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Sherman H. Skolnick

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rs, in the center of a harbor in Hawaii. Several thousand common Americans were bombed to their death.

For geopolitical reasons, the highest level of the American aristocracy, through its government puppets, felt it was a necessary "small price" to pay to have the U.S. forced at last into World War Two, against the Axis Powers. For among other reasons, it was to save Great Britain from being overwhelmed by the Nazis. The U.S. engaging in War with Japan, invoked the terms of the Axis pact, bringing Germany to declare War shortly thereafter on the U.S. On their own previously, the Germans had been greatly reluctant to start up with the huge industrial power, the United States.

[Read "Day of Deceit The Truth About Pearl Harbor" by Robert B. Stinnett, paperback, 2001. "Pearl Harbor Mother of All Conspiracies", by Mark Emerson Willey, paperback, 2000.]

Ex-American soldiers that survived that war, if still living, have been too old, too tired, to join any protest that many of their age died because of treason. The American aristocracy had financed Hitler as a bulwark against the Soviets, and had profited all during World War II, in treasonous joint business with Nazi big business. Such as the Rockefellers and their Standard Oil. Such as General Electric. Such as Ford Motor Company. See, "Wall St. and the Rise of Hitler" by Antony Sutton. "Trading With the Enemy" by Charles Higham. Henry Ford and the Nazis, the Nation Magazine, "Ford and the Fuhrer", January 24, 2000.

So, will it now take sixty years from the date of posting of this article, until all pertinent documents are released and undisputed, as to the American aristocracy, or at least a split portion of the same, and their prior knowledge with the Bush White House as to Black Tuesday? And how many now reading this will expect to still be around on September 11, 2061? Like Pearl Harbor, did a faction of the ultra rich consider it a "small price" to pay, for geopolitical purposes, that several thousand died in the smash down of the twin towers in lower Manhattan and crashing a portion of the Pentagon? And what were those geopolitical purposes?

America was accumulating too much population for the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights to be a valid form of organic law, in the view of a faction in the aristocracy, needlessly guaranteeing to "everyone" in this nation Equal Protection of the Laws and orderly processes of "Law". From a heartless view of history, the United States is already an old Republic. From the beginning, the ultra rich wanted only a basic parliamentary type of frame work with no shield against a powerful American monarch and a omnipotent central Government. The Bill of Rights was FORCED to be added to the Constitution. Without it, the basic Constitution may never have been widely accepted by common Americans. Notice, that each provision of the Bill of Rights has a form of the word "NO", a strong negative as a shield against a possible central tyranny.

The upper class in the colonies were simply on the outs with the King of England over mercantile issues. Excessive taxes, among them. They wanted to be separate and apart from the Crown in London. Yet, in the colonies, then as now, controlling the common people were the Judges and the Lawyers, who basically supported the Crown, the regime, the Establishment, then as now. The common colonists were deeply opposed to the colonial lawyers and judges whose chimneys were painted black as a warning. The lawyers and judges fled to Canada. With the coming of the Constitution, however, was an Establishment of elites, again calling themselves lawyers and judges, but actually pirates, determined to steal large blocs of land. One of those great thieves sat as the Chief Justice, John Marshall, of the U.S. Supreme Court. He made rulings enabling his own family to steal large pieces of land. No, he did not disqualify himself. A major law school honors this great swindler who ran the high court for some 35 years.[In Chicago, John Marshall Law School, wall to wall with the Chicago Bar Association Building.] A critic of the American class structure wrote a heavily documented, but hard to find book, "The History of the Supreme Court", by Gustavus Myers. He also wrote "The History of the Great American Fortunes", documenting how every one of them is based on massive treason, huge crimes, and theft of properties. Too bad Myers, long gone, is not here to write about Bush/Clinton,and their judges.

