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Sherman H. Skolnick

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urported "black leader" Rev. Jesse Jackson, a reputed stool pigeon all his adult life for the secret political police. Were the aspirations of Afro-Americans blockaded by the political assassination of Dr. King? [In 1972, our work in finding and interviewing witnesses caused Rev. Jackson to be indicted on federal criminal charges of extortion done in the name of human rights. Jesse's cohorts gave a gift or bribe of 850 thousand dollars to the Nixon White House to squash the charges and re-assign the federal prosecutor. See our website story, "The Rev. Jesse Jackson Affair", also, "Murder of Dr. King---Unspoken Details, Part One".]

On our Chicago-based public access weekly Cable TV Program, "Broadsides", we did a series, with savvy guests, called "The Irish Question". I asked one guest, "Why does Mayor Richie Daley, a devout Catholic [son of the late Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley], kiss the hand, so to speak, of the Queen of England when she visits Chicago?" The blunt answer, "He'd be assassinated otherwise".[Do I have to re-invent the wheel of history, to prove the Monarchy is heavily anti-Irish Catholic?]

I asked another guest, an expert on history at a local fancy private major university, "Why is the monopoly press in the United States, so pro-British, forever bad-mouthing Irish Catholics?" The professor, a British mouthpiece from his other comments, said the American press is not so beholden to the British anymore. I said, "I do not think that is true and when did the press stop being pro-British?" When I said, "Do you have confidence in the Queen's newspaper, the Chicago Tribune?" The university pundit got all choked up.

The FBI and the Justice Department have been part of at least three projects, by religious profiling and frame-ups, to seek to destroy, in the Chicago-area, prominent and influential Irish Catholics. Thereby endeavoring to eliminate those who tend to vote for the Democrat Party and have an effect nationwide. [In the very close popular vote for President in 1960, the winner needed to carry Illinois' Electoral Vote to succeed. Pushing into service local gangsters like Sam "Momo" Giancana, Mayor Richard J. Daley arranged to steal eight thousand votes. John F. Kennedy was thus elected, but three years later, as the nation's first Catholic President, was assassinated by a high-level plot.]

[1] >From 1971 to 1975, the Rockefeller Family creation, Jim Thompson, was the Chief Federal Hang Man in Chicago. Called "Big Jim", he step by step by minor real federal criminal charges, or major frame-ups, targeted those around Richard J. Daley, a national strongman since first elected Chicago Mayor in the 1950s. His power waning, Daley died of a purported "heart attack", 1976 [was it caused by the reputed adulterated swine flu shot given him the day before?]

Mostly unknown to Thompson, Daley, however, had a counter-attack unit with operatives with street smarts. They knew how to deal with "outsiders". Part of the command of that team was John J. Clarke. He neutralized the tall U.S. Attorney/persecutor by luring him into compromising situations where Big Jim was photographed cavorting with male prostitutes. Despite that, further sponsored by the Rockefellers, Big Jim was Illinois Governor from 1976 to 1990. In later years Big Jim was the Chairman of the huge international law factory, headquartered in Chicago, Winston & Strawn. As detailed on our Cable TV Show, November, 1994, the firm had a reputed walled-off operation, headed by Thompson, not doing law work but rather laundering huge funds worldwide from dope trafficking, as confirmed to our show by several employees of the firm.

[2] As seldom if ever discussed (except by us), the media monster, Tribune Company, parent of the Chicago Tribune, among other outlets, has as major owners members of the British royal family (as shown by previous ownership disclosures required under Postal regulations). Over the many years, the Tribune got their pulp for their print units through a Canadian charter, effective in perpetuity and signed in the 19th Century by the King of England, and carried out through Jesuits north of the border.

Traditionally, the top official of the Tribune Company was also the top official of the Chicago District Federal Reserve Bank. In 1989, the day before the inauguration of Daddy Bush as President, the Chicago Tribune, rightfully called the Queen's newspaper, started a vicious attack on the Monarchy's historic opponents, the prominent and influential Irish Catholics, members of the Chicago Board of Trade, bastion as well of the French Rothschilds tied for centuries to the Vatican. Planting the details, in the Chicago Tribune, in a major story to dirty up the CBOT, as it is called, was the head of the Federal Reserve Bank/Chicago/Board Chairman of the Tribune Company.

The Daddy Bush inauguration date is significant. He was started in the oil business in the 1950s by members of the British Monarchy. When the Queen visits the U.S., she boards and merges her horses with those of Bush's closest pal, handler of the Bush Family's secret trusts. [See details in "Unauthorized Biography of George Bush" by Webster .Tarpley.] Our website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush", has attached documents showing the Bush Family, through their secret fronts, has a joint account with the Queen of England, through her private bank, Coutts Bank, London, where hundreds of billions of dollars from illicit trafficking are laundered.

