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Sherman H. Skolnick

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[1] Helpful in measuring whether an "outside the box" scandal, can cause commotions within the "box", are historical records. The monopoly press keep the same, calling them "the morgue", the place where they save old news clips, sometimes so old they ar e on microfilm, microfiche, and similar retention devices.

Do non-monopoly press sorts keep track that way? If not, why not? Internet search engines are helpful but limited. Did THEIR computers save the real stuff, the real possible negatives, revealing little-known happenings?

The pressfakers keep separate not to be publicly examined files as part of "THE BLACKMAIL BUSINESS". [Visit our website story on that subject.] Notice, big newspapers almost are beyond being sued or cannot successfully be sued in Court. Why? A case in p oint is The Chicago Tribune. It is virtually impossible to bring a successful suit or claim against them. Even accidents at their facilities caused by their negligence. WHY? Because they keep secret files on every judge, state and federal. And the judg es know full well of the existence of such files, from anecdotal data gathered from others on the bench and in the bar.

So the Chicago Tribune, and their parent, the media monster, Tribune Conmpany, are virtually immune from being fingered successfully in Court. As we stated in our website story about the Tribune and the mob, the newspaper empire has traditionally had as head of their parent firm, the head of the Federal Reserve Chicago District Bank.

Helpful in this regard, for the public benefit rather than private enrichment, are huge files kept by non-mass media research and investigation groups. I am the founder/chairman of such a group, since 1963, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Court. As part of our work we have amassed, amongst us, some one million records, audio and video tapes, secret notebooks, little-known court files, notes of witnesses and sources (whose identity we have an absolute policy NOT to divulge, so as to preserve their identity and employment, if not their actual life). We have the notes of, for example, the most endangered species in the United States, forthright, honest judges. Over the years, some of them have met with us on the sly, to tell us their woes and seek our off the record suggestions

Not one of our sources, but having been considered one of the most outspoken brave judges in America, is the judge that dared issue and cause to be published in the law books, the following

"More than once judges of a court have been indirectly reminded that they are personally taxpayers. No sophisticated person is unaware that even in this Commonwealth the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE has been in possession of facts with respect to public off icials which it has PRESENTED or SHELVED in order to serve what can only be called political ends, be they high or low. AND A JUDGE WHO KNOWS THE SCORE is aware that every time HIS DECISIONS OFFEND THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, he is inviting a close in spection of his own returns."

Lord vs. Kelley, 240 F.Supp 167, at 169 (United States District Court, District of Massachusetts, 1965).. Available in most law libraries as Volume 240, Federal Supplement, starting at page 167. (Emphasis added.)

It was apparently the same Federal Judge in Boston who dared declare the Viet Nam War unconstitutional, but whose decision was overturned by the war-mongering banker-judges on the U.S. Supreme Court.

For similar reasons, most every organ of the mass media dares NOT offend the U.S. Treasury, the U.S. Secret Service, and the Internal Revenue Service.

[2] A long-festering mess, for years kept out of the popular press in the U.S., has been the huge amount of superior quality counterfeit U.S. Currency (actually, Federal Reserve hot-air notes, backed by nbothing, masquerading before the public as the "U .S. Dollar".) In a prior exclusive story, we dealt with this subject.

So, shortly after our story is posted, what happened? Why, the U.S. Treasury boss, Paul O'Neill is sacked. Of course, cynical sorts have a way of explaining it. They say, Josef Stalin would have given him two choices, if at all, Exile to Siberia or the firing squad. O'Neill the money boss has a number of failures, to his record, as far as the current occupant and resident of the White House is concerned

===Failure to successfully investigate the sizeable number of U.S. Secret Service agents who have lately and mysteriously resigned. O'Neill failed to adequately find out and failed to shut them up. Some ex-agents confirm to media sources, in confidence, that they are fed up with the sexual perversions of George W. Bush, including traveling around with his long-time male sex-mate. Bush and this person, mayor of a sizeable city, rendezvous at a certain lounge purportedly owned by a major financier of Os ama bin Laden, demonized by Bush as the cause of most problems of the U.S., despite the fact that the Bush Crime Family has been in business with the bin Laden Family including Osama who they are NOT on the outs with.

===Failure, by O'Neill, to stop all mention of the huge problem of superior counterfeit U.S. Currency, actually Federal Reserve Notes. It is causing tremendous friction between the Washington government and the Moscow government. Moscow czar Putin is be ginning to find out that he and his predecessor, Yeltsin, had and have been propped up with huge amounts of U.S. Currency, part of it the superior quality bogus U.S. Currency. Short of ringing the neck of George W. Bush, how is Putin, supposedly now a U .S. ally formerly big with the Secret Police, supposed to react?