To this day, the lawyers and the judges, with very few exceptions, control, as from the beginning of this nation, the ordinary Americans. Lawyers are officers of the Court, pledged to support and not oppose the Crown, in current terms, the Establishment, the American aristocracy, Big Oil, Big Money. What lawyers DARES to confront the dictators, the Banker-Judges, as we do as non-lawyers? In the history of this nation, the bulk of the lawyers and judges sent to prison for high crimes, bribery, and such, have been in the forty years we as a group functioned as court-reformers. We have demonstrated endlessly that the law and the facts, promoted by the venal bar and the corrupt bench, do NOT make the deciding matter in some of the really important cases in Court. [See our website series, "Coca-Cola, the CIA, and the Courts".]

What lawyer in Court dares to point out that the important judges are banker-judges interwoven incestuously with the sinister PRIVATE central bank, the Federal Reserve, masquerading as a government entity? A private pirate ship and marauder. and man-of-war circulating their hot-air backed notes as if "U.S. Dollars" and controlling the financial destiny of common Americans.

So now, a portion of the American aristocracy having created an excuse, wants to cancel the Bill of Rights. They created an emergency event, allowed, permitted, and condoned it to occur, with their prior knowledge and blessing. Actually, a series of events, in which the "Arabs" are NOT the principal players, just patsies.


1. Bill of Rights, First Amendment. "Congress shall make NO LAW....abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press...." Since right after World War Two, the American CIA, then created, has dominated the American media. As we have over the years mentioned wherever we could be heard, that up to 1988, CBS News received a substantial secret subsidy from the spy agency used to insert intelligence gathering operatives and dirty tricksters in major domestic media market centers in the U.S. And the clandestine payments financed CBS' overseas bureaus from which more intelligence was gathered than news was disseminated. All, for the purposes of acting as a vacuum pump, sucking up foreign and domestic intelligence and seeking to neutralize dissidents, in the U.S. and overseas. CIA media assets, such as during the Civil Rights and Peacenik periods. interviewed political activists, not for putting the film or tape on the air, but for selling the same to the American CIA and the FBI, helping compile dossiers on government critics. CBS's overseas bureaus were also for CIA covert operatives to have a place to hang their hat.

[For background, read "Killing Hope U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II", by William Blum, paperback, 1995.]

About 1989, the CIA news media subsidy was transferred to ABC Network. Supposed experts, actually from CIA Foundation funded groups, but never so identified, often appear on the "Nightline" ABC Program of Ted Koppel, a Canadian with an intelligence agency background. [Part of the recent ruckus to possibly replace the Nightline program is that the CIA is in the process of switching its media subsidy back to CBS.] In violation of the First Amendment, the central government has ordered the monopoly press not to discuss openly facts tending to show prior knowledge of Black Tuesday by the highest level of the central government as puppets for the aristocracy.["Newsies'" rise to the top for helping cover up political assassinations. See our website story, "Liars and Whores of the Press.'']

An elite group in Congress, part of the American CIA, sit on the House and Senate Committees overseeing the intelligence community. Among other things, these committees decide much of the secret CIA/NSA and National Reconnaissance Office, NRO, budget goes to control the media. As we have many times pointed out, heading CIA's "Black Budget" has been Congressman Henry Hyde [R.,Ill.] In violation of the Constitution's mandate for "Separation of Powers", Hyde sits in both the legislative and executive branches of government at the same time. Hyde in the 1980s, was in charge of Daddy Bush, Bill Clinton, and Ollie North, in the guns and dope transported through the CIA airport at Mena, Arkansas.

The First Amendment also provides "Congress shall make NO LAW....abridging...the right of the PEOPLE peaceably to assemble...." (Emphasis added.) Separate from Congress, the White House has created a Commissar of Homeland Security. So far, the dictator of that agency refuses to be questioned by Congress who does not use their power of the purse to cut him off.

Homeland Security has nameless, faceless operatives interfering with Freedom of Speech and the Press, but also the right of the people to peaceably assemble. And notice, the monopoly press does not dare use the term, as we do, of secret political police, to identify the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and the NRO (which controls who, if anyone, is allowed to use the satellites in space.)

In current terms, the right of the people to peaceably assemble means the right to easily and quickly travel by plane across the country, for example, to attend and participate with other like-minded persons, such as criticizing the government. There are undisputed examples where dissidents, since Black Tuesday, have been, without explanation, delayed by nameless, faceless government operatives, from boarding an airplane flight. So that such activists missed their flight and could not arrive in time for a distant meeting of other political activists.

