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Sherman H. Skolnick

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resident and occupant of the Oval Office by the strangest means. A military style Junta of 5 persons on the U.S. Supreme Court installed him. In the process, they said that their ruling on the 14th Amendment's guarant ee of Equal Protection of the Laws is NOT to be a precedent in any other case, which was a great oddity.

This is being written and posted two weeks before the year 2002 Congressional Elections. Like for the 2000 Presidential Election, I have stated on various radio talk shows that we may not have an Election in 2002, in the manner that we ordinary American s have become accustomed to.

Some strange events

[1} About the time U.S. Senator Robert Byrd (R., W. Va.) made statements opposing a land invasion of Iraq. began the Beltway Assassinations.

[2] The oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press would have us believe that maybe the Beltway murders are by some misguided crackpot. Notes have supposedly shown up, that the purported assassin states "I am God". supposedly on a Tarot Card. Another suppos ed note contains a demand for huge money, and that no children will be safe, and so on. Someone claiming to be the "assassin", in a muffled voice, not easily understood, says certain things to a phone purportedly in some ways hooked into the police and/ or other local authorities in the Beltway.

[3] There are those in the White House and other Washington, D.C., press corps, who are in a position to know of past "programs" of the American CIA. One such is the senior CBS supervising correspondent in the White House Press Corps, John Roberts. He reportedly has an extensive type of background apparently with the spy agency. Perhaps he knows about two programs of what some consider a bloody series of covert doings OPERATION WHITE STAR, a little known program apparently in Laos and elsewhere in Southeast Asia, in the 1960s, to spread terror by way of carrying out a certain agenda of American imperialism. And then there is the program of the American CIA, called the PHOENIX ASSASSINATION PROGRAM. In that, upwards of sixty thousand men, women, and children were slaughtered because they were purportedly part of the Viet Cong or other opposition infrastructure.

Supervising the Phoenix Assassination Program was William Colby who somewhere in the same period or later, was Director of Central Intelligence. He was also General Counsel to the CIA's funding operation for murder, laundering Southeast Asia dope funds, and smuggling operations, namely, the NUGAN HAND BANK. Colby's business card was found on the body of a murdered founder of the purported "bank". [Details are in the book, "The Crimes of Patriots", by Jonathan Kwitny. A successor to that "bank" and the ir alter ego is and has been since the early 1980s, Household International, Household Bank, and Household Finance, all headquartered now in the Chicago suburb of Prospect Heights, Illinois.]

The purposes of both WHITE STAR and PHOENIX ASSASSINATION PROGRAM, were to spread terror by murders. WHITE STAR, however, was a broader, lesser known bloody series of events. A good web search engine would turn up various published accounts of the Phoe nix Assassination Program. But probably not so as to White Star.

Off the record interviews with those in the U.S. Military who participated in WHITE STAR, show in knowledgeable analyses of the Beltway Assassin, that he is NOT a crackpot, serial killer, or deranged person. But rather, a highly-skilled cold killer who will be rewarded with offshore money. Such a killer is no doubt supervised by a retired military or CIA covert operations agent. A retired FBI "profiler", knowledgeable persons assert, would NOT be in a position to figure out much about the Beltway Ass assin. Further, despite their expertise in localized crimes and criminality, local police and other local authorities in the areas around the nation's capital, would not ordinarily be in a position to know or comprehend the mindset of a WHITE STAR or PH OENIX ASSASSINATION type covert operator.

Savvy retired operatives contend that such a highly-skilled assassin would do some of the following He would not leave any written paper or card as to himself. He would not call the local authorities. He would know better than to suggest a large sum of money be wired, for his use, to a certain financial intermediary. He would, former covert agents contend, use a different deception and procedure for each "hit". He might, for example, take-apart his especially made weapon, put it in his overcoat or ha rmless appearing attache case, and walk right into the gas station, fast food joint, or other popular public place, and pretend to be a customer, blending in with the surroundings. This, right after he had slaughtered someone right in front of said esta blishment. He would not have a "white van" to be identified as his manner of "escape". [As to the plans of such an assassin, see the book "The Day of the Jackal", a supposedly fictional account, although actually following known e! vents, of the attempts to assassinate French strongman Charles DeGaulle.]

