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Sherman H. Skolnick

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e? They start talking. They put details into the ears of loudmouths. And so the common Americans find out what is really happening. The 1930s were such a period. So you do not know that. Well, maybe you forgot to talk to your elders.

Is now such a period? Details are beginning to circulate in higher and higher circles of the monopoly press. The liars and whores of the press are forced to deal with the growing understanding that there was prior knowledge, at the highest level, as to Black Tuesday. Maybe George W. Bush himself did not know all the details. But did Daddy Bush know? Some think so.

A fictional book (by Richard Condon) and movie was entitled "Winter Kills". When it first came out as a movie, it was quickly withdrawn and suppressed. It was about an Irish patriarch who arranged with a criminal cabal to have his son as the President. Because of the conflicting forces at work, his son was assassinated, caused by his father. After all, the family boss was in with some really bad people.

The book and movie seemed to point in real life to John F. Kennedy and his gangster-CIA linked father, Joseph P. Kennedy. In the beginning, the Kennedy Family blocked the further presentation of the movie. Years later, it did finally get shown on television. We interviewed, on tape, the movie producer. He told us how the Kennedys set out to destroy him and his film production. We played a few minutes of the interview on our recorded phone message. At that time, it was the only outlet available to us and our reports. That was before public access Cable TV, before Internet, and before more open talk radio.

Now the monopoly press is laying off people. Their source of income, advertising, is way down. So stories are beginning to circulate, in and out of the mass media, even by the press fakers. Did not George W. Bush order the military stand-down on September 11, 2001? Or, was it Daddy Bush, former head of the secret political police?

Popular websites, like, are putting the terrible truth of high-level prior knowledge of Black Tuesday right on the screen, right into the face of millions of Americans (some of whom may have been previously naive or poorly informed). So now, with Jeff Rense doing his best to educate everyone, there is no reason not to be well-informed. And those devils in high places, wrapping themselves in the flag, will not make it all go away. As we have pointed out in prior website stories, there is a split in the American aristocracy. Part supports (for the moment) George W. Bush, the occupant and resident of the White House. The other candidate Albert Gore, Jr., some consider as the actually elected but NOT INAUGURATED President, having won the popular vote by 600,000. Some contend that a corrupt "Gang of Five" on the U.S. Supreme Court installed Bush. In Texas, they call Bush by his middle initial, said quickly, as "DUBYA". His illegitimacy haunts even those who call themselves independent.

The opposing faction in the aristoracy, Establishment, Ruling Class, whatever you call them----to put it, crudely, do NOT want to be forced to deal with him the way they dealt with President John F. Kennedy. Accused (falsely) by them of being soft on "Communists" and "in" with the Moscow government, JFK was the victim of a public execution by the ultra rich, right after high noon his brains being blown out in an open car, by military-style triangulating sniper fire. News fakers, key players in the "lone assassin" cover up story, were thereafter rewarded by being pushed right to the top of the monopoly press. [Examples of that, naming names, are in our website story, "Liars and Whores of the Press".]

To temporarily sidestep some of the problems, the Federal Reserve has been secretly (or not so secretly for some) pumping up the stock market. Used, in part, have been billions and billions of dollars siphoned off (some call it embezzled) of Enron and multiplied through book-keeping hocus-pocus and derivatives, to create, on paper, trillions of dollars. [Study all the parts of our website series, "Enron Black Magic".]

Because of economic dislocations, lay-offs, pocket-book worries, many Americans may be inclined to sweep the Democrats into a majority in the House and moreso in the Senate. [Because of antiquated State Laws and due to a "don't give a damned" attitude of the U.S. Supreme Court, third parties in America are not given a good chance in elections. The monopoly press, in an unwritten policy, ignores third party efforts. In Europe, to their credit, without such hang-ups, third and fourth party persons sit in their Parliaments and have a fair chance at the instruments of Government.]

Sensing all this, the GOP makers and shakers are in favor of somehow, if possible, removing their own man, George W. Bush, and maybe Richard Cheney also, from the chair if not the spotlight. Could a land invasion by the U.S. of Iraq stop the U.S. Elections? [Saddam Hussein was in the 1980s a private business partner of Daddy Bush. See our website story, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh". And Osama bin Laden has been a business partner of George W. Bush as we have pointed out.]

