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Sherman H. Skolnick

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other of hiding or stealing the family jewels.

If you understand this, you comprehend how George Herbert Walker Bush and Saddam Hussein react to each other nowadays. Daddy Bush was actually important to the American CIA since formation of Zapata Petroleum Company, later called Zaparta Offshore. They had hundreds of overseas affiliates. Some contend the firm assisted foreign and domestic spy agencies as a cover operation for covert activities and sucking up intelligence data worldwide. Others assert Zapata's offshore drilling platforms, such as tho se in the sea beyond the U.S. jurisdictional limits, are transit points for clandestine shipments, such as dope.

Was/is this a way of helicopters, servicing the oil drilling, picking up narcotics shipments and getting them into the U.S.? Some think so. International wire service, Reuters, some years ago, studied the matter, and so alleged. [The exact date of thei r items are hard to track down, but are known to exist. Was the story dropped into a black media hole?] So, Daddy Bush has been apparently for many years part of the dope trafficking.

One heavily detailed book mentions that Daddy Bush was started in the oil business by British royals. ["The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush", by Webster Tarpley et al., 1992.] In an FBI document, dated November 29, 1963, circulated by us and others, shown is "George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency" played a key role in the covering up of certain data as to the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

So George Bush The Elder was active in the American spy community long before he was, for eleven and a half months in 1976, Director of Central Intelligence. And ever after, as well. He was instrumental, in the late 1970s, of installing, through politic al assassinations, in Iraq, Saddam Hussein as the Iraqi strongman.

In the 1980s, Daddy Bush was Saddam's PRIVATE business partner. It was the subject of a little-mentioned Federal Court case in Chicago, where this free lance journalist, was the only reporter covering the court hearing. My exclusive story appeared in a populist weekly newspaper, The Spotlight, August 19, 1991.[Visit our website story, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh" for more details.]

Bush the Elder and Saddam Hussein, just like a mafia gang, shook down, extracting "protection money", from the weak oil sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf. Also, Bush's criminal business confederates in the 1980s, inside and outside the White House, supplied Saddam with the beginnings of nuclear and bio-chemical materials and research, for the possible development of so-called "Weapons of Mass Destruction".

See the heavily detailed book, "The Spider's Web--The Secret history of how the White House illegally armed Iraq", by Alan Friedman, Bantam Books, 1993, never adequately publicized in the oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press.

Recently, the present Bush White House obtained the original of Saddam's response to the United Nations inspection team, a many thousand page document. Bush, in turn, had copies supposedly made of this and turned it over to other members of the U.N. Sec urity Council. Some assert that the Bush White House eliminated or redacted some of the pages showing the role of the Bush Crime Family in supplying such items to Baghdad. "Annan [U.N. Secretary General] Criticizes Handling of Iraqi Files", New York Tim es, December 11, 2002.

The Persian Gulf conflict of 1990-1991, in its simplest form, was just, as we have shown, a falling out of disgruntled private business partners, Daddy Bush and Saddam Hussein. In 1991, Daddy Bush stole billions and billions of dollars of monies and ass ets belonging to Saddam, his former partner. These purloined funds were transferred to twenty five secret worldwide accounts of the Bush Crime Family. [Visit our extensive website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush", where the secret Federal Reserv e wire transfer records, showing Greenspan's and other secret codes, are attached and can be brought up on the screen. For example, one account shows ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS (partly traceable to assets and funds belonging to former business partner Saddam Hussein) were transferred to a joint Bush account that the Bush Crime Family had with the Queen of England in her private bank, Coutts Bank London. And notice how the Queen arranged for the head of her bank to leave and bec! ome a top official of Daddy Bush's purported war-mongering operation, the Carlyle Group, with an armlock on the American war weapons industry. "The Queen has a new bank manager, following the departure of Andrew Fisher, chief executive of Coutts, to the Carlyle Group, the US private equity firm." Financial Times of London, December 19, 2001.]

Here is what happened in the 1990s and thereafter, after Daddy Bush stole hundreds of billions of dollars belonging to his former private business partner, Saddam Hussein. Using the American CIA, Bush set about to try to topple the Baghdad regime, the c lassical way using fake money. Historically, it has overthrown governments quicker than dropping bombs.

