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Sherman H. Skolnick

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? When do national security and related issues make the crossing of the privacy line important?

Many states nowadays have laws forbidding discrimination against persons because of race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. And this applies to equal accommodations, restaurants, hotels, jobs, and other everyday concerns. Some states authorize s o-called same sex marriages and life-time partner arrangements, as to health and other fringe benefits, probate, and similar items

Since our weekly public access Cable TV Show started in February, 1991, we have approached the line dividing privacy from national security, with great caution, crossing it only about twice in all those years.

A fellow alternative journalist once offered me a book of sordid photos with supporting documentation. The explicit pictures showed the Chief Judge of one of the courts in the Chicago area sexually molesting little boys.

The fellow journalist said, "Sherman, you ought to finger this Chief Judge. He is a sickie. Put these pictures on your cable tv show." I responded, "I already know about that Chief Judge. Yes, we have a thick file on that crook. He is a bum. In an addit ional government capacity, he whitewashed a government report how the underworld blackmailed some federal judges in Chicago. How? By throwing a federal appeals Judge, W. Lynn Parkinson, into Lake Michigan, in 1959. I had part of the secret government re port and I brought a suit to have the whole report publicly disclosed."

"Get this", I added, "The crooked, blackmailed judges that sat on the bench with the then murdered judge, ruled on my case, claiming I could not get the balance of the government report, because the government warehouse in Suitland, Maryland supposedly burned down. No proof was offered by the government or the judges"

"Look", I said, "as a free lance journalist, head of a court reform group and courtroom spectator, I several times saw the Chief Judge coming into the courtroom very late, keeping everybody waiting. He was often so drunk, he could not mount the step up to his chair at the bench. He favored the reputed mafia projectionists union one time. As an apparent pay-off, they rewarded his apparently misfit son with a high-paying movie theater projectionist job."

Finally I said, "Yes, I know the Chief Judge is a crook. But I prefer pictures and documents relating to his corruption and bribery. We in our organization knew the Chief Judge was a child molester and a drunk. But I do not run a commercial tv show. I a m not trying to amuse idle-minded viewers with stuff like in these pictures. We already have a big audience. Hey, get this book of dirty pictures out of my house."

On another occasion,several sources each came to us with details and pictures about Congressman Henry Hyde, a Republican from the Chicago-area. He purports to be a spiritual, family-oriented sort, but is apparently actually a lowlife. In an unincorpora ted area adjoining Chicago (that is, not actually designated a village or municipality), he reportedly runs a strip joint using Russian women dancing naked. They were apparently lured into the U.S. with promises they would work as "office employees". We also understand that Hyde does not, from the strip club, apparently report any proceeds to the state or federal tax collectors. Also, according to court records and other sources of data, we firmly believe Hyde has been a secret, silent partner in a gu n store and profitted from selling illegal gun silencers.

Hyde as then head of the House Judiciary Committee favored Clinton with impeachment resolution charges watered down to include mostly items of a sexual nature relating to Monica Lewinsky. As we have pointed out, Hyde was subject to blackmail because he had charges pending against him for massive misapplication of federally-insured funds at a time he was a director of a Chicago-area Savings & Loan Association that went bust. And Hyde was in a position to blackimail the Judge to set Hyde free of the fed eral charges.

[As to Hyde, visit our website item "Corrupt IRS Officials Face Exposure", Part One and "Marc Rich Swindles the Pope's Soybean Company".]

So, I rejected the idea of fingering Henry Hyde on my cable tv show with sordid pictures.

In 1992, after careful considerations of what is public and what is private, I arranged to have cablecast a very controversial one hour tv show. Direct witnesses had informed us that Hillary Clinton, originally from the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge and whose husband Bill was then running for President, was part of a circle of four Lesbian business women involved in monstrous violations of national security. Hillary's business partner, Diane Lewis, was supposedly running a firm refurbishing sizeable ai rplanes for use by Mid-East sheiks.

Delivered to our tv show was an entire file cabinet of records, travel documents, secret meeting places with known terrorists, part of the Abu Nidal Terrorist Worldwide Group. Diane Lewis and her partners were secretly shipping missile parts to the know n terrorists. We had the secret notebooks, handwritten notes, secret address books, secret telexes and faxes, the whole works. We put key items up on the screen of our tv show and said that by corruption, the FBI and the CIA were covering this all up..