The Republicans, as a front for a part of the aristocracy, fear a Democrat Congressional majority may find reasons to consider impeachment resolutions against George W. Bush.

Some supposedly "well-educated" persons often do not seem to understand any of this. What did they learn in University after all, at great expense to their elders? In bad economic times, can they truly expect to make PER YEAR in wages what it costs PER YEAR to go to a fancy private college or university? Some such university graduates in not comprehending any of this, would require that we re-invent the wheel of history for their quick benefit. I notice in reading some of the letters and e-mail, from apparent college-types, they spell coup as KOO, and spell the term "martial law" like describing a federal law man.

In 1999, I began to describe on radio talk shows and elsewhere, that the then upcoming year 2000 Presidential Election may not be conducted in a manner that we as ordinary Americans are accustomed to from past history. If necessary, was the monopoly press fully prepared to explain it away, if we had elections CANCELLED? In 1972, was a study made by a think tank, part of the American CIA and the Military, the Rand Corp. Their opus, "Project Star", instigated by a would-be dictator, President Richard M. Nixon, laid out ways the press can persuade ordinary Americans to accept terminating elections and instituting martial law.

Have we all forgotten how close to martial law we came in the fall of 1973, when Nixon tried by extra-legal means to stop the Watergate investigations? [It was called "The Saturday Night Massacre" when he summarily axed the investigators.] In 1974, the aristocracy, having used Nixon enough as their punching bag, through their high court stooges in Washington, slapped down Nixon. A week before Nixon's telecast tearful resignation in August, 1974, General Alexander Haig, then White House Chief of Staff, took away from President and Commander-in-Chief Nixon, the "football", the term for the nuclear trigger code box that a Marine carries around while always right near the President.

And when the aristocracy through various snipers, in 1981, warned newly inaugurated President Ronald Reagan that they were aware of the "October Surprise" treason by which he was installed, General Alexander Haig came up from the White House situation room and proclaimed haughtily, "I'm in charge here!" In a national emergency, Haig, under martial law directives, would be correct. Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush, because Reagan was lazy, more or less ran the White House until Bush was himself elected President in 1988. Some contend Daddy Bush, in violation of the U.S. Constitution 22nd Amendment, actually served three terms as President. The attempt to warn or assassinate Reagan was falsely blamed on a "lone nut". John Hinckley whose family while failing in the oil business, was bailed out by Daddy Bush.

And several weeks after this situation, there was an attempt by the American CIA (falsely blamed on the Bulgarians) to assassinate, in a related move, Pope John Paul 2nd. (His predecessor, Pope John Paul 1st, was murdered by being poisoned 33 days after becoming Pope. Details are in the book, "In God's Name", by David Yallop. Among other things, the pontiff wanted to stop the CIA and the gangsters from encroaching on the Continental Bank of Chicago, owned in part by the Vatican and the Queen of England. Now taken over by the Jesuits/French Rothschilds jointly with the Japanese underworld, the Yakuza, it is called a unit of Bank of America Chicago. Among other things, their specialty is judicial bribery funds offshore.] So, in the apparent plan by the GOP to remove their own man, George W. Bush, will it be just a big noise or the Big Truth?


The Bush White House contends that they had no specifics giving them prior knowledge of Black Tuesday. Up to about August, 2001, the leading expert on counter-terrorism of the Federal Establishment was John O'Neill, at the time, Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation. O'Neill was compiling and pursuing specific that there was an attack expected on the twin towers in lower Manhattan of the World Trade Center as well as on the Pentagon, using hi-jacked U.S. commercial airplanes as formsided missiles. Daddy Bush, as former head of the secret political police, on behalf of his son, George W. Bush, caused O'Neill to be commanded to cease and desist from O'Neill's investigation of Osama bin Laden. Implicit in this order, according to O'Neill, describing the mannerisms and expressions by which the order was given to O'Neill, was that O'Neill's investigations of Osama was intersecting if not actually running afoul of the Bush Family business dealings with the Carlyle Group and the financially powerful bin Laden Family, at the time headquartered, among other places, on the U.S. East Coast. Daddy Bush has been a heavily-paid Carlyle Group consultant to the bin Laden Family. Contrary to prior false reports in the monopoly press, the bin Laden Family was NOT on the outs with Osama. In fact, they reportedly were secretly funding him through Saudi banks including their correspondent accounts in major U.S. banks which Bush "Junior" failed and refused to freeze. Included were accounts in Citigroup as well as in Algemene Bank Nederland, ABN-AMRO, and their American flagship, La Salle National Bank of Chicago, a reputed bribery center for public officials such as Judges.

