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Sherman H. Skolnick

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machine. The first Shah of Iran, Peacock Throne Pahlavi (1925), Persian dictator, pro-Hitler, would have made a useful German ally. It was not to be despite the efforts of "The Desert Fox", General Rommel, much later assassinated by the Gestapo in an aborted effort by Rommel and others to assassinate Adolf Hitler and overthrow the Nazi government, to spare the German common people further bloodshed because they followed and believed a madman and a demagogue.

As an alternative, Germany was using the Ploesti oil fields of Romania. U.S. bombers, in a far from successful raid, targeted Ploesti. Many U.S. airmen died in the tragic effort.

Thr post-war dictators of Romania, in a violent coup, were supposedly overthrown and replaced by the dictators' surrogates, the current pliable group.

In the post-war period, too many Americans, and others, came to believe that Romania's oilfields were depleted. Knowledgeable sources, however, contend that Romania has sufficient oil reserves currently for another ten years. Mor eover, large deposits of natural gas have been discovered offshore of Romania, in the Black Sea.

Also, too many Americans, and others, have forgotten that Germany, now consolidated as one nation, East and West, is still a foreign-military-occupied country. More than sixty years after the Second War, large num bers of U.S. armed forces are stationed and garrisoned in Germany.

Commander-in-Chief Bush has arbitrarily and unfairly imposed on the occupied German government that Germany supposedly "agree" and "co-operate" to the removal of upwards of seventy five thousand U.S. troops over the next 18 to be sent to Romania. As an alternative to the failed U.S. invasion of oil-rich Iraq, done without a U.S. Constitution-mandated Declaration of War by Congress, Bush seeks to control the oil and natural gas riches of Romania. And Bush schemes to have a dagger against Russian power in the Mid-East, Central Asia, and nearby lands.

A well-kept secret is that Bush ordered to be built in Romania the largest U.S. military base outside the U.S. mainland.

So far, Moscow boss V. Putin has appeared to be tolerant and patient as the U.S. surrounds Russia, on all sides, with U.S. war bases. The Russian people are not enemies of the American people and vice versa as well.&nbs p; Like in the U.S. there is. however, an element in the Russian military that is blood-thirsty. They strongly insist that Putin safeguard "Mother Russia" and reverse, with war if needed, the U.S. military base encirclement of Russia.

While this is happening, the new royal dictator of Saudi Arabia appears not to trust large portions of Saudi investments in the U.S. As a start, Saudi has ordered the withdrawal of over 350 Billion dollars of their funds sent to the U. S. just in the past 18 months. Some assert that the Bush administration, to assure continuing oil from Saudi, by the U.S. military dividing up Saudi, with the U.S. military occupying with an iron fist the Eastern portion from which the oil c omes.

By setting up the huge U.S. Military base in Romania, Bush intends to make use of the oil and natural gas from Romania at the same time being in a position to deter, or threaten, Putin if Russia interferes with Bush's mad plan to eithe r bomb and/or invade Iran, adjacent to Russia and a Russian client State.

On the other hand, Putin reminds Bush that Russia, through one pipeline, supplies most of the natural gas energy to Central and Western Europe. If Europe goes along with Bush's secret Romania insanity, many parts of Eur ope will freeze in the winter.

All this is occurring against a backdrop of efforts by a group of U.S. Admirals and Generals, called in miliary jargon flag officers, to invoke provisions of the Uniform Military Code, authorizing them to arrest their Command er-in-Chief Bush for treason, committed against the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and the American common people.

If Bush has them arrested for mutiny, and if they are not assassinated, they intend to prove at Courts Martial, that Bush is a fictitious President; that he caused by bribery a Five-Judge majority of the U.S. Supreme Court t o corruptly and arbitrarily install Bush as the occupant and resident of the Oval Office in 2000 and a further fake presidency by massive election computer fraud in 2004; that George W. Bush as supervised by Daddy Bush, with the full assi stance and treachery of their joint mistress Condoleeza Rice, had full prior knowledge of 9-11 and caused the murder of three thousand fellow Americans; that George W. Bush started an unconstitutional war by fraud and deceit amounting to treason, i nvading Iraq; that George W, Bush caused the death and serious wounding in mind and body of many thousands of American men and women sent to Iraq as an invading force, serving no legitimate American purpose other than aiding and a! betting the conspiratorial Oil Cartel including Richard Cheney and the Bush Crime Family.

That flag officers, to support their position, have undisputed documentary proof ot the crimes of George W. Bush and Daddy Bush.

Actually, President John F. Kennedy was publicly executed in an open car in Dallas, by the Anglo-American Aristocracy, constituting a coup. That every President after JFK covered up this overthrow of the Presidency.

So that those brave and patriotic flag officers in the process now of arresting treasonous Bush, are, for the good of fellow Americans, conducting a counter-coup.

To try to stop this counter-coup, Bush has ordered one of the flag officers, a General, to be arrested. The unfortunate reality now becoming evident to those knowing about this, is that the friction between the North and the South, con tinues from the end of the War Between The States in 1865 to now.

Some Northern flag officers vow to make the counter-coup successful. On the other hand, Southern flag officers have taken up arms against the Northern flag officers. There has been unreported bloodshed among the highest level of the U.S. Military,