.


Certainly, China has allowed western capitalism into its structure, mainly as a defence move in the 1980s to stop American nuclear missiles during the height of the Cold War using Deng Xia Ping theory, but the union official must be a true idiot not to realize this.


The bottom line is, is that the Cold War was actually won by communism, not the other way around as the fascist western media keeps asserting since the fall of Sovietism.


The ALIENS who surround this planet (called the Galactic Federation) who can stop any American nuclear missile (and Russian) has meant that the Chinese Communist Party now runs the world, not the crumb bums of Washington. COMMUNISM HAS WON. Communism has taken hold in South America with left wing revolutions in virtually every country there in the past 15 years.  Indeed since the fall of the Soviet Union, eastern European communist parties have rebuilt their structure and hold the balance of power. Socialism is still imbedded in virtually all of these countries.


Millions of people believe that human aliens (called the Galactic Federation) are surrounding this planet wanting a world government based on communism. The Disclosure Project in America has 400 \"former\" USA generals, CIA spies and soldiers confirming in court testimony to working with grey aliens. 5000 people were at the press conference in Washington in 2001, where many speakers told of their experiences.


Once the middle level of the Chinese Communist Party puts severe pressure on Beijing insisting on the alien announcement, which may still take years, the fools and cretins misrepresenting socialism will finally be revealed for what they are.


We were told when the Soviet Union fell that capitalism was the victor as every two bit fascist billionaire media baron pumped out their propaganda. Bad aliens called reptoids used psychotronic weapons (mind control weapons using electro-magnetic frequencies and used widely by earth governments) from the moon on Russia to destroy communism there anyway. (Why don\'t you dudes actually publish this story and see what happens)


In Britain no one votes any more (15 % voted for Blair) for the one party capitalist state that has evolved there and the same of America. Obama is now the celebrated war criminal endorsed by the Nobel Peace Prize. The ghetto journalism of western power is only making things harder.


I have lived in China for 13 years in every province. Let me assure you communism, not super capitalism, is alive and well and doing very nicely thank you Mr Reviewer.

In India the ruling Congress Party supports the broad to middle Left with the support from an alliance of the Communist Party. In fact huge states in India such as Bengal are completely controlled by the Communist Party. Other southern states in India are also controlled by the Communist Party that has made great advances in education, land reform in villages and health. Of course none of this is reported in the fascist western media, because these â?obrown stick peopleâ? are non-people.

Western journalism has a long history of racism and until it starts publishing the truth, only more hardship and death from its colonial wars will continue in such places as Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

At the end of the day, things are looking very bright for communism and socialism. In fact the Left has won the world, and is the real controller here, but the Right are just too stupid to realise it.


Michael Dargaville is an academic, philosopher/scientist, transpersonal psychologist, novelist, poet, performance punk poet, journalist, artist, singer/ musician and Underground/alternative publisher. He is a resident of a Polynesian country who has been based in China and Asia for the past 12 years. He has done three masters degrees on quantum theory, alternative medicine and the New Age and a major thesis also on transpersonal psychology. Another major M.Litt degree thesis examined the work of the world famous physicist Fritjof Capra. His PhD called THE NEW IDEALISM joins all areas of the New Age together. He has taught at 11 Chinese colleges and universiites and has held positions at professorial level. In the past 25 years he has published more than 50 books/pamphlets of poetry, four novels and works of journalism and philosophy. He was trained as journalist and has worked widely on many newspapers and news organisations as a staff journalist including the China Daily in!

2006 and has published widely around the world. Since the late 1970s he has performed as a punk singer and performance poet around the world and has been a successful solo punk singer and performance punk poet throughout Asia and especially in China where he performed with famous Punk bands in Beijing and other cities. He continues to perform and lecture around the world and has been in well known punk musical bands. He now regards Polynesian countries in Oceania as his other home away from Chinaâ?¦.and Asia.