Through foundations and other financial devices, the bin Laden Family reportedly contributed heavily to Harvard University in joint espionage propaganda book publishing as well as Harvard University business received through U.S. national security contracts. Right after September 11, 2001, when most airplanes were grounded, the Bush White House ordered the FB I to arrange an airplane to whisk some 24 bin Laden family members out of the U.S.

In August, 2001, as a result of these commands and disgruntled at being hand-cuffed in his investigations of Osama, O'Neill resigned as FBI Deputy Director. He was appointed as the new security chief of the World Trade Center. His first day of work?September 11, 2001. He was somehow lured into going to the WTC offices of the FBI where he perished from what some firemen contend, were demolition devices in the FBI offfices separate and apart from the plane crashing into that tower. Was it a non-coincidence, that few if any FBI personnel reportedly were in the twin towers that day?

Several weeks before he died, O'Neill shared documents and details with seven French highly-skilled journalists. Two of them wrote a book, so far only available in French (an English language edition pending), referring to O'Neill and having interviewed him at length. "Bin Laden The Forbidden Truth" by Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquie. Other of the French journalists have made the documents and details available to the French CIA. The French spy agency added them to their huge pile of documents and details which they have compiled to deter, if not blackmail, the American authorities. Why? For one thing, the U.S. Justice Department has sought to punish some 14 French nationals in the U.S. on charges they reportedly purloined U.S. industrial and financial secrets. Those and other complications have been side-tracked by what some Europeans label the French, the frogs. (1) The French CIA has audio and video tapes as well as eyewitnesses proving Daddy Bush, in the fall of 1980, near Paris arranged a treasonous deal with top functionaries of Iran. To help the Reagan/Bush ticket win the 1980 campaign, the Iranians would help Bush show incumbent Jimmy Carter, running for re-election, as a wimp, unable to get the release of the 52 U.S. hostages held by Iran. In return, Iran would be given huge amounts of weapons to pursue their war with Iraq, to keep oil prices up, a war started in September, 1980. The hostages were released in 1981, just as Reagan was being sworn in at high noon as the new President.. And (2) the French have proof that TWA Flight 800, while enroute from New York to Paris, in 1996, was downed by two missiles. All onboard perished including 60 French nationals, 8 of which were part of an elite unit of the French CIA. Their unit chief, however,survived by refusing to get onboard flight 800. He went on a later flight of Israel's airline, El-Al.

The O'Neill Affair, and all that is involved, according to some of the foreign journalists and their documents, could put Daddy Bush in jail as an accomplice to huge numbers of murders, those who died Black Tuesday, and of course, the treason involved. George W. Bush would, according to this data, most likely be subject to being named as well as a federal criminal defendant or as an unindicted criminal co-conspirator with Daddy Bush.

According to network news personnel, the Bush White House has reportedly been threatening one TV network with serious sanctions, if they go too far with any of the French CIA details and those of the various European journalists with the O'Neill tapes and documents. Among the punishment threatened, the Bush White House seeks to have the U.S. Secret Service credentials lifted of certain Washington and White House reporters, thus forbidding them entry to federal government press conferences as well as White House press conferences and denying such reporters entry into the White House.

According to network news sources, the Bush White House is threatening to order the American CIA to cut off the clandestine subsidies given for decades to certain news networks to subsidize their overseas bureaus, not to gather news but to suck up intelligence information to convey to the American espionage community.

Some well-informed sources contend the FBI has been for some time now, without even legal formality of the secret court housed in the Justice Department (the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court) to seek to retrieve O'Neill's documents and tapes in the U.S. and in France and elsewhere, by "black bag" jobs, that is break and entry, an FBI specialty going all the way back to the Bureau's infamous origin early in the 20th Century.