A team of highly-skilled counterfeiters, headed by a master "cutter" (the trade lingo for a superior performing steel engraver), produced the plates for counterfeit U.S. paper money. [Of course, actually this paper money of a private central bank, the s o-called FEDERAL Reserve, has long masqueraded, throughout the world, as the so-called "U.S. Dollar".]

Daddy Bush, in various deals (some of them through oil machinery suppliers headed or connected to Richard Cheney), saw to it that Iraq was flooded with superior fake U.S. Hundred Dollar Bills. They were so expertly made, they actually passed through the Federal Reserve's counting machines as if they were genuine. This type of trick worked well when the same counterfeit team, headed by the same master "cutter", then working for a secret unit of the U.S. Treasury and American CIA, flooded the Soviet Uni on with superior quality fake Russian rubles. It caused the collapse of the Moscow government. In the 1990s, Daddy Bush and his gang of criminals purported to be supporting Yeltsin and then Putin, with U.S. Paper Money (actually some 800 billion dollars of superior quality fake U.S. paper money. Putin finally caught on to this trick and is shoveling them BACK to the U.S. by the Moscow government's huge buying of gold in the run-up in December, 2002.)

[Visit Part 22 of this series.]

The Bush Crime Family are known to be terrible cheapskates. They reserve the right NOT to pay for goods and services supplied to them. So the crack counterfeit team were, and are, disgruntled, whispering details into the ears of more independent-minded journalists, not part of the monopoly press. The team, as typically handled by the Bushies, has NOT been compensated or paid off, as promised by the American CIA and the U.S. Treasury, at the behest of Daddy Bush. By the way, some of these countefeiters, absolute experts at their work, previously worked on the other side, producing expertly made plates for mafia-style gangs. Some cynics, however, prefer to point to the U.S. Treasury and the American CIA, as two a gencies themselves constituting an underworld.

Whatever opinion you have made of Saddam Hussein, he is NOT some dummy. The superior quality hundred dollar U.S. paper money bills, that flooded Iraq and the Mid-East, by Daddy Bush---well, Saddam, in turn, dumped them on Europe and from which, they are coming back to haunt and trouble the United States.

To cover up this treason and criminality done by Daddy Bush against the American people and their organic law, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, his son, George W. Bush, the resident and occupant of the Oval Office installed by a military Junta- style Five of the U.S. Supreme Court, feels obligated to find a reason to protect Bush the Elder by violently seeking to remove the Baghdad regime. Saddam's details, documents, and testimony can send Daddy Bush and members of his crime cabal to prison for treason and other high crimes.

Does anyone in the lap-dog monopoly press ever mention anything positive of the distinguished background of Iraq, once called Mesopotamia?

The Greeks called it Mesopotamia, The Land Between the Two Rivers, the Euphrates and the Tigris. The word IRAQ is an Arabic noun meaning the shore and grazing area of a river. Iraq was invented by the British, experts on divide and conquer. [As stated e arlier in this website series, the Brits have been trying since the War of 1812, when they burned down the U.S. Capitol, to overthrow the American government, returning us to being mere subjects of the British monarch and this continent returned to bein g just puppet colonies of the Crown.]

After World War One, the British (also with French help) wanted to put the defeated Ottoman Empire into a historical wreckage. So they carved it up and out of it came, among other things, Iraq, in the beginning just a puppet colony part of the League of Nations Mandates.

Who ever reminds us all that the country of Mesopotamia, now called Iraq, is the original Cradle of Civlization, where were first created the city-states, some 4000 B.C. To try to protect his father from treason conviction and prison, George W. Bush is determined to silence his father's now disgruntled former business partner Saddam Hussein. Do we all understand that Baghdad is a cosmopolitan city of some five million i nhabitants. Is the U.S., for the private purposes of the present resident and occupant of the White House, as supervised by Daddy Bush, going to demolish Baghdad by bloody violent force? And for the purpose of taking over Iraq's oilfields, which may, in time, supplant Saudi Arabia as a sizeable supplier of oil to the U.S.?

[Recently, competitor to U.S. Oil firms,British Petroleum, had a rare statement of their boss. He warned the U.S., that in taking over Iraq, the U.S. better NOT keep Britain out of the oil deal.]

Some contend that the U.S., under a supposed leader trying to protect his father, and cause tremendous bloodshed in Iraq and among poorly informed U.S. troops---that the end result may be the change, perhaps violent, of the regime IN WASHINGTON.