Before they were married, in a "marriage of covenience", Bill and Hillary each had separate roles since they were of college age, with covert operations of America's secret political police, the CIA. Hillary and her women business partners and the Lesbi an angle was important to the mess we showed.

Because of our tv show, Diane Lewis lost her protection with the spy agencies. As shown by an article in the New York Times in September, 1992, Ms Lewis was arrested The federal judge hearing her criminal case did NOT hear it in open court but behind closed doors. The Judge was informed that the criminal defendant, Diane Lewis, charged with violating U.S. Export laws, was a business partner of the new First Lady and Ms Lewis arranged to become a CIA snitch to supposedly help them finger more terrori sts. So Ms Lewis was quietly turned loose.

As the new First Lady, Hillary, as a reprisal, arranged to inflict unlawful harassment and surveillance upon me and my tv associates, by putting us illegally on her "Enemies List", for the secret political police to do dirty tricks on us

We brought a damage suit against her and her associates, pointing out that First Lady is not an official government authorized position, just a title. And that it was illegal what she was doing to us. Our sixty-five page complaint, with attached documen ts, spelled out highly detailed facts, dates, and occurrences The U.S. District Court Judge, George M. Marovich (same one Henry Hyde blackmailed to set Hyde loose) dismissed our case without allowing us a single moment actually in his courtroom. He said we had too many specific dates and details for him to consider. The Judge did not disqualify himself even though we showed in our court papers that he owned a suburban shopping center and his secret silent partners were known gangsters jointly with cor rupt top Chicago IRS officials, all of them using the shopping mall as a giant money laundry in a monstrous tax evasion.

Guess what happened when we appealed to the corrupt banker-judges in Chicago's Federal Appeals Court? They refused to hear our appeal and unlawfully barred us from all the federal courts in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. The U.S. Supreme Court refuse d us a remedy. Do not waste my time mentioning our First Amendment Freedom of the Press guarantees that were thus cancelled.

Several years ago, some devout Catholic activists contacted me. They urged that I have some of them as guests on a one-hour program. They wanted to publicize a problem worrying them. There are priests, they told me, that as pedophiles, sexually molest c hoir boys and such.

I said I had heard about such things that have been going on for many centuries. I told them I hesitate, me being of another religion, to put such things on the air. I suggested they find a Catholic venue of some sort, a Catholic magazine or such, to br ing their charges before the public. After all, I told them, Chicago is the largest Catholic Archdiocese in the nation and I do not want to appear to be an anti-Catholic which I am not.

Many months later, the American monopoly press began hollaring about this centuries-old problem of reputed sexual molesting of children by Catholic priests. I find it more than strange that many months later, the mostly pro-British U.S. pressfakers are fingering Catholic priests in areas heavily dominated by Irish Catholics, such as Boston and Chicago. And that such Catholics tend to vote for the Democrat Party, whereas most in the news media are pro-GOP. We have cablecast a several part tv series ent itled "The Irish Question", where we dare bring out a mostly censored subject, about the British dominating the American press, print, radio, and commercial tv (not public access cable, non-commercial tv) And, for example, the British Royal Family bitt erly opposes and seeks to discriminate against Irish Catholics. The British royals are major stockholders of the Tribune Company, parent of the media monster Chicago Tribune, which likes to bash Chicago's Irish Catholic Mayor, Ric! hard M. Daley.

The priest problem has been known for centuries. Why bring it up now? To cause great discomfort in areas of Irish Catholics who tend to vote for the Democrat Party?

Only about the second time in all the years of our work, we recently posted a story about George W. Bush and his male sex-mate. That this situation is outraging some U.S. Secret Service agents who have quit in sizeable numbers. AND, that this situation violates national security in that, the Red Chinese are using it to blackmail U.S. weapons secrets out of Bush as the occupant and resident of the White House.

[Visit our website prior parts of this series, such as "Overthrow, etc.," Part 15 and Part 15 Supplement and Update.] George W. Bush's father, George Herbert Walker Bush, is apparently a known pedophile. Daddy Bush was entangled in a terrible scandal that started with the downfall of a financial institution in November, 1988, just at the time Daddy Bush was elected Pre sident.

On November 4, 1988, in Omaha, Nebraska, the Franklin Community Credit Union was closed by the FBI and the IRS. A kingpin in the operation had been siphoning off many millions of dollars to reporteldly finance a pedophile ring operating between Omaha, C hicago, and Washington, D.C. Caught up in the mess of pedophiles, child porno, and such was Daddy Bush.

