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THE OVERTHROW OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC - Part 40 - Fox and Bush Are Together in a Box

Sherman H. Skolnick

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Confronting the U.S. Supreme Court and one step below it, the Chicago Federal Appeals Court, is a Motion detailing Fraud Upon Those Courts perpetrated by the Judges themselves. These facts revolve around a mammoth fraud involving Coca-Cola Company, the American CIA, and the Courts, overlapping onto the litigation of the high court called Bush versus Gore. That is, the Five-Judge, Military-Style Junta in Washington, that under a malign and corrupt influence, arbitrarily installed George W. Bush as the occupant and resident of the White House. The duly elected President, Albert Gore, Jr., was simply not INAUGURATED.

[Visit "Coca-Cola, the CIA, and the Courts", Part 9, on various websites, such as archived on

More details necessary to be understood:

[1] As detailed in the Motion, cocaine is a by-product of the processing, within the U.S., of huge amounts of coca leaves for the production of the secret base of Coca-Cola. Reportedly tied into the "leakage" of cocaine, within the U.S., into non-legal channels are top-level U.S. judges and members of the Bush Crime Family. Plainly, some of the cocaine snorted in the U.S., even by Judges themselves, is NOT smuggled in from somewhere else, outside the U.S., such as Columbia.

[2] Those in law enforcement contend that tied to the Coca-Cola, CIA, Courts, cocaine mess, is Vicente Fox, President of Mexico. He headed Coca-Cola of Mexico and had a dominating, if not having even now a continuing role, as to Coca-Cola in most of Latin America, south of the United States.

Fox is implicated, say those in a position to know, in the BIG FIX in Bush versus Gore litigation in the high court. And in various ways, he is tied to those judges in the Coca-Cola litigation, acting under a mlaign if not corrupt influence. Judges obligated by law to divulge their financial relationship to Fox, Coca-Cola, and such, but do NOT show the same on their mandatory annual judicial financial disclosure forms required to be signed by the judges subject to the penalties of perjury..

3] Mexico President Fox has, on and off the record, made serious demands for concessions, favoring Mexico, from the George W. Bush White House. Some legal scholars assert that some of those arm-twistings border on being, if not actually, unlawful and unconstitutional. That illegal Mexicans in the U.S. be permitted to prevail on U.S. authorities with documents, issued within the U.S., by Mexican officials officed in the U.S. That such otherwise undocumented persons be issued state drivers licenses. That they collect U.S. Social Security, Medicare, and other U.S. and state benefits, the same as U.S. citizens.

[4] Beyond that, Fox is demanding of the Bush White House guarantees as to Mexico and Fox, that Mexico have certain rights as to southern California, New Mexico, Arizona, and parts of Texas. Not identical---would they blatantly dare?---but similar to those areas being somehow returned or annexed to Mexico, nullifying and reversing the results of past wars between the U.S. and Mexico, which would be unconstitutional and beyond the Bush White House authority.

[5] As a horrendous blackmail and diversion, Fox and company are threatening to steer up a big Texas secret, just to trouble Americans who may oppose the demands of Fox/Mexico. Texas was the only territory that entered the Union with provisions. Texas, through their State Legislature, has been granted the proviso, that they can, if they so wish, divide Texas into five separate states, each with Two U.S. Senators to sit in the U.S. Senate. The power to do so has for generations been quietly carried over, from session to session of the Texas State Assembly. It is a legal political nuclear bomb that can be triggered off, at any time, or more openly referred to, by way of strong-arming certain positions.

[6] Another big whisper, fearful to the newsfakers, is about how those sneaking over the border into the U.S. have been used for America's Imperialistic designs. A sizeable number coming across the deserts and the Rio Grande, have been grabbed, sent to U.S. Military boot camp, and make up part of the U.S. forces in Iraq. They do not speak English and are difficult to supervise. When these "grunts" are killed in fire-fights and such with Iraqis and others who oppose U.S. as foreign invaders, or die from accidents or illness in Iraq; their bodies are NOT returned to the U.S., or, for that matter, to Mexico. These "U.S. Troops" are buried in mass graves in Iraq, and no count kept or officially revealed as to how many perished.

A documentary maker, apparently uncovering the mass graves of "U.S. troops" and this terrible secret, was ordered reportedly to be murdered by U.S. Special Forces or similar teams, and explained away as an "accident".


[7] If there is a Presidential Election in 2004 in the usual way, George W. Bush may have a problem. Remember, in advance of the 2000 Presidential Election, I stated on numerous radio talk shows and on-line, that the then upcoming Election may not be conducted in the expected, usual way, if at all. The same may true as to 2004.

Can Bush call up enough Reserves to fulfill the Aristocracy's requirements as to safeguarding the oilfields in Iraq? If not, would Bush dare order a Draft of Men and Women, to send them as Military to Iraq?

An alternative would be a secret pact with Fox and company, to arange more, great numbers of U.S. "Green Card Soldiers". That is, dragoon sizeable numbers of young Mexicans and other Latin Americans, coming across the border, and hustle them into the U.S. Military, and then, swiftly off to Iraq as "throwaway soldiers", expendables, not to be noted, counted, nor their dead bodies returned to the U.S/Mexico. Or, if wounded, shipped where?

Obvious to most, is that pulling out all U.S. Military from Iraq, and returning them to the U.S. in possible dishonor, most likely would destroy the Bush White House and Overthrow the American Republic.

[8] I have described George W. Bush as an incompetent who pisses on his own shoes, to put it crudely. Would Bush dare rattle the chains of Fox as corruptly linked to the looming scandal of the bribery of some of the Judges on the highest tribunal in the nation, jointly overlapping the corruption of the Judges of the Chicago Federal Appeals Court? All swirling around the malign, corrupt influence in the litigation known as Bush versus Gore?

Bush may thus knock down Fox and his demands. BUT, then further revealed would be the corrupt way Bush was installed by the malign influence on the Five-Judge majority on the U.S. Supreme Court.

It would be an understatement to say Vicente Fox merely sleeps with the corrupt Judges, Chicago and Washington, outlined in the court-filed Motion. Fox seems plainly to be implicated with the Fraud Upon those courts perpetrated by the Judges themselves along with their co-conspirators.

Fox and Bush are together in a box. For them, there is no way out. Stay tuned.