One method of deception would be to use a cel phone call, pretending to be from the dispatcher of a delivery or repair service to their driver of a "White Van". Namely, that the driver is to immediately make a stop at such and such address. When the ass assin sees the white van arrive, he shoots someone right in front of that well-attended business, and then quickly again pretending to be the "dispatcher", tells the driver, "You came to the wrong address. They need you RIGHT NOW, at such and such addre ss." By this deception, any would-be witnesses would report to the police that they thought the assassin escaped in the "White van".

A workable understanding of what all is involved in the terror created by the Beltway Assassin is that it was done so an Emergency mindset was created in the general public. Some believe that Daddy Bush is actually running the White House. European dipl omats as well as well-informed journalists, off the record, express the opinion that George W. Bush, unlike his father, is incompetent and "pisses on his own shoes", and similar highly negative observations.

Further, that the war against Afghanistan was reportedly quietly announced by George W. Bush to certain European and other leaders, IN JULY, 2001, months before Black Tuesday, September 11, 2001. And that Black Tuesday was in its simplest form, a way of temporarily sidestepping an impending financial collapse of the United States.

One of the purposes for the War against Afghanistan is to promote the plan by Union Oil of California, known as UNOCAL, to build a pipeline using a shortcut south across Afghanistan to Pakistan, India, eventually Red China and for easy transport to Japa n. This was based on the estimates of oil and natural gas reserves to be used. It now appears that these estimates were either erroneous or fraudulent, misguiding other investors in the proposed pipeline deal. One of the biggies in the deal have been th e Bush Family. The pipeline is now, by some, deemed not workable, in that the more current estimates of the energy reserves are only forty per cent of the original publicly mentioned amounts.

On the other hand, in the planning stages for some time, has been the Siberia pipeline, through Red China, to North Korea. And, by easy transport to energy hungry Japan, to make Japan again a low-cost industrial giant, using easily available oil/natural gas. The Russians apparently have far more actual reserves to support their pipeline. The project is headed by GAZPROM, a major world energy company, headquartered in Moscow and elsewhere. The head of it, an apparent former Israeli, has been described in some press accounts as being reportedly thick with the Russian underworld, known there as the MAFIYA. And who is the principal partner in the GAZPROM pipeline project? Why none other than Richard Cheney, of FRENCH descent. Formerly CEO of Halliburtt on, oil machinery suppliers, Cheney has a large investment in Halliburton. Note, seldom mentioned in the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press is that France, for many years, has been omitted from many of the Mideast oil deals do! minated by U.S./United Kingdom.

What seems to be related to this are the details, told off the record, by former U.S. Secret Service agents knowledgeable about the White House. [For some mysterious, not adequately explained reasons, quite a number of Secret Service Agents have in rece nt times resigned.] According to these sources, as repeated to Washington, D.C. journalists, there was much more to the "Pretzel Affair". That was when George W. Bush announced he was watching the TV while chomping on a pretzel, choked, and fell off his chair, resulting in bruises on his face. The former White House guards tell a different version. Namely, that Cheney and Bush had a heated argument over how Cheney's Siberia pipeline deal unfairly competes with the Afghanistan pipeline plans of Daddy B ush and Bush, Jr. And Cheney purportedly landed some blows on Bush's face. But that Bush, acting woman-like, scratched the face of Cheney. This version fits with the items of George W. Bush having since he was 12 years old, cavort! ed with his male sex-mate, who is now the Mayor of a sizeable southern city. [See earlier parts of this series.]

Recently, the White House apparently announced, that because of the murders in the area of the District of Columbia, that the President is considering calling out the NATIONAL GUARD to supervise the Election. Will this be only for the District of Columb ia, Maryland, and Virginia, or might the Beltway Assassin create a terror atmosphere requiring the National Guard ELSEWHERE int he U.S.? Does Bush and the GOP worry about the Democrats somehow ending up dominating both houses of Congress, thus being in a position to torment George W. Bush on a number of issues. Such as, why was their a MIlitary Stand-Down on Black Tuesday? Why were most of the metal parts from the fallen twin towers of the World Trade Center quickly removed and sold to South Korea as scrap, instead of being kept as EVIDENCE, to be analyzed as to what exactly caused the towers to collapse? Were the towers brought down actually by internal explosives, which might be revealed in analyzing the metal parts?

Will there be a national emergency, real or created, AFTER the Election?