===Failure by the U.S. Secret Service, part of the U.S. Treasury, to keep secret a previously not publicized film, together with documents, tending to show that Daddy Bush was instrumental in the plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. [An FBI do cument, dated November 29, 1963, circulated by us and a few others, tends to show the elder Bush was part of the JFK plot cover up.] Failure, as well, by the U.S. Secret Service to keep out of U.S. bookstores, as they have in the past, the forbidden bo ok, "Farewell America", written by the French CIA under the pen-name "James Hepburn". Now available, since October, 2002, for the first time in U.S. bookstores since being first issued in 1968. has been offering the same in paperback (previou s hardback bootleg copies brought as much as one hundred dollars).The book details the plot against JFK.

===Failure of the U.S. Treasury, by boss O'Neill, to adequately co-operate with the Federal Reserve czar Alan Greenspan, to successfully pump up the U.S. Stock Market, at least temporarily, jointly using part of the long-secret superior quality phoney b aloney U.S. currency. In such failures, the Treasury and the Fed, are opening the way for a possible "change of regime", not in Baghdad, BUT WASHINGTON. In our prior exclusive details, we told about the dissident U.S. Admirals and Generals, vowing to ar rest Commander-in-Chief Clinton for treason. If Clinton were to arrest them for mutiny, if they survived and were not assassinated, they planned to defend their position documenting Clinton's treason against the American commonfolk to favor the Red Chin ese. Although, as we have mentioned, ten of these flag officers, military jargon description, have been assassinated. BUT, there is now a much larger group itching to target George W. Bush, as to the treasonous acts by him, as sup! ervised by Daddy Bush, former head of the secret political police, and others.

===Faiure by O'Neill, as Treasury poobah, jointly with the conspiratorial Federal Reserve, to turn up the U.S. economy, thus paving the way for George W. Bush to be another Herbert Hoover, ala 1931. Did Albert Gore, Jr., sidestep being in charge of the White House, when he did not fight back "The Gang of Five" on the U.S. Supreme Court, when they like a military Junta, installed George W. Bush as the resident and occupant of the Oval Office, on that infamous December evening, 2000? Some of Gore's conf idants claim he so much as muttered under his breath, "Let George be Hooverized, not me", anticipating a serious meltdown of the U.S. financial system.

George W. Bush, in dismissing Treasury strawboss O'Neill, is blaming one of the stooges for the acts and doings of chief pro-British stooge George himself.. The Bush Family, as we have documented, share the proceeds of illicit dealings in a joint accou nt with the Queen of England, at her private bank, Coutts Bank London. [See secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records, under the secret code of Greenspan, in a transaction of ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS, in our website series "Greenspan Aids and Brib es Bush", where the records of twenty five secret Bush Crime Family worldwide bank accounts are attached to our stories.]

Note how the British Monarch sent the head of her private bank to a key position with the Carlyle Group, where Daddy Bush has been a heavily paid consultant to the bin Laden business interests. As noted in the Financial Times of London, December 19, 200 1.

===Failure of the U.S. Treasury, through their Internal Revenue Service unit, to increase tax collections, to finance a proposed war to capture and dominate one of the world's largest oil reserves not fully developed, namely Iraq. And remember, Daddy Bu sh had been a private business partner, in the 1980s, with Saddam Hussein, as shown in a unpublicized federal case in Chicago. [See, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh", on our website.]

Thus, the Treasury, as supposedly supervised by O'Neill, failed to crackdown on tax cheats. BUT, who were those tax cheats if not those tied to the Bush Crime Family. Such as WorldCom. Such as Enron. Such as Microsoft which reportedly pays no taxes usin g reputed book-cooking yet doing a zillion dollar business. Such as General Electric. Greenspan's wife, Washington correspondent for NBC, Andrea Mitchell, has ostensibly covered up G.E.'s financial finagling. Mrs. Greenspan's boss has been G.E. unit, NB C.

Some old-time cynics in Chicago perhaps remember my first appearance on a live, not-taped, TV talk show, 1967. The host blundered in asking me a question he did not know in advance the answer to. "Mr. Skolnick, you contend Chicago and elsewhere around t he nation are riddled with bribe-taking judges. What do you suggest be done with them?" He turned visibly pale when I answered, "Selling justice, they are not entitled to Due Process of Law. They should be dealt with by a National Firing Squad, to teach the bench and the bar a lesson."

One form of proof is circumstantial. With such evidence, some in the past have even been sentenced to the electric chair or execution by lethal injection. A useful research tool, if not an actual yardstick, is propinquity, events that can be shown to be related, a sort of event kinship.

Various mass media reporters are becoming aware of the details of the massive amount of fake superior quality U.S. currency, much of it coming back from overseas and also, how George W. Bush's cavorting with his male sex-mate is enabling Red China to de feat U.S. national security by way of blackmail.

Is the Federal Reserve dictator, the next to hurry-up his retirement? We call the Oval Office resident and occupant, Bushfraud, for reasons we have previously mentioned. He has cut back the wages of federal employees and his political party fails to ext end unemployment benefits to a suffering nation. Does HE remember what happened to the last monarch who scornfully told the anguished populace, "Let them eat cake!"