The traders and speculators on the CBOT, were targeted for mostly five dollar discrepancies, to which no brokerage customer complained. It was an accepted industry practice called "front running" where commodity brokers occasionally put in their own trades, scalping off usually small amounts, ahead of their customers' accounts. On these five dollar trading gimmicks, the Bush Justice Department spent five million dollars to persecute mostly very young CBOT members.

Seeking by frame-ups to dominate the Board of Trade, the soybean monopoly, run by Archer-Daniels-Midland, ADM, did more than just instigate the federal criminal charges. In an unprecedented move, trained in Switzerland by Marc Rich International, were "moles". ADM paid for and supplied these provocateurs to the FBI. They infiltrated the trading pits and in favorite eating and drinking places, while wearing an FBI/ADM "wire", got some of the traders to discuss the accepted practice of "front running". Also, ADM reportedly supplied huge funding, separate and apart from the U.S. Treasury, for the Chicago office of U.S. Attorney. In effect, the Federal prosecutors, or persecutors, were working for ADM rather than, under law, as employees of the federal government.

Chicken-hearted defense attorneys, although paid huge sums, did not make much, if anything, of these apparent unlawful goings on with the Federal Hang Man's Office. In 1992, when the "Soybean Ten" group of cases, as they were called, came to the Federal Appeals Court in Chicago, I was there. Sitting in my wheelchair, ahead of all the other spectators, I observed the hearing close-up, moreso than others. Some of the "Ten" for a million dollars hired a charming law-faker, Alan Dershowitz. Being the son of a tailor, I wondered why this million dollar fee-getter was there in a crumpled suit looking like he slept in it for a month.

Before the scheduled hearing, I had faxed to Dershowitz a run-down of the serious conflicts of interest of the banker-judges on the appeals court which most often is the end of the line for federal cases. [The U.S. Supreme Court Justices, perhaps because they are so old or so lazy, agree to hear only about a hundred of the six or seven thousand cases annuallly coming up to their Court. At the beginning of a recent term, the high court in Washington had 1600 "begging" petitions as they are known, imploring entrance to the Court. Without stating a reason, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected ALL of them.]

Before the hearing in the federal appeals courtroom, I discussed the conflicts of interest with some of the families of some of the defendants who, although having no prior criminal record, were nevertheless not allowed out on bail pending the appeal. The response of the relatives to me was a straight-out insult, "Who the hell are you Mr. Skolnick?" They were convinced their million dollars had purchased Dershowitz "the wonder worker".

The three-judge appeals court panel was headed by Judge Richard D. Cudahy, described in the lawyers' newspaper, the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, as the richest judge in America. His mandatory financial disclosure form of many pages, showed he heads the Patrick Cudahy Trust, a huge financial left-over from the meat-packing and commodity giant, Cudahy Co. Clearly, at his hands, the law and the facts be damned. So, for financial reasons, Banker-Judge Cudahy opposed the "Soybean Ten" and was going to put them into a further meat-grinder.

Dershowitz' use of his allotted twelve minutes for oral argument was cryptic.[Like a military junta, dispensing drumhead "justice", the judges, when the twelve minutes are up, cut off the lawyers right in the middle of a sentence.] Dershowitz compared the criminal charges against the defendants, his clients, somehow, to the Blue Line bus route in Cambridge, Mass., location of Harvard University where he teaches law. What the Blue Line route has to do with the five dollar "front running" deals was never made clear.

Others of the "Ten" were represented by Jayne Thompson, wife of Big Jim. It was laughable why the defendants for her supposed "clout", paid her one hundred thousand dollars for her allotted twelve minute presentation. As she started addressing the judges from the courtroom lectern, she stopped. Apparently she was not prepared. She loudly whispered over to Dershowitz at the counsel table, "Alan, what should I tell the Judges?" No one dared laugh, certainly not me sitting so close to the Judges. I worried---would contemptible judges put me in contempt?

After the hearing, I asked Dershowitz why he did nothing about the outrageous conflicts of interest of the banker-judges. Although I had a written confirming letter from his office assistant, Dershowitz falsely denied that his office ever received my faxed details. Naturally, Judge "Patrick Cudahy Trust" upheld the criminal charges against the "Soybean Ten" or should they be called "The Suckers Ten". [View our related details "Marc Rich---Swindling the Pope's Soybean Company" where we detail the witnessed confession of a Director of the Chicago Board of Trade that five federal judges were bribed 62 million dollars in civil cases involving soybeans to wreck the Pope's firm, Ferruzzi.]

