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Sherman H. Skolnick

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hrough his lawyer mouthpieces, Dr. Steven J. Hatfill is considered in the supposed "FBI investigation" as a "person of interest".

Background and details.

Starting just before 9-11, Black Tuesday, already taking Cipro, the antibiotic useful against Anthrax, were top officials in the Bush White House, including apparently George W. Bush himself. This was several weeks BEFORE the newsfakers began to headline stories of death and illness from Anthrax arriving in the mail. The maker of Cipro is Bayer, A.G., a left-over of Nazi big business financially interwoven with elders of the Bush Family.

This one detail, by itself, tends to show prior Bush White House complicity and knowledge of what the Anthrax terrorism is all about. Further, to understand all this

[1] Right after 9-11 began were five or more mysterious murders, deaths, foul play, and strange disappearances, worldwide, of microbiologists, world-acclaimed researchers specializing in the field of infectious diseases and biological agents such as Anthrax, as well as DNA sequencing. The ones mentioning these suspicious situations were mostly in the alternative media, such as the popular website by Jeff Rense, These happenings, according to some very savvy sources, were to cover up the role of the American CIA and the Bush Family in Anthrax terrorism.

[2] Daddy Bush and his cronies run Carlyle Group, a secretive zillion dollar enterprise that has quietly gobbled up struggling and other firms in defense contracting, telecommunications, and aerospace work. As we have pointed out in our website series on Greenspan and Bush, with documents attached there, the Bush Family, to launder illicit funds in the hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars, has a joint account with the Queen of England at her private bank, Coutts Bank London. "The Queen has a new bank manager, following the departure of Andrew Fisher, chief executive of Coutts, TO THE CARLYLE GROUP, the US private equity firm". (Emphasis added.) Financial Times of London, 12/19/01.

The Carlyle Group reportedly have a financial interest in BioPort Corp., having been the sole Department of Defense contractor for supplying Anthrax vaccine. [Visit our web story, in this series on Overthrow, Part 3.] Carlyle Group is financially interwoven with the bin Laden Family which is NOT on the outs with Osama bin Laden. Carlyle is also financially interlocked with members of the Saudi Royals.

Among those who are or have been on the Board of Carlyle COLIN POWELL, once senior advisor at Carlyle, former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and currently (at least as of this date) Bush 2nd Secretary of State. FRANK CARLUCCI, implicated with the overthrow of the Portugal government in Lisbon, 1974, once a top official of the American CIA. JAMES BAKER 3rd, former U.S. Secretary of State in the Daddy Bush White House; Baker reportedly was implicated in the apparent massive bribery in the fall of 2000, of top DEMOCRAT Party officials in Southern Florida, to sabotage the recount of the presidential ballots to favor Bush. [See more details in Part 3 of this series. also our series on 2000 alleged "Election".] Also, see Red Herring Magazine, #108, 12/01, "Carlyle's Way".

Just after the Anthrax terrorism stories first appeared in the monopoly press, the Bush White House ordered National Guard sentries to guard Carlyle's property, the BioPort plant, Lansing, Michigan. (New York Times, 10/6/01, which, of course, omitted mentioning Carlyle Group.) The purpose, as we have pointed out, was to stop this privately held firm from their key people revealing to journalists the true ownership of BioPort. Nevertheless, we wrote about it in our website story, this series, Part 3, "The Anthrax Commissars".

[3] The first death victim of Anthrax by mail was the layout/photoeditor, Bob Stevens, 63, of The Sun, a supermarket tabloid. American Media, Inc., has their headquarters building, Boca Raton, Florida. They are the publisher of The Sun, as well as other supermarket tabloids, including The National Enquirer, The Globe, and The Star. Their specialty is to publish eye-popping details of celebrities and politicos, and their sexmates, and the clothes they wear or do not wear.

