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Sherman H. Skolnick

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here such a test and who instigated it? The experiment was in progress on July 27, 2003, in Manila, the Republic of the Philippines. (The capital being Quezon City.)

The President stated, that as Commander-in-Chief, she is informing the rebellious military unit that they crossed the line of professionalism. That she is giving them such and such number of hours to surrender or forces will be sent to put down the rebellion (implying that there were forces loyal to her as President and Commander-in-Chief).

In 1972, a previous Philippine President, to entrench his dictatorial power, staged fake would-be-violence against himself, stating there was in the works, a movement to overthrow him. That Philippine President thereafter, suspended th e Philippine Constitution invoking Martial Law. These tests were/are important because the Philippine Constitution is patterned after, if not identical, to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Was it an "accidental" happening in 1972? Is it just a coincidence in 2003, when the occupant and resident of the U.S. White House was installed by a Military-Style, five person Junta of the U.S. Supreme Court? And that drumhead Justic e installed who was to be the occupant and resident of the White House. Were ordinary Americans aware of, if not shocked, by what some called "The Gang of Five", declaring in a just-before-Midnight proclamation that Americans have no fundamental right to vote for President, rather, just a very limited right to vote for Presidential Electors who, in turn, meeting as the Electoral College, after the supposed Presidential Election, to themselves choose who, if anyone, is to be in the White House.

Through website and foreign news items, important questions have been raised. [1] That the tragedy of September 11, 2001, did not, in being actually carried out, involve Arabs. That the bloodshed against American s on that day was greatly patterned after the Northwoods Project, planned by dictatorial Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962, wanting to justify an invasion of Cuba. The documents were first publicized in a book coming out shortly before 9-11, namely, "Body o f Secrets" by James Bamford, an expert on the super-secret NSA, the National Security Agency. 2] The Arabs were not actually on any of the accused aircraft in 9-11, but were blamed for the happenings by the White House with the aid of the lapdog press. Some of the Arabs were actually Saudi exchange students studying how to fly airplanes and such, while living on U.S. Military facilities. At least seven of the supposed 19 Arab hi-jackers actually are still alive residing in North Africa, among other places.

The problem of understanding 9-11 is purposely intensified by the oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press which promotes short attention span and that ordinary Americans are to be fed news like to eight year old children. So in reporting the coup test in Manila now, the press will purposely forget the prior Manila event of 1972 and Martial Law test.

Also part of the problem obstructing ordinary Americans from understanding all this is both the education system combined with the mass media.

The subject of the Aristocracy, the Establishment, "the powers that be", the Ruling Class, whatever THEY are called, is a forbidden topic. The criminal underpinnings of the Aristocracy is not a subject, in high schools, or colleges and universities. And the popular press does not/will not ever deal with such subjects. Why? Simple. It would cause ordinary Americans to be class conscious, unlike Europeans who generally are so aware of that. Those who control Congress, the White House a nd the Executive branch, as well as the Judiciary, from behind the scenes, are not identified, generally not pictured, or referred to.

Books such as "The Rich and The Super Rich", by Ferdinand Lundberg, published in 1968, are mostly unknown to many ordinary Americans. And his other opus, "The Myth of Democracy" is likewise so. Gustavus Myers' book, "The Great American Fortunes", published in the 1930s, and documenting the criminal past of the Ruling Families, is seldom nowadays referred to or to be found in many libraries. Some Americans are merely amused by Gore Vidal's blistering statements that those who rule us are not the ones we see on the television but persons behind the scenes.

Who dares refer to the Bush Crime Family? And that they are not the aristocracy but merely scapegoats and stooges for the plans of the British and the Monarchy, to take back this continent, reverting ordinary Americans to be just subje cts of British colonies. Who among the popular pundits in the press, on the tv or radio, refers to the persistent efforts of the British to overthrow the American central government? Starting, at least since the War of 1812, when in 1814, they burned do wn the U.S. Capitol? And what about the three U.S. Presidents assassinated for the benefit of the British who wanted to snuff out American industrial development (Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, and William McKinley. In addition, the American Civil War , seldom properly identified, was instigated by the British to promote the natural friction between the Industrial North and the Agricultural South, and the divisive issue of slavery. That is to divide up this nation, to Balkanize America).

It remains to be seen how the Manila experiment will play out. Has it been secretly instigated as a test later to be for real in the U.S.? Is the American Central Government facing military disasters in Afghanistan and Iraq? Has the most monstrous treason been committed against ordinary Americans? That is, treachery calculated to be falsely blamed onto Arabs, such as 9-11?

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