Related details are in a book called "The Franklin Cover-Up", by John DeCamp, a Lincoln, Nebraska attorney once a Nebraska State Senator. A companion book is called "The Mystery of the Carefully Crafted Hoax", with a forward by Ted Gunderson, the former head of the Los Angeles FBI office who after 1979, specializes in investigations of child molesting ring satanic rituals and such.

A Committee of the Nebraska State Senate was formed to investigate the pedophile charges. Their investigator was Gary Caradori. He took his son to a sports game in Chicago and while in Chicago, Gary was able to apparently pin down with witnesses the rol e in the pedophile ring of the Elder Bush. Gary called from Chicago to Loran Schmit, a member of the Nebraska State Senate investigating committee.

Gary "called committee chairman Loran Schmit, before his (Gary's) return trip and said, 'I got it, Loran. We've got 'em by the balls' ".That was July 11, 1990. "Caradori wasn't finished with his investigation. He and his son were killed on 7-11-90 while returning from the All Star game in Chicago. The plane came apart in the air and crashed and burned on impact. The NTSB [National Transportation Safety Board] has not issued a formal statement on the cause of the crash. In addition to going to the ball game, he was also working some leads on the case." And Gary's "briefcase and papers were inexplicably missing from the crash site, along with the two rear seats of the plane." (from "The Mystery of the Carefully Crafted Hoax", pages 77-78. The book go es into great details how the state and federal authorities, through a hoax, tried to cover up the pedophile ring operating at the highest levels in the nation's capital.)

Since the early 1960s, I have been more or less on the periphery of the press. I have through many circumstances become a sort of father confessor to various reporters, print, radio, and tv. They know from our background, that we never, never, never div ulge the names of witnesses and sources. Yes, it puts a burden on us but we do this to protect them. We do not want to find one of our key witnesses or sources, mysteriously fell off a building to his death, or their body was found floating in the canal , or their plane somehow blew up.

We share useful information with our sources, all the way from local reporters, to White House reporters, to key journalists on several continents and in other countries. As a volunteer unpaid consultant, I share ideas how to get their contract renewed when the editor, news director, and such somehow takes a dislike to them. Giving a paid reporter "dirt" on his troublesome boss, often is helpful in getting the reporter's contract renewed. In return, the reporters know where to communicate the details of censored stories.

To preserve the contact and their cover, I instruct them to avoid acknowledging that they know us. If somehow pressed to comment on us, they should say something negative. Then they call me from their unlisted home phone and we have a little laugh about preserving their job and their "cover", so that they stay at their post and help us with an important story that would otherwise remain censored and secret.

>From time to time, some reporters have confided to me that they are not promoted, not given choice assignments, and other career obstructions occur, because there is a "pedophile/homosexual underground", such as, they claim, at ABC News and elsewhere u p and down the important media outlets and networks.

I have paid attention to these complaints but I have cautioned our contacts, that such finger pointing might be perceived as just private gay-bashing UNLESS there is some angle, such as the news bosses and such are blackmailed into running or not runnin g some corporate scandal or like with George W. Bush, the private life details are used by sworn enemies of the U.S. to blackmail the White House, such as has occurred with Bush, Senior and Junior.

For example, two well-known radio commentators whose programs are heard in most every important radio market in all 50 states, have homosexual situations that are used apparently to force them, among other ways, to slant things FOR the GOP and against D emocrats. Although their private lives raise many questions, so far, the public generally does not know. As to them, at some point, the line of prifvacy has to be crossed because of how it effects what goes on major radio commentary shows throughout the nation.[A tip-off, is that they have few, if any good advertisers. Is the GOP paying for them to be on the air?] A key criterion Do THEIR private life arrangements help violate national security and aid those who would want to have AMERICA'S HITLER? A nd Overthrow the American Republic and cancel the organic law, namely the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights?

Remember, some outspoken sorts point, as to this, as to the homosexual rituals, even satanic versions, in forests and elsewhere by the German Nazi military and the Nazi secret political police, their Gestapo. This was done, in furtherance of the German aristocracy's plan to use Adolf Hitler for THEIR purposes.

[As to the Nazis and the occult and such as symbols, see the book "The Spear of Destiny" by Trevor Ravenscroft, G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1973.]