Their strategist and general counsel has been David Kendall, the arm-twisting Washington, D.C. attorney, a close crony of Hillary Clinton. An example. In 1996, in the U.S. District Court in Chicago, we as television journalists sued Hillary Clinton, at the time "First Lady", for unlawfully putting us on an "enemies list" and ordering the secret political police to hound us. Why? Because of a 1992 documentary we cablecast, proving Hillary's business partner was in violation of export and other laws, was unlawfully supplying known worldwide terrorists with missile parts. We had their secret notebooks, telexes, and such, put up on the tv screen. The result? Right before the 1992 Presidential election, Hillary's business partner, which we had fingered, was arrested.

DAVID KENDALL, as attorney for Hillary Rodham Clinton, as is clear from the circumstances, apparently blackmailed the U.S. District Judge, George Marovich. As shown by us in the undisputed court records, the Judge was the owner of a suburban shopping mall. His secret, silent business partners are/were mafioso jointly with top corrupt Chicago-based IRS officials.

Failing to disqualify himself, Judge Marovich made an unprecedented decision, dismissing our suit because he did not have the time or inclination to hear and consider all the highly specific dates, details, and circumstances involved in proving our claims. On appeal, as a further reprisal, the Federal Appeals Court in Chicago refused to consider our mandatory appeal and ordered that we be barred from all the Federal Courts in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to remedy this unlawful cancellation of our First Amendment rights.

The supermarket tabloids mentioned ostensibly either have years ago published and were about to repeat publishing, or were about to publish for the first time, the following Undisputed photos of George W. Bush, from the photos, witnesses, and circumstances, apparently highly drunk and/or stoned on some dope, dancing totally nude on the top of a tavern bar or table.

The layout/photo editor of the tabloids, Bob Stevens, being near-sighted, put the envelope addressed to him, containing Anthrax spores, up close to his face, thus directly getting the deadly, weapons-grade Anthrax into his nose."Days later, spores were detected in the nasal cavity of Ernesto Blanco, a 73-year-old mail supervisor at The Sun...."..... "Health authorities also found anthrax on Mr. Stevens' computer keyboard, prompting them to evacuate the offices on Monday and conduct tests on all employees and others who have been in the building over the last several weeks". "Signs of Fear, but Not More Anthrax, in Florida", New York Times, 10/10/2001.

The hundreds of workers in the building had to be kept elsewhere for quite a few weeks, as the building was kept empty.

Did American Media, Inc., publisher of the supermarket tabloids, get the message? Will they ever now publish the apparent photos and details scandalizing George W. Bush, White House resident and occupant? Probably not.

[4] In this series, we have mentioned that the British particularly relish attacking the U.S. Central Government with specific, truthful details as to prior knowledge of Bush as to Black Tuesday, and such. Obviously, sooner or later, this type of situation would lead, as we state, to "The Overthrow of the American Republic". It is the truth. Unfortunately, the Brits are publicizing these details, not for the good of common Americans, but to further the British agenda, to revert us back to being subjects of the British Monarchy, and this continent returned to being British colonies.

The British Government owned and controlled British Broadcasting Company, put out on radio and television, and on-line, a blockbuster documentary. That is their hard-hitting on-line audio/video program series, "Newsnight". As they describe it in their opening, "A Newsnight investigation raised the possiblity that there was a secret CIA project to investigate methods of sending anthrax through the mail which went madly out of control". Contained apparently in their archives for their program, 3/14/02. Check out Their documentary had numerous interviews with experts on the subject.

Knowledgeable European sources contend, however, that BBC, as ordered by British Counter-Intelligence, apparently completely caused to be omitted from the BBC documentary, the role of Daddy Bush and his cohorts in the American CIA as to Anthrax. That is Bush complicity and prior knowledge. Now, the American pressfakers seek to blame the whole Anthrax matter on one "lone assassin" type medical doctor/biomedical scientist, Steven J. Hatfill who apparently did do some hush-hush covert operations for CIA, but is the patsy as to the Anthrax matter.

Also, note that the British have a way of in advance stopping printing, airing, or telecasting certain subjects. Called in their lingo, "D-Notice", it means a notice that if they go on the air or in print with a subject they are informed is forbidden (such as fingering the Bush Family directly as to Anthrax/CIA/via Mail), that the London government, by such Notice, informs the media outlet all their facilities, presses, studios, transmission towers, and such, are subject to immediate seizure and no court can or will reverse that seizure.