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Sherman H. Skolnick

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happening for us. If they find out something that is censored, and they cannot go with it, because of the higher-ups---well, they know where the independent loudmouths reside. And sometimes for various esoteric reasons, they owe us some favor. (Such as by digging up "dirt", we got their boss off their back.)

Before you consider some of the details, you have to consider the following:

[A] Some of what is contained hereafter as to certain persons in the World Trade Center may remain unexplained and not completely correct. So as to give those referred to the benefits of all doubts, that they may, in fact, be innocent of complicity in 9-11.

[B] BUT, possibly true and for the first time revealed, are the details that happened right under the view of the oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press.


1. Various details analyzed and compiled by others, strongly support the view that the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City, on September 11, 2001, did not suddenly collapse shortly after something---an actual airplane, or a missile disguised with a hologram projection to simulate an airplane somehow hitting the Towers and each entire plane getting somehow swallowed up inside the buildings.

Yet, aviation and engineering experts seriously doubt that a huge airplane, wings and tail, could penetrate the buildings hitting heavy reinforced pillars and such. Some question: how come the huge wings and tail, from vibration and impact, did not fall off to the ground below? How come Fire Department experts, on their walkie-talkies, stated that they got high up in one of the buildings; that the fire they saw was not that bad; and that other firemen should bring up hoses because the fire could easily be brought under control. Yet, shortly after making such a report, the buildings got pulverized and collapsed all the way down.

2. The youngest son of George Herbert Walker Bush, namely Marvin Bush, is seldom mentioned in the monopoly press. Yet, there are detailed articles available in search engines [such as MARVIN BUSH ] that Marvin was the director of a casualty insurance company with coverage of the World Trade Center, and that the coverage was stopped sometime before 9-11. Also Marvin Bush was a director of a firm that was involved with the security of the World Trade Center.

[For more details, review the known stories about FBI Deputy Director, John P. O'Neill, an expert on counter-terrorism, who about August, 2001, quit the Bureau because the Bush White House blocked him from further investigating Osama bin Laden. Why? Clearly, because O'Neill's probe would lead to the Bush Crime Family, the Carlyle Group, and related banks and entities tied to Osama. O'Neill became the head of Security at the World Trade Center, and about his first day of work was 9-11. He was outside one of the buildings but was somehow lured inside where he perished, CONVENIENTLY.]

3. Notice this strange series of events. A group of purported German and Austrian artists apparently smuggled their way into the World Trade Center. THEY LIVED FOR SOME TIME ON THE 91st FLOOR of one of the twin towers.

[What may or may not be relevant: the U.S. authorities tried their best to torpedo a criminal action in Germany, following 9-11, as to purported Moslem "terrorists" being implicated or in some way blameable for the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings. Yet, the head of the U.S. FBI and other top U.S. officials refused to show up to testify as requested. The apparent reason? German counter-intelligence was apparently pursuing an angle troubling to the U.S. Namely, that certain Saudis, living for a while prior to 9-11 in Germany, were part of a high-level U.S. government diversion to what really happened on September 11, 2001. That is, that Osama and his cohorts were NOT actually involved. And because of the data uncovered by German authorities, the supposed Moslem "terrorists" were merely on what is known in espionage, as a "parallel track", a trick to disguise the real events and make them like Lee Harvey Oswald, a patsy, falsely blamed.]

The German and Austrian purported artists were working on a book while living on the 91st floor of one of the Twin Towers, in an area that had been a warehouse, where they built a balcony.

"In short, the book belies the extravagance of the feat it seems to document: the covert installation, and brief use of a balcony on the 91st floor of the World Trade Center, 1,100 feet above the earth. Eight photographs---some grainy, all taken from a great distance--depict one tower's vast eastern facade, marred by a tiny molelike growth; a lone figure dressed in a white jacket, standing on a lectern-size box."

"Balcony Scene (Or Unseen) Atop the World; Episode at Trade Center Assumes Mythic Qualities", by Shaila K. Dewan, Metropolitan Desk, New York Times, Saturday, August 18, 2001 (1645 words to story).

More from the same article:

"Still, how did a balcony escape the notice of one of the most security-conscious office towers in the world? An examination of the security system revealed that it was focused on the ground floor and basement. Mr. Janka [one of the "artists"] said, adding, "There's no surveillance on the facade itself".

And more from the lengthy article:

"Yet, since the Sunday morning in March 2000, when the balcony was allegedly installed, and, 19 minutes later, dismantled, the affair has taken on the outlines of an urban myth, mutated by rumors and denials among the downtown cognoscenti."

Yet, more:

The four purported artists, "...the four, wearing harnesses, unscrewed the aluminum moldings that hold the window in place and used two large suction cups to remove the glass (air pressure adds about 300 pounds to the effort). As warm air streamed past, they outfitted the window with a cantilevered box, big enough for only one person at a time."

The World Trade Center security apparently at first denied to the New York Times and others that there was anyone living inside one of the Twin Towers on the 91st Floor.

4. So, questions remain:

===were the purported "artists", escaping notice of the WTC security and living on the 91st floor, a diversion for certain persons who wired up the towers for internal explosions, to concide with something striking the towers on 9-11? Did they know, or see anything, while living inside one of the towers, by which they could be witnesses to foul play? The "artists" may deny the whole thing as merely a "prank". And vigorously deny any complicity in any dirty business to bring down the towers. Until more facts are elicited, we must consider the possibility that they may be entirely innocent. To prove they lived in the building, the artists produced a bill proving a helicopter, paid for by them, was used to photograph their occupancy of the 91st floor, photos made from the outside through a window.

===the firm that got the contract to clear up the debris after the collapse of the towers was Controlled Demolition, Inc. Is it a mere coincidence that they are the same one specializing in taking down old hotels and such, by internal explosives causing such buildings to fall down on themselves. The firm was involved with what some contend was a cover up in the rapid way in which the FBI wanted to remove all evidence of what brought down the Federal Office Building, April 19, 1995, by multiple explosions in Oklahoma City. The building was quickly smashed down and the site covered up with cement, courtesy of the FBI and apparently with the demolition firm.

We are making every effort to attach a copy of the New York Times article to this story.