[3] Shortly after George W. Bush, "DUB-YA "(said quickly Texas-style) was installed as the occupant and resident of the Oval Office (because of the strange and corrupt way he got there, I do not refer to him as "President", rather I prefer BUSHFRAUD), he came to Chicago and had a more or less private visit with some on the Chicago Board of Trade. As some of them related it to an independent-minded commentator, in rather blunt terms, Bush let them understand that if they did not support his administration, financially and otherwise, that like his father in 1989, he would do a number on them. Those that witnessed the event say they were both outraged and felt threatened. Among other things, they relate that Bush expected them to continue quietly laundering Bush Family espionage, weapons dealing, and dope trafficking loot disguised as soybeans and such. Just like they did for the Bush Family pal, Bill Clinton, and like the CBOT honchos have been doing for the Red Chinese Secret Police.

Thereafter started stories planted with the press-fakers that Chicago needs a new U.S. Attorney, appointed not from local lawyers but from out of town. Chosen was a New York Assistant U.S. Attorney, Patrick Fitzgerald, a purported counter-terrorism expert. Members of the Board of Trade began hearing stories that Fitzgerald was preparing to hang as many as a hundred CBOT traders and speculators. Some whispered, "We thought he is a green, a Catholic. Maybe he is secretly a Protestant, an Orange man." Shortly thereafter the federal music started. Hang Man Fitzgerald filed a criminal complaint in Chicago federal court accusing Michael Segal, president and chief operating officer of Near North Insurance, of embezzling insurance premiums from a trust fund required to be kept by insurance brokers under Illinois law. The losses exceeded twenty two million dollars, according to the charges. The Queen's newsrag headlined the event, "Exec Who Built Firm on Clout Indicted", referring to it as "Segal's firm, the second-largest insurance brokerage in Illinois, is a classic Chicago business that used its political connections to win lucrative no-bid government contracts." The agency employs nearly 1,000 around the nation and in London. The firm's sales exceed one hundred million dollars annually. (Chicago Tribune, 1/29/02.) Between that story and the one in the Chicago Sun-Times the same day, there is implicit that current Chicago Mayor, Richard M. Daley, unlawfully benefitted from the purported embezzled money. The Sun-Times is owned by a combination of a Canadian, Conrad Black, tied to the British Monarchy and a little-known purported ownership being the Red Chinese Secret Police.

So, has a supposed federal counter-terrorism expert come to Chicago, as a federal executioneer, preparing to terrorize, if not actually destroy, prominent and influential Irish Catholics and their pals? Note this background. The office of U.S. Attorney in Chicago has authority over the 19 counties as the northern tier of Illinois. For federal purposes, it is called the Northern District of Illinois. Despite the area covered, the Federal Hang Man in Chicago in many decades past, has been willfully blind to any corruption and criminality outside of Cook County, site of Chicago. For example, in the 1980s, the U.S. persecutor targeted mostly minor matters, mostly black aldermen of the City Council of Chicago. (Some wondered outloud, only black public officials in Chicago take bribes? Polish aldermen do not take bribes, small or otherwise? Really? And there are no bigtime corporate pirates in the Northern District? Really?)

Why didn't the federal executioneer put a rope around the neck of the five Chicago federal judges who took bribes in civil cases in soybean matters, such as those used to swindle the Pope's soybean firm, Ferruzzi?

In recent years, the Queen's paper, the Chicago Tribune, has as their best paid so-called "writer" John Kass. (He replaced Mike Royko who died.) As a dirty-mouthed gossip peddler, Kass is forever aiming his bayonet tongue at Chicago Mayor Richie Daley. We fingered Kass on our Cable TV Show entitled "Who is a Blackmailer". Thereafter, Kass sheepishly did admit he was a pal of Chicago lawyer Edward R. Vrdolyak. Of course, Kass does not bother to state that "Fast Eddie" has been slapped down by the Illinois Supreme and other courts as "unethical". Others have accused him of reportedly buying judgeships, bribing police, and even bribing judges. Knowledgeable locals refer to the apparent unholy deal "Fast Eddie" made when he switched from "Young Turk" Democrat to Republican---a deal with the highly political, highly corrupt top IRS officials, reportedly to escape tax-cheating charges.

So, John Kass can be counted on to go along with any reported effort, by the Tribune Company and others, to frame up Richie Daley in the Michael Segal Affair, or something else. Hey, isn't it unlawful to profile Irish Catholics and target them simply because they are Irish Catholics? And who in the oil-soaked, spy-riddled, pro-British, American monopoly press would dare deal with this topic?

As matters develop, we may from time to time add to this series.