"Homeland Security" translated back to fit the Nazi era, 1933 to 1945, means the GESTAPO (pronounced in German, geh-SHTAP-o, that is Ge(heime) Sta(ats)po(lizei), secret state police). And translated back into the Soviet era, particularly 1954 to 1990, meaning the K.G.B., (pronounced in Russian as KAH-GAY-BEH, that is, Komitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnost'i, that is The Commission of State Security).

More on the First Amendment. "Congress shall make NO LAW...abridging...the right of the PEOPLE to PETITION the GOVERNMENT for a redress of grievances." (Emphasis added.) Since Black Tuesday, the secret political police has interfered with the transmission of some e-mail, sabotaged the posting on some websites of items critical of the government, has interfered with some radio talk show broadcasts, and thus abridged the right of the PEOPLE to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Being able to petition the Government also means the right of access to public Courts, to open Court proceedings, to open court records. In too many instances, cowardly judges, cowed by the aristocracy that installed them on the throne of court power and permits them to continue there, are afraid of the right of access, open court hearings, and open court records.

2. Second Amendment. ...the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear ARMS, SHALL NOT be infringed." (Emphasis added.) What judges would block attempts to cancel such rights? Installed and controlled by the American aristocracy, members of the judiciary are NOT independent and are chicken-hearted generally. [We have to do a story one of these days of outspoken judges who were persecuted or assassinated.]

Upon consolidating his power in 1933, Adoiph Hitler, installed by the German aristocracy funded by American and British big business, proceeded to immeditately round up the guns of ordinary Germans. American gun control laws are generally, almost verbatim, patterned after the Nazi anti-gun laws. In a pinch, the only remedy ordinary Americans have against a central government tyranny comes out of the barrel of a gun. It is the very reason for the Second Amendment. Narco-terrorist street gangs shooting up the big city police and competing dope gangs cannot be used as an excuse to disarm the PEOPLE. [Who in power is doing ANYTHING effective against the American CIA, funding their covert activities, by flooding the U.S. with dope while the DEA bosses corruptly look the other way?]

3. Third Amendment. "NO SOLDIER shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law." (Emphasis added.) The purpose of this from the beginning of this nation, was to prohibit the mix of civilian and military, more or less under the same roof. On occasion, since Black Tuesday, the U.S. Military, through secret or other orders of Homeland Security, has been ordered to take over the airports, restricting who, if anyone, can travel quickly and easily. Such as the military blocking political activists from getting on a flight timely to a distant meeting of other political activists.

4. Fourth Amendment. "The right of the PEOPLE to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall NOT BE VIOLATED, and no WARRANTS shall issue, but upon probable cause....." (Emphasis added.) Gross violations of this started before Black Tuesday and have escalated since. All that is necessary to invoke "Homeland Security" is for the Bush Justice Department, without public or legal formality, secretly to designate a person as a "domestic terrorist". And the Fourth Amendment rights are cancelled. Here is an example from the Bush Crime Family crony, the Clinton Administration.

We taped a one-hour show for our public access Cable TV Program, "Broadsides", entitled "Corruption from Chicago to the White House". How the Clinton White House was tied to their corrupt surrogates in the Chicago-area, both Democrats and Republicans. Local cronies of Bill and Hillary, WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT, seized the master tape of the program and will not return it to us. We have received no remedyy although we have had litigation in ten different courts, state and federal. The cowardly judges will not order the return of our master tape. We had been put on a "domestic terrorist" and "enemies list" by First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, without specifics or legal formality. As a reprisal for us seeking a remedy against Hillary who was NOT at the time a public official, the title "First Lady" not being a government position authorized by law; the Chief Judge of the Federal Appeals Court in Chicago, without legal formality or hearing, had me and a television assistant banished from all the federal courts in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. Repeatedly refusing us a remedy, the U.S. Supreme Court is a dead letter.

So, the American Republic and its Bill of Rights is in the process of being overthrown. Our motto? Stop cursing the